politicsThe Libyan government apparently wants to share its successful experience of overthrowing the Gaddafi regime with like-minded Syrians. It immediately sent *600 of its troops to support local militants against the Assad regime. The fighters have joined the Free Syria Army (FAS), the Islamist Salafsit group carrying out attacks on government forces in Syria

*This was reported in Egyptian news website Al-Ray Al-Arabi citing its sources. The report says the troops entered Syria through Turkish territory.

The alleged incursion happened with the consent of the chairman of the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) Mustafa Abdul Jalil. The NTC allegedly welcomed volunteers to join the surge. 2 months ago British media reported a secret meeting between NTC envoys and Syrian rebels had been held in Istanbul. The Libyans pledged to supply arms, money and fighters to the Syrians.

Bashar Assad’s government has repeatedly accused foreign forces of smuggling armed groups and weapons into Syria and thus fuelling the ongoing violence thus making any Annan ceasefire impossible to keep.In mid-October 2011 the Libyan NTC was the first government to recognise the rebel Syrian National Council as the legitimate though unelected and disunited representatives of the Syrian people.


The Libyan population is in possession of many weapons, which they received during the civil war by plundering military depots, through smuggling and as aid from NATO and Qatar. There was originally clear evidence this was being repeated in Syria and now it is openly admitted by the Saudis and Qataris and other GCC members. The NTC has difficulties in disarming the ex- Libyan rebels, who want to keep their firearms, either for personal protection, for the constant fire fights that break out in and around Tripoli or as means to make their living by extortion and kidnapping and the occasional Rocket pot shot at the US Embassy or British Ambassadors vehicle convoy.

Benghazi demonstration for medical expenses due to Turkey

In November 2011 and many times since, Benghazi , saw a mass protest by several groups of rebel Brigades, who demanded that the NTC pay their wages and medical treatment [in Turkey] . Some even threatened to overthrow the new government the way they did with the previous one, unless their demands are met.

In January anger at Jalil

Funnelling armed, underemployed and eager-to-fight youngsters to another country like Syria is a convenient move for the NTC and now the “new”elected Libyan Government.

This is indeed on the face of it a peculiar relationship Turkey’s alliance with armed brigades of Libya the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi, and Qatari sponsored Al Qaeda Brigades, Syrian Salafist Extremists, and their NATO, GCC, Israeli puppeteer. But so was this :

Zbigniew Brzezinski with Bin Laden

The reality is these foreign fighters many coming from Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan, and Al Qaeda are real mercenaries NATO Turkey has allowed then into their country as an alternative to a full-scale military campaign and invasion, which is impossible without the sanction of the United Nations Security Council. However to listen to Susan Rice in the US Ambassador to the UN there exists a real threat that the US wish to act bypassing the UN Security Council.

That is a challenge to the entire world public, which may lead to the final breakdown of the post-war world PEACE as the entire region erupts.

The Turkish Labor Party Statement

The Turkish Labor Party has directly accused saying it has the evidence that Turkish President Abdullah Gul has been “encouraging terrorists to commit crimes in Syria” They have also called for the expulsion from Turkey of Syrian colonel who defected from the Syrian Arab Army Riad al-Assad. They cite Riad as the “leader of a terror group” and should not be allowed to have activity inside Turkey through the Turkish newspaper Aydinlik

Riad, who claims to be the head of the “Syrian Free Army” or the “military wing of the Syrian people’s opposition to the [Syrian] regime,” told The Telegraph that he is operating an armed force of defectors in a camp in Eastern Turkey stated at the time of the Ananan ceasefire “We are armed with guns and ammunition stolen from the regime,” Riad said, adding that his team is conducting “high quality operations against [Syrian] government soldiers and security agents.” The FSA have already started this by attacking the Syrian border posts initially from the Turkish side of the Frontier.

 It is the sanction of this [military] activity that is being consistently opposed by Russia and China in the UN.

To do anything otherwise would plunge the entire region in to war perhaps the *world with Israel and Turkey leading  it odd bed fellows.

*See below       the “Gleiwitz” option?

The scenario  might look like this:

Israel v Hezbollah, create a 3 way Civil War in Lebanon and on the pretext of WMDs (Chemical Weapons) invade Syria while with US sanction they would strike at Iran. Turkey on the pretext of creating a 5 mile buffer zone will open up an excuse to invade greater Syria as the Syrian Arab Army resists. As this happens their proxy’s: armed brigades of Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi, and Qatari sponsored Al Qaeda Brigades, Syrian Salafist Extremists, and their NATO, GCC, Israelis will act as a 5th column across all of Syria. This has 2 purposes one obviously the FSA can continue to retreat back into Turkey knowing any pursuit by the Syrian Arab Army will invoke Turkey’s NATO alliance and on that basis invite a NATO attack on Syria. This is why so much effort has gone into neutralising the Russians in the UN and distorting the purpose of UN “resolution” 7

The Circle Closes on the Mediterranean

In a blog post here February 6 2011 I wrote about the history of US intervention in the region https://escalatoroverthehill.wordpress.com/2011/02/06/for-whom-the-bell-tolls-it-tolls-for-us-all/  and also the importance of encircling the Mediterranean with compliant Nations to US interests.

The resistance of the Syrian Arab Army to date far from disintegrating has surprised them as has the resistance of the greater civilian secular population of Syria including 2.5 mil Christians 500,000 Palestinian Arabs, 250,000 Armenians. Sunnis Shite and Alawite. (Note the picture below is not taken from a wide-angle and not of some small back street demonstration ).

Support for Sovereign Syria

Option 2 is; Turkey continues its support in Kurdistan and to do its bidding there by the PYD a Turkish collaborationist Kurdish group who also support the FSA. Also the PYD whatever they say are clearly at odds with the PKK who have stated they will not engage Syrian troops.

The Turks intention was to foster armed conflict with the PKK (renamed in 2003 the Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Congress KADEK which at that time proclaimed a commitment to non-violent activities in support of Kurdish rights. However this commitment to non-violent action did not achieve what was hoped for but to expose the Kurds (who incidentally make up over 20% of the Turkish population) to initial unprovoked attacks by the Turks. This policy by the Turkey does have a drawback and is proving a strategic error by the Turks.

That is they were looking for the opportunity to invade Kurdistan exterminate the PKK and the on the basis of RAISING A “FALSE FLAG” then pursuing it into Syria and so engage the Syrians in conflict that way hopefully encouraging Sunni insurgency from Iraq.

Unfortunately for them they have not yet been able to pull it off.

There is the potential of a further severe 3rd internal split with the secular Republican People´s Party of Turkey, CHP that has been opposed to Turkey´s ambitions of empire from the onset of the covert war on Syria. The position they have taken is Turkey made the mistake of thinking Assad will go soon and Turkey should not have flown jets near Syria in the throes of a civil war.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has accused the CHP as being “nothing but the Baath Party of Syria” This was all part of  Erdogan´s act along with his phony breaking of relations with Israel to recover from waning domestic support sufficiently so he would be in a position where he could fire secular Turkish generals who were opposed to military aggression against Syria.

Syria has demonstrated to Turkey by downing the Phantom jet that ‘Look, we have the power, we can shoot down your aircraft.

Turkish F4 Phantom

Former Turkish Foreign Minister Ilter Turkmen said his country had been unwise to swing so fast from being Assad’s chum to his most virulent critic, dismissing the idea that support for Syrian rebels might pay off for Turkey later. “I don’t think countries are ever grateful,” he said, predicting that any future post-Assad government would be extremely nationalistic, perhaps reviving problems with Turkey, whose Hatay province has long been claimed by Syria. “We have been prisoners of our own rhetoric,” Turkmen said, adding that “any unilateral Turkish military intervention in Syria would be folly”. “You can get in, but how do you get out?”

Prime Minister Erdogan’s rhetoric and posturing has continued sending anti-aircraft missiles to the border and scrambling F-16 fighters when a Syrian helicopter flew too close to the border Ankara won supportive noises from its NATO allies. But that was and remains  it

Here is a picture of a #FSA check point Note the possession of the curved scythes! Hardly the weapons of choice in a fire fight but certainly useful in slitting throats.

Some other interesting images of the FSA especially as so much is made of Syrian Army snipers

FSA sniper with Libya supplied Belgian FN Rifle

FSA Sniper with Qatar advisor

FSA snipers with US made M17

FSA forces and sniper take up a positions in Hama

From Aleppo Sniper on your left

The nonsense that the Free Syrian Army does not have Heavy Weapons

FSA T62 Tank

FSA T62 Tank

politicsWho is responsible for the violations of the Annan truce?

This is from Catholic Patriarch: Gregorio III Laham June Fri 01, 2012

“Christians used as human shields by the rebels”

“The truce was violated by the rebels and not Assad. The regime has no interest in making the Annan plan fail. Out of 10 thousand deaths since the beginning of the uprising, there are thousands of casualties among the soldiers. The government must protect the entire country, not just the protesters who are always armed. In the name of the other Syrian bishops as well, I can say that the Army has never attacked an unarmed demonstration. The government does not attack unless attacked. At Houla, 15 soldiers were killed before the massacre, which was not done by those faithful to Assad.

According to reports by the Vatican’s Fides News Agency, the US-backed Syrian Army are sacking churches and issuing threats that all Christians will be cleansed from rebel-held territory.

“The picture for us is utter desolation,” said Bishop Philip Tournyol Clos, a Greek-Catholic Melkite Archimandrite. “The church of Mar Elian is half destroyed and that of Our Lady of Peace is still occupied by the rebels. Christian homes are severely damaged due to the fighting and completely emptied of their inhabitants, who fled without taking anything.”

Asked whether it was the Free Syrian Army that was telling Christians to get out, Agnes Miriam, Mother Superior of the Monastery of St. James at Qara in the Diocese of Homs, said “yes … it was commander on the ground, Abdel Salam Harba, who decided that there was to be no more negotiations with Christians.”

She said Christians refused to back the rebels, so the rebels used them as human shields

Statement of Bishop Giuseppe Nazzaro, Vicar Apostolic of Alep published 20 July 2012

The Catholic bishop points out that the Syrian people, which is being subjected to the bloody campaigns of Islamic extremists who have infiltrated the country, has no voice to express itself in the media and consequently is becoming increasingly isolated.  “The UN and the Western countries,” he stated, “do not realize that with their sanctions and their support for the rebels they are causing more casualties than the regime does.”  “Those who want to destroy Assad—Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as well as the other Gulf States—rule their own countries with an iron hand without any respect for human rights and religious freedom.  Why, to this day, has no one ever condemned the violent acts against the Shiites in Bahrain or the arrest and sentencing of Christian migrants in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait?”

For the full interview of Monsignor Mario Zenar


Catholic Patriarch: Christians used as human shields by the rebels Church organisations have reported from centres of conflict, such as the city of Homs where a high proportion of Christians lived, that up to 80% of Christians have fled as a result of an upsurge in religiously motivated violence against them by the #FSA.

Orthodox priest Father Boutros Al Zein, said that about 400 Christian civilians, mostly elderly and women have been kidnapped and put in the streets of Al Bustan Diwan and Hamidiyyeh. He said the civilians were collected by a faction of the rebel army and directed towards the border of these two streets, becoming human shields to prevent the attack of regular Syrian forces.

Two other Orthodox Christian priests, Father Maximos Al Jamal and Father Boutros Al Jamal, tried to negotiate to free the hostages, but the initiative failed.

By the way is case you question the images of the massacre of children and families in this one for example was fake

Picture taken May 27 2003 Iraq


CIA Map of Kurdistan

Reports that the Syrian have retreated or been thrown out of Syrian Kurdistan is simply a lie. In the videos here you will see the Kurds have nothing to gain with the insertion of Muslim extremists in Damascus. In neither will you here anything of criticism of the Syria Government. Both videos were published to you tube May this year 2012

Kurdish solidarity (the PYD apart) with the Syrian Government and Military is an indicator of strong Syrian National Unity and an unequivocal rejection of the call of Free Syrian Army Chief of Staff Mustafa al-Sheikh´s appeal to the Kurds Parties to join the insurgency

PKK training Camp



The “Chief of Staff” of the Turkey/NATO proxy Free Syrian Army informed Turkish Media the Turkish PKK has deployed it´s forces in Northern Syria to support the Syrian government and military.

Turkey could still manufacture “cross border incidents” with PKK troops as a pretext for military action against Syria.However the FSA with Turkish and Qatari Special forces have an alternative to their Kurdish dilemma by providing the “Gleiwitz” option.

So what is the other option


So what is the “Gleiwitz” option? We have to go back to August 1939

Gleiwitz and the Nazi SS 1939

Gleiwitz a small border town on the 1939 Polish German border was a staged attack by Nazi forces posing as Poles on 31 August 1939. It included an attack on  a  radio station This provocation was the best-known of several actions in Operation Himmler, a series of operations undertaken by the SS in order to serve specific propaganda goals of Nazi Germany at the outbreak of the war. It was intended to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany in order to justify the subsequent invasion of Poland.

Hold the thought on uniforms as I delve back into History in some more detail. You can also get a movie on the incident and even if you cant speak German (I am fortunate with a smattering ) you will easily follow the events

On the night of 31 August 1939, a small group of German operatives dressed in Polish uniforms attacked the Gleiwitz station and broadcast a short anti-German message in Polish. The Germans’ goal was to make the attack and the broadcast look like the work of anti-German Polish saboteurs.

To make the attack seem more convincing, the Germans brought a German Silesian called Honiok known for sympathizing with the Poles, who had been arrested the previous day by the Gestapo. Honiok was dressed to look like a saboteur; then killed by lethal injection, given gunshot wounds, and left dead at the scene, so that he appeared to have been killed while attacking the station.

His corpse was subsequently presented as proof of the attack to the police and press.

In addition to Honiok, several inmates from the Dachau concentration camp were used. The Germans referred to them by the code phrase “Konserve” (“canned goods”).

The Gleiwitz incident was a part of a larger operation, carried out by Abwehr and SS. At the same time as the Gleiwitz attack, there were other incidents orchestrated by Germany along the Polish-German border, such as house torching in the Danzig Polish Corridor and constant propaganda output. The entire project, dubbed Operation Himmler and comprising 21 incidents, this was intended to give the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany.

there were other incidents orchestrated by Germany along the Polish-German border, such as house torching in the Polish Corridor (to Danzig) The entire project, dubbed Operation Himmler and comprising 21 incidents was intended to give the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany.

For months prior to the 1939 invasion German newspapers and politicians like Adolf Hitler accused Polish authorities of organising or tolerating violent ethnic cleansing of ethnic Germans living in Poland.

On the day following the Gleiwitz attack, 1 September 1939, Germany launched the Fall Weiss operation  the invasion of Poland  initiating World War II in Europe.


On the same day, in a speech in the Reichstag, Adolf Hitler cited the 21 border incidents, with three of them called very serious, as justification for Germany’s “defensive” action against Poland

For months prior to the 1939 invasion, German newspapers and politicians like Adolf Hitler accused Polish authorities of organizing or tolerating violent ethnic cleansing of ethnic Germans living in Poland. Does all this sound familiar with Syria today?

Now to be more contemporaneous we can change a few things with the following list and bring a lesson from history today with Syria. Incidentally in 1939 Poland was not a democracy  but essentially a Fascist state.

However back to today

1939 = 2012

#FSA = Germans in Polish Uniforms Mortar fire on refugees in Turkey and Lebanon = #FSA posing as Syrian Arab Army Troops.

Gleiwitz = Homs

Staged = #FSA Video. Those who follow me on twitter will be well aware of the many falsifications I have exposed.

Captured Syrian Arab Army or civilians = executed and present as Syrian Police Militia

Abwehr and SS = NATO intelligence and Al Qaeda (we now know this to be true in Libya)

Boarder incidents = Downing of the Turkish F4 Phantom Fighter Jet and firing on rescue craft.

Incidentally F4 Phantom a ground attack Fighter Bomber first entered service with the USN in 1965 aircraft that had proved vulnerable to North Vietnam’s SAMs  Turkey received hers in  1974 and the last purchased after being retired by the Luftwaffe 1992. That makes this a very expendable aircraft for any “cross border” provocation.

Turkish Phantom was over 30- 40 years old

Some eyewitnesses in Turkey’s seaside area of Hatay province told private NTV television that the plane was flying so low they thought it would “hit the roofs.” They said the plane then flew toward the sea.

So we are talking about a very old easily losable aircraft

At the same time of the incident the USS Abraham Lincoln flagship for Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 9, which is also composed of embarked Carrier Air Wing 2, the guided-missile cruiser CG-71 USS Cape St. George, and Destroyer Squadron 9 was as cruising the Mediterranean

USS Abraham Lincoln

By 1 July 4 days after the shooting down of the Turkish Jet she was in the Turkish Port Antalya just over the horizon from Cyprus and Syria while her escorts were interestingly somewhere else.

You would think the USN would have produced evidence from their Radar of the path of the Turkish Jet had it indeed been in international waters though this might conflict with evidence from Cyprus.

The Theatre of War

Again going back in History this time just to 2002 this is Hilary Clinton just prior to the Invasion of Iraq. It  could be almost the same speech she and Susan Rice are constantly making today now about Chemical Weapons in Syria. The key difference today is in 2002 it was Colin Powell also making the speeches to the UN not Rice.

The Syrian Threat of Biological and Chemical Weapons..A Bluff?

Let’s take a breath here for a moment and consider this statement made yesterday 23 July  by Carnegie Centre scholar Alexei Malashenko

Moscow views the statement by Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi on the possible use of chemical weapons as provocative and practically improbable.

 He went on:

“Speaking of possible possession of chemical weapons by Syria, they could have been supplied by the Soviet Union only. I still very much doubt that because the risk was too large. Theoretically, they might have obtained the arms bypassing the USSR, but that also looks like a big bluff to me,”

“This is a silly and provocative statement. It may be made by someone we may soon see amongst defectors to the West,”

Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov third in the Russian Presidential Elections goes further


Provocative U.S. moves have prompted the Syrian authorities to declare the possible use of chemical weapons in the case of foreign aggression

Zyuganov recalled that following two Russian and Chinese vetoes on UN Security Council draft resolutions, which implied amongst other measures force as a way of pressure on Damascus. “It seems Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are not enough for the Americans and they now want to smother Syria,”

“This threat is particularly impudent, as the Americans wish to act bypassing the UN Security Council. That is a challenge to the entire world public, which may lead to the final breakdown of the post-war world order,”

Peace loving forces must prevent the use of force against the Syrian government by aggressive states,

“Washington should quit provoking the Syrian authorities,” he said. “I am confident that the Syrian government has the right to use every available means to protect itself from a foreign aggression towards which Washington is pushing the international community.”

I think it’s easy to work out what is going on in Syria.

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Kofi Annan: Syria Peace Maker or War Monger

Kofi Annan: Peace Maker or War Monger

Kofi Annan seems a nice enough chap with a great  track record at the UN At the time of his tenure as Secretary General of the UN he became increasingly criticised that he aspired to bring the UN into line with U.S. international interests. Originally he called into question the ideological foundations of the UN and undermined its ability to prevent conflicts.

It is this man who is today in charge of resolving the Syrian crisis. Is he qualified as a Peace maker or War Monger?

So before posting my next post which is to be on  Syria I though it pertinent to put the current peace negotiation situation into some context. A context I hope will prove that not only is Annan capable of concluding a peaceful solution but it is not his intention either.

The Syrian Crisis

Former UN Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize, Kofi Annan, was designated by Ban Ki-moon and Nabil El Arabi as joint special envoy to negotiate a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis. With Annan’s extraordinary experience and shiny brand image, his appointment was welcomed by many. What is this man,s resume and  what does this top international official really represent? Who propelled him to the highest-ranking positions? What were his political choices, and what are his current commitments?

These questions are not broadcast and it is accepted that  his previous functions were in themselves no guarantee of neutrality in this crisis.

Kofi Annan meets Assad

Handpicked and trained by the Ford Foundation and the CIA

His former colleagues praise him for his thoughtfulness, his intelligence and subtlety. A very charismatic personality, Kofi Annan left a strong imprint behind him because he did not behave simply as the “secretary” of the UN, but more like its “general,” by taking initiatives that revivified an organisation that was mired in bureaucracy inaction to criticise the US over its foreign policy.

All that is known are his so-called exceptional professional qualities earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.

So Who is Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan was born in 1938, into an aristocratic family of the British colony of the Gold Coast. His father was the tribal chief of the Fante people and the elected governor of Asante province. Although he opposed British rule, he was a faithful servant of the Crown. Though, he took part in the first decolonisation movement against the British in Ghana, he opposed the revolutionary Kwame Nkrumah with suspicion for his socialist leanings

In any event, Nkrumah’s efforts led to the independence of the country in 1957. Kofi was then 19 years old.

Though not involved directly in the revolution, he became vice-president of the new National Student Association. It was then that he was spotted by the Ford Foundation who incorporated him into a program for “young leaders.” To attend the neo liberal school in the US.

After the Second World War, the Ford Foundation, created by famous industrialist Henry Ford, became an unofficial instrument of U.S. foreign policy, providing a respectable facade for the activities of the CIA

He was invited to follow a summer course at Harvard University. Having noticed his enthusiasm for the United States, the Ford Foundation offered to sponsor his complete studies, first in economics at Macalester College in Minnesota, followed by international relations at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva.

Kofi Annan’s overseas study period (1959-1961) coincided with the most difficult years of the African-American civil rights movement and the start of Martin Luther King’s Birmingham campaign.

He saw it as an extension of the decolonisation he had witnessed in Ghana, but he did not get involved.

Impressed with Annan’s academic achievements and political neutrality, his U.S. mentors opened the doors of the World Health Organization, where he landed his first job.

After three years at WHO headquarters in Geneva, he was appointed to the Economic Commission for Africa based in Addis Ababa. However, not sufficiently qualified to pursue a career at the UN, he returned to the United States to take up management studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (1971-1972).

He then attempted a comeback in his home country as Minister of Tourism with the military government of General Acheampong who had  led a coup d’état to overthrow the democratically elected government of the Progress Party and its then leader Dr. Kofi Busia on 13 January 1972 He failed in this role so the democrat Annan gave up and returned to the United Nations in 1976.

A successful career despite tragic failures

There, he held various positions, initially within UNEF II (the peacekeeping emergency force established to supervise the cease fire between Egypt and Israel at the end of the October 1973 war), then as Director of personnel at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

It was at this time that he met and married Nane Lagergren Master, his second wife a Swedish lawyer and  the niece of Raoul Wallenberg, Sweden’s special envoy in Budapest during World War II.

Wallenberg is famous for having saved hundreds of persecuted Jews by issuing them protective passports. He also worked for the OSS (forerunner of today’s CIA) as a liaison with the Hungarian resistance. He disappeared at the end of the war, when the Soviets discovering his US espionage links captured him to stem US influence in the country.

Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar

Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar chose Kofi Annan as Assistant Secretary-General in charge of human resources management and staff safety and security (1987-90). With the annexation of Kuwait by Iraq, 900 UN employees remained stranded in that country.

Kofi Annan was able to negotiate their release with Saddam Hussein, which boosted his prestige within the Organsation. He was then put in charge of the budget  1990 and in 1993 peacekeeping operations under New Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali (1993-96) with a brief interlude as a special envoy for Yugoslavia.

Boutros Boutros Ghali under threat


According to Canadian General Romeo Dallaire, commander of the UN peacekeeping force in Rwanda, Kofi Annan failed to respond to his many appeals and carries the primary responsibility for UN inaction during the genocide (800,000 dead, mainly Tutsis, but also Hutu opponents

Annan Bin Laden and Bloodied Hands in Bosnia

A similar scenario was repeated in Bosnia, where 400 peacekeepers were taken hostage by Bosnian Serb forces. Kofi Annan remained deaf to the calls of General Bernard Janvier of the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR), was the first United Nations peacekeeping force in Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Yugoslav wars. and allowed the perpetration of predictable massacres.

One UN soldiers later says to the British newspaper the Observer11/5/1995 , “Why don’t you write about Visoko airport? Planes land there all the time and we think they’re American.” The airport reprted by NSA officer John Shcindler WAS run by Halid Cengic. father of Hasan Cengic, who is one of the key figures smuggling huge amounts of weapons into Bosnia through the “Third World Relief Agency”, a charity tied to non-other than Osama bin Laden

By March 1995, General Bernard Janvier, commander of UN forces in Bosnia, reported  to Kofi Annan that the Visoko airport is illegal and supply flights are landing there. The Canadian peacekeepers report  that unmarked flights coming into Visoko are American. This  UN report is not made public. [Schindler, 2007, pp. 184-185]

According to the Observer in November 1995, some Bosnian politicians say that the US is the “number one donor of all weapons into Bosnia” and British sources say the Visoko airport was built with US help

In late 1996, the United States vetoed the reappointment of the Egyptian Boutros Boutros-Ghali as Secretary General. They succeeded in imposing their candidate: a senior official from within the international organization itself, Kofi Annan.

Far from playing against him, his failures in Rwanda and Bosnia blossomed into successes He was elected on this basis and took office on 1 January 1997.

Pocantino Conference Center

Pocantantico Conference Centre

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan immediately set up an annual two-day seminar behind closed doors for fifteen UN ambassadors. This “retreat” (sic) was generously hosted by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund at the Pocantico Conference Center (upstate New York).

 Outside of the United Nations

There, outside the official framework of the United Nations, the Secretary General discussed the reform of the Organization with the representatives of the United States and others whose support he knew he could count on.

In this context, he reallocated the expenditures of the UN in line with political priorities and significantly reduced the budget of the General Secretariat. He reorganized the administrative functioning around the following objectives (peace and security, development, economic social affairs, humanitarian affairs). He created a new post of deputy secretary-general to stand in for him and endowed himself with a real cabinet capable of acting promptly on the decisions of the Security Council and General Assembly.

Kofi Annan’s landmark initiative was the ”Global Compact” the mobilization of civil society for a better world. On the basis of a voluntary dialogue, businesses, unions and NGOs were brought together to discuss and commit to respect human rights, labour standards and the environment.

In practice, the “Global Compact” has not yielded the desired effect on the ground.It has deeply distorted the nature of the UN by playing down the power of nation-states and emphasizing that of transnational corporations and of associations which are “non-governmental” only in name and which are covertly funded by the great powers. By promoting lobbies as partners of the United Nations, Kofi Annan buried the spirit of the San Francisco Charter. For the UN It is no longer a question of saving mankind from the scourge of war by recogniSing the legal equality and sovereignty of nations large and small, but of “improving” human rights by supporting the convergence between private interests against thodse of the sovereign power e.g Libya, Syria, and Cot D’Vioire.

The Global Compact is a deviation from the nearly universally accepted logic that international law serves the common good, to a truth of the  the Anglo-Americans for whom the “common good”  is a wicked illusion sold through the false reporting of Main Stream Media.

Ultimately, the Global Compact has had the same effect as the charity galas in the U.S; that is give oneself a good conscience by launching high-profile initiatives e.g. Make Kony Famous, The Peace Corps, International Refugee Organisation, Amnesty international, and Human Rights Watch etc while condoning externally imposed structural injustices like The Congo in the 60s Libya and Cote D’ivoire .

The reality of Kofi Annan (1997-2006) is of a world subjected to the globalization of U.S. interests at the expense of sovereign nation-states. Never mind free trade or indebtedness of the US If you are powerful enough just help yourself with your new Admiral at the helm


This strategy is in line with the device set up by Washington in the 1980’s involving the National Endowment for Democracy, an agency that, contrary to its title, aims to carry forward the subversive action of the CIA by manipulating the democratic process.

The NED subsidises employers’ organisations, labour unions and associations of all kinds. In return, the beneficiaries participate in the Global Compact, thereby bending the positions of the Nation-States which lack the means to fund their own lobbies.

Peace has stopped being a main concern for the UN since the world now has its own policeman and his deputies. The US can concentrate instead on neutralising all forms of protest to better corroborate global disorder and justify the progressive global expansion of U.S. Peace Keeping “Democratic” Imperialism. The soothing rhetoric of Kofi Annan was in full voice at the Millennium Summit Sept 2000 in New York. 147 heads of state and government pledged to eradicate poverty and solve major health problems worldwide, including AIDS, in fifteen years (2015). The summit was to be followed up every 5 years There has been no meeting since 2005

Injustice is nowhere near to being eradicated and the UN and NATO continues to nurture war Chaos and misery; Iraq, Libya and Syria being fine examples

Sounds Like Syria today?

In September 1999 Kofi Annan’s speech to the General Assembly outlined what has been termed the “Annan doctrine.” Using his own impotence in Rwanda and Bosnia as an excuse, he argued that in both cases the States had failed in their duty to protect their own people.

He therefore concluded that the sovereignty of States, guiding principle of the UN Charter, constitutes an obstacle to human rights protection. The African Union adopted this view under the name of “Responsibility to Protect;” the UN followed suit in 2005 during the World Summit responsible for the follow-up of the Millennium Summit.

You can begin to see how the conspiracy against Libya in 2011 was then about to unfold.

The Annan doctrine is nothing more than the reincarnation of the right to intervene invoked by the British to wage war against the Ottoman Empire and this “new” concept was used explicitly for the first time in 2011 to legalize the colonial operation against Libya.

In addition, Kofi Annan’s term as UN Secretary-General was marked by the “Oil-for-Food” programme which was devised by the Security Council in 1991, but operational only from 1996 to 2003.

It was originally intended to ensure that Iraq’s oil revenues would be used exclusively to meet the needs of the Iraqi people and not to finance new military adventures. However, in the context of the international embargo and under the personal supervision of Kofi Annan, this program became an instrument in the hands of the U.S. and the UK to bleed Iraq while they conducted the “no-fly zone” until the outbreak of the Iraq invasion and destruction of its secularity, education advanced healthcare and infrastructure.

Throughout those years, the Iraqis were undernourished and deprived of medicines.

Starving Iraqi ChildThis is being repeated today against Syria

500,000 Children Killed

Several UN officials who were in charge of the program of sanctions described it as a “war crime” including the UN Assistant Secretary-General Hans von Sponeck and UN Humanitarian Coordinator Denis Halliday. Both believed this program brought about the death of 1, 5 million Iraqis, including at least 500,000 children

It was not until the invasion and destruction of Iraq that Kofi Annan finally rebelled described the attack on Iraq as illegal and denounced those who had paid for his education, propelled his rise to Secretary-General of the UN, and awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize.Washington responded brutally with a spying operation against Kofi Annan, his cabinet, his family and even against his friends. The Secretary-General’s son, Kojo Annan, was accused of embezzling with Annan’s seniors blessing “oil for food” funds The US failed to convince the UN member states who on the contrary, re-affirmed the authority of the Secretary-General. However, during the last two years of his term Kofi Annan was controlled and forced to toe the US line.

Back to square one

After 10 years as Secretary-General, Kofi Annan continued his career in several more or less private foundations.

In December 2007, elections in Kenya degenerated into conflict. President Mwai Kibaki appeared to have defeated the candidate backed by Washington, Raila Odinga, a cousin of Senator Barack Obama.

U.S. Senator John McCain typically challenged the election results and called for counter revolution as waves of anonymous SMS text promoted inter-ethnic differences.

Within days, riots left more than 1,000 dead

Is this something like Syria today?

Madeleine Albright proposed the mediation of the Oslo Centre for Peace and Human Rights. The institute sent two mediators: former Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik and former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. As a result of that “mediation,” President Kibaki was forced to bow to U.S. wishes. He was able to stay in office, but first had to accept a constitutional reform that stripped him of his powers in favour of the Prime Minister and to agree to the choice of Odinga as Prime Minister.

Or Cote D’Vioire

In his role as a roving peace envoy  Kofi Annan helped to give a veneer of legitimacy to “regime change” required by Washington

Annan stated “I urge Mr. Ouattara and Mr. Gbagbo to exercise restraint and avoid any acts that will lead to further confrontation. I call on the military and police forces of Cote d’Ivoire to protect the civilian population, avoid excessive use of force and refrain from any activities that put more lives at risk. I also call on them to cease any action aimed at hindering the peaceful and essential work of the United Nations. Soldiers and police must remember their sacred duty to serve and protect the people of Cote d’Ivoire and turn away from those who illegitimately cling to power at the cost of peace and progress”.

At the worst pro Quattara estimates and the French Military interventionism President Gbagbo enjoyed 49% of the popular vote though it must be said that though it still remains  unverified the IMF said lost the election by 8% points ie 46% v 54% . But the West still intervened militarily.

UN-troops Cote D’Ivoire

Strange times are being lived by the Ivorians these days. Since the International coup d’état that has put Alassane Ouattara in power, Cote d’Ivoire has become an anarchistic zone where Ouattara’s ragtag army and death squad roam insolently free, kidnapping and killing innocent civilians with impunity……yes like Libya


Kofi Annan Today

He holds 2 main responsibilities. First, he chairs the Africa Progress Panel, an organization created by Tony Blair after the G8 summit for the purpose of ensuring media coverage of the actions of the British Ministry of Cooperation (DFID). Like the Millennium Summit, the G8 promises remain empty rhetoric un fulfilled

He also serves as chair of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), which aims to solve the food problems of the black continent through biotechnology.

AGRA is a lobby funded by the Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundations to promote the dissemination of GMO’s produced by Monsanto, DuPont, Dow Chemicals and others. All independent environment and economic experts concur that, beyond the issue of their environmental impact, the use of non-reproducible GMO crops keeps farmers under the thumb of their suppliers and introduces a new form of imperial human exploitation.

Kofi Annan and Syria

Note at the start of this Video the #FSA with sniper scopes attached to their weapons

So what has this former high-ranking international official going to achieve in Syria? In the first place, his appointment suggests that the current UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, whose image has been tarnished by a history of Tom foolery, shooting from the hip and  kneeling to the United States not forgetting a string of corruption scandals was not up to the task. So it was back to Kofi Annan, despite his failed past; he still enjoys a week gentle spoken, no harm done image.

A mediator can only succeed to the extent that he has been selected by the sides in the conflict. 9 I know this from my family Law mediation; obviously if only one side has the choice of mediator the chance of success is very unlikely)

Kofi Annan not only represents the Secretary-General of the UN NATO and his Arab League cohorts none of whom have been democratically elected.

If the appointment of Mr Annan was approved de facto by the members of the Security Council and those of the Arab League, it is because it satisfies conflicting expectations.

Not Intended to Broker for Peace

For some, the joint special envoy is not intended to really broker peace. Others expect him to repeat the Kenyan script and bring about regime change without too much further violence and without NATO intervention albeit via Turkey who have recently gained cold feet recognising that Syria is no Libya and that with over 20% of its population consisting of Kurds it might just ignite a fire at home it can well do without.

The action of Kofi Annan has been to present as his own an amended version of the original one proposed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lvov. In doing so, he has rendered the plan palatable for Washington and its allies. In addition, Mr. Annan has intentionally introduced an element of confusion by suggesting that he had convinced President al-Assad to appoint one of his vice presidents, Farouk al-Shara, to negotiate with the Syrian opposition.

This is portrayed as a concession made by Syria to the Gulf Cooperation Council (the same organisation that funded the overthrow of Gaddafi) to negotiate some form of Government of reconciliation ( regime change) plus all the concessions made to hold a supervised multiparty election with the Baathist no longer holding a exclusive position of Leadership.

Vice President al-Shara has been in charge of these negotiations for fully 14 months previously. The demand made by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Friday by Hillary Clinton is totally different:

Hillary Clinton

That is President al-Assad “has to go” and should step down because he is an Alawite and that power be transferred to the Vice President for being a Sunni.

So now it seems the West led by Clinton is now engineering a way out from those negotiations so   those states that have attacked Syria and invented the fable of a democratic revolution crushed in blood can continue tp provide  financial land  military support to the Islamist Fundamentalists.

It’s About Regime Change not Humanitarian Aid

The Lessons of Iraq Afghanistan and what is clearly emerging in today in Libya have clearly not been learned YET

This is a song for those
who lost their hope
a long a long time ago

I know someday that you will find it somehow
Because you’re not too old
to accomplish goals
and all the answers are within your soul
its up to you, you gotta figure it out
Uh huh

Whether you want love or money
Good fortune or fame
You want a brand new card
You want the world to change
You better take some action right now, oh yes
Because there’s nothing in the world that you can’t get
So don’t fill your life with confusion and regret
You better take some chances right now

Well you can gain the world
but for the price of your soul
yes I know, well I know, yes I know
you can gain the world for the price of your soul
but I hope you take the road less traveled
and I hope you find the courage to grow
well I hope you find the courage to grow

So now you’re 45
and you realize
just what you wanna do with your life
just took some time for you to figure it out
Cause everyone one of us
Has a purpose here
Sometimes its hidden underneath your fear
Just takes some time for the truth to come out

climate change hits poor people first and worst Created by BAFTA award-winning animator Ian Gouldstone, Face the Music shows how poor people are being hit first and worst by the effects of
climate change, even though they’ve contributed least to it.

We can all do our bit by cutting our carbon footprints, but to fight climate change on a global scale, world leaders must act – and they must act now.

This is what Labor is doing with benifits of a price on Carbon and a Reasources Taxi is covered in this piece from General Knas & Sizzla – “Good For The World”

Swedish reggae artist General Knas in combination with Sizzla Kalonji released “Make Good For The World”.

Covers poverty unemployment and the selfishness of those who deny climate science and want to continue to exploit the Worlds Poor
It’s the second release on the “Electric” riddim, produced by One Drop Music from Sweden recorded in Jamaica

“Dont Mattter if your Black or White. Remember Love is for you and Me Lets get together make good for all the world to see Dont waste an oppportunity” “Someone is hungry someone is lonely the [Earth] is crying. Giving a helping hand to poor”

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Heart of a Lion

So don’t turn your back on the wildlife who have nowhere to run
You know their life has just one run
It’s time to wake up you’re mind
Oh yeah yeah For maybe tomorrow will never come or maybe it will but by then you leave it to fate.
Then there’s nothing left to do but cry
So then when you cry you then know you left it to late.

Say NO to hunting in National Parks!

Come to a rally organised by Blue Mountains Conservation Society and the National Parks Association
CARRINGTON PLACE, KATOOMBA (in front of Carrington Hotel)
Sunday 15th July at 11 am

The Premier Barry O’Farrel of NSW has broken his promise to keep recreational shooters out of our National Parks!
The Bill that has been passed by parliament only specifically excludes 48 of our metropolitan national parks and other types of reserves, along with wilderness and world heritage areas. This leaves a huge number of our reserves at risk of being opened to hunting.

Speakers will include conservation groups, animal welfare groups, rangers and park staff.

Join us to send the Premier and Blue Mountains MP Roza Sage a strong message that we will NOT stand for KILLING  in our National Parks.

So don’t turn your back on the wildlife who have nowhere to run You know their life has just one time to run :Davie

P.S. Please forward details to friends, colleagues and networks. Like NPA’s facebook page or visit www.nohunting.com.au

Contact Lachlan Garland
Blue Mountains Conservation Society

Kevin Evans
Chief Executive Officer
National Parks Association of NSW

Ad hoc recreational hunting such as that practiced in NSW state forests breaches protocols in virtually every way. There are no defined control objectives, no assessment of whether ground shooting is an effective and appropriate method for the purpose, no integration with other programs, no quality control, no monitoring. What if there is an accident You might be riding your bike or just bush walking

This could be you SHOT

Population biology explains why recreational hunting is generally ineffective. Many invasive animals have a very high potential for population growth, which means that a large proportion of their young normally die (the ‘doomed surplus’), because there are not enough resources for all that are born (unless they are spreading into new territory or resources are unusually abundant). They also die from disease and predation. Of feral pigs studied in Kosciuszko National Park, about 85% died within their first year and 95% by four years.4 Only 1-10% of rabbits usually survive their first year.
Unless hunters kill more feral animals than can be replaced each year, they do not reduce their populations. A feral animal killed by a hunter is likely to be either part of the doomed surplus, destined to die anyway, or quickly replaced by another that would otherwise have died. Most foxes killed by recreational hunters, for example, are juveniles.

Why recreational hunting is generally not effective

Especially after a beer or two as there are no controls

Beer and Shooting

Feral animals are typically highly fecund and many populations are saturated with a large ‘doomed surplus’ (who would normally die due to lack of resources), which enables them to quickly replace animals killed by hunters.
Ground shooting (even using skilled shooters) is not an effective means of primary control for most feral animals and according to government standards should only be used as part of coordinated programs, usually as a supplement to other methods.

Hunting in NSW state forests is ad hoc with no specific environmental goals, planning or monitoring. The licensing system deliberately spreads hunters out (at most 1 hunter/400 ha) limiting their capacity to exert pressure in any one area.
Hunters often prefer to kill large trophy males, which makes little contribution to control because in polygamous species such as deer, pigs and goats the remaining males can inseminate all the females.

A Typical Trophy Picture

Hunters are often motivated to maintain feral animal populations for future hunting, leaving young and females.
Hunters have highly variable skill levels (no skills tests are conducted for licensing) – in 2010-11, each hunting day in state forests resulted on average in 0.7 feral animals killed.

Hunters are prone to shoot anything or anybody that moves

Perhaps the Answer is this simple give the animals Guns

Give them Guns

Preamble to THE WORLD IS RICH.

It has been a little while since I last had the time to post to my blog. In the interim I have busy with  a range of volunteering projects  Primarily focusing on the environment my direct political activism and the writing of articles for the  Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) Facebook page. The research takes a fair bit of time. I have decided that I should post simultaneously those Facebook articles here.

Climate Energy Regulator

Other activities of a political nature include taking on the Climate Energy Regulator where the process for Farmers to participate in a Carbon Offsets program is arduous and not designed to encourage participation. This is not the fault of Government but that of the Department. Bureaucracy gone mad and clearly those involved are not aware of the daily work commitments, financial stress Family Farmers face. The people charged with delivering a sound Government policy are totally out of touch with reality. This will surprise no one who has ever engaged with a Canberran  Public Servant  or one of the many American Global consultants that we Australians pay a fortune to design  and implement processes that don’t deliver.  But more of that later.

Currently I have found myself in the role of a de-facto lobbyist for the Farmer directly to the Minister and via twitter.

I have also found myself taking the sharp end against the NSW Government policy for two pieces of O’Farrell government legislation, the Crimes (Criminal Organisation Control) Act 2012 (the anti-bikie club Bill) and the new consorting offences recently inserted into the Crimes Act.


Civil Liberties “In Search of Stupidity”

CivilLiberties March Brisbane 1919

Those who are following me on twitter will be well aware of the position I have taken on this legislation and I will speak at the next party conference against the imposition of these highly undemocratic acts and attacks on our Civil Liberties. You who have ever read my” about me”  here my posts on Children’s rights, bullying or defamation made against me by of all people a Human Rights Lawyer and a Criminologist who once lectured in Canberra will understand my passion for fairness.


Bikie 1%ers

The so-called  “anti-bikie” legislation breaches fundamental rights; in particular freedom of association, equality before the law, freedom of speech, and the presumption of innocence (the defence has the onus of proof of innocence). I understand this is a breach of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Australia ratified in 1980. AND freedom of association is a fundamental plank of Australian domestic law.

My American Beast

I believe strongly in protecting these values however the current threat that compromises these fundamental  Human Rights. It is interesting and perhaps uncomfortable for some The United Motorcycle Council is attempting to ensure that the erosion of civil liberties for all Australians does not occur. You will see when you read the address by Professor Paul Wilson of Bond University the last time such Laws were enacted was in 1950 with the Communist Party dissolution Act.

The new consorting laws are directed towards entirely innocent people who, if they consort on two occasions with two people convicted of indictable offences, commit a crime punishable by maximum 3 years jail. These consorting laws are a breach of freedom of association principles, give great discretion to the Police; again more of that later.

Did you know in New South Wales we don’t have a verified Charter of Human Rights but Victoria does and was passed in 2006. Victoria’s human rights charter is based on the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the main international human rights treaty which has been ratified by, and is binding on, 167 countries (including Australia from 1980).

On more personal matters I have recently enrolled in an animal carers program as I am continually rescuing lost possums and have started to either build or modify possum boxes.

I have with North Sydney Council and 16 of my neighbours embarked on a beautification project under their “Street Alive Scheme. Again if you have follow me on twitter you will have seen some of this. Yes more later but what I can reveal is that there is a good likelihood that this could become a reality TV show …we shall see

For details

Streets Alive


Community Garden


dogs and cats

I continue with my physical rehabilitation and you will often find me taking neighbours “older dogs” for a walk. This is so I can keep pace 🙂

Billi 15 year old Deaf but luvly 🙂

The World


On the Global front (Syria and Libya) my lack of blogging is to my chagrin though again. I have been heavily working hard to counter the mis-information and false flags that are being raised currently against the Sovereign Syrian People.

Those who have not followed my tweets my position is that there is a conflict being fuelled by external powers with interests that along with the War on Libya are not in the interests of the greater Syrian secular population Alawite Armenian, Sunni  Kurdish or Christian, Currently main stream Western media is filling the airways with bias lies and distortions.  I did write an article on this some months ago but needs fine tuning  for  today


A “Rough Ride” Charlie Chaplin

For my blog revival  I wanted to post  about Charlie Chaplin as my return to escalatoroverthehill


Sometime ago  when going through some old press cutting about an Aunt of mine and her involvement in Progressive movement I thought what would have been her view on the environment movement today.  She having been a fairly well-known Radio TV and Film personality active in the Campaign for Nuclear disarmament (CND) would surely have been involved. I then came across a reference to Charlie Chaplin and recalled his great speech in his Film “The Great Dictator”.

This speech I believe resonates with our struggle for the environment that straddles across all borders and should  be  an inspiration why Australia should be proud to be at the forefront of a progressive Global Environment initiatives including a price on Carbon, new jobs  and abolition of greed of the miners and the fossil barons.

Chaplin’s speech reminds us “The Earth is Rich” and “we are not machines” or should we allow ourselves to be “used as cannon fodder” for the Abbots of today who strive to maintain the position of privilege.

‘m sorry but I don’t want to be an Emperor – that’s not my business – I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible, Jew, gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another, human beings are like that.

We all want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone and the earth is rich and can provide for everyone.

The way of life can be free and beautiful.

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on 16 April 1889

Born into poverty Chaplin’s childhood was fraught with hardship, that lead to one of “the most dramatic of all the rags to riches stories ever told His early years were spent with his mother and brother in the London district of Lewisham  His Mother  had no means of income, other than occasional nursing and dressmaking, and Chaplin Sr. provided no support for his sons Chaplin was sent to a workhouse at seven years old  in Deptford at a building later to be a place where  his acting was to be celebrated years later at the then original site of the Albany Empire.

The council housed him at the Central London District School for paupers, which Chaplin remembered as “a forlorn existence”. He was briefly reunited with his mother at nine years old, but the family was forced back to the workhouse in July 1898. By age 13 Chaplin had fully abandoned education.[39] He supported himself with a range of jobs, but said he “never lost sight of my ultimate aim to become an actor.

Young Charlie Chaplin

By 1908, Sydney Chaplin had become a star of Fred Karno’s prestigious comedy company “Fred Karnos Flying Circus later to travel to the US. The troupe included Stan Laurel

Chaplin’s first talking picture, The Great Dictator (released in 1940), was an act of defiance against Nazism. It was filmed and released in the United States one year before the U.S. entry into World War II. Chaplin pointed out in his autobiography; attempts were made to stop the film being made: It was a satirical portrayal of Hitler and this was to trouble Charlie after the War as at the time it was being made in 1938 the existence of the Death Camps was unknown.

During the era of McCarthyism, Chaplin was accused of “un-American activities” as a suspected communist. J. Edgar Hoover, who had instructed the FBI to keep extensive secret files of 1900 pages on him and tried to end his United States residency. FBI pressure on Chaplin grew after his 1942 campaign for a second European front to be opened to support the Soviets in the World War 11

In 1952, Chaplin left the US for what was intended as a brief trip home to the United Kingdom but found his US entry permit revoked for being a suspected ex-communist under the US Code of Laws on Aliens and Citizenship, Section 137, Paragraph (c), which permitted the barring of aliens on grounds of ‘morals, health or insanity, or for advocating Communism or associating with Communist or pro-Communist organisations.’

Chaplin decided not to return to the United States, writing:

“Since the end of the last world war, I have been the object of lies and propaganda by powerful reactionary groups who, by their influence and by the aid of America’s yellow press, have created an unhealthy atmosphere in which liberal-minded individuals can be singled out and persecuted”

Chaplin’s political sympathies always lay with the left. His 1930s films were openly political. “Modern Times” depicts workers and poor people in dismal conditions.

Modern Times

It was this film that brought him to the attention of  J Edgar Hoover and the FBI. In 1947 Chaplin was subpoenaed to appear before the House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) by which time he had left for exile of those who stayed and faced the HUAC  320 people were placed on a blacklist  list that stopped them from working in the entertainment industry.

 The final dramatic speech in The Great Dictator, posted today was critical of following patriotic xenophobic nationalism without question.

I thought it appropriate to post it today has much of the speech have references that parallel with our struggle to combat the Liberal and Abbot lies, our struggle to keep focus to save the planet. This is not just for Australia but for all of human kind and the other voiceless creatures who inhabit and with whom we share our  ”House” Note the introduction by Herr GARBAGE 🙂

Enjoy the speech: Davie

books, reading and poetry

These are some excerpts:

We all want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone and the earth is rich and can provide for everyone.

The way of life can be free and beautiful

Greed has poisoned men’s souls –

has barricaded the world with hate;

has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.

We have developed speed but we have shut ourselves in:

machinery that gives abundance has left us in want.

Our knowledge has made us cynical,

our cleverness hard and unkind.

We think too much and feel too little:

More than machinery we need humanity;

More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness.

Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.

The airplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men, cries out for universal brotherhood for the unity of us all.

In the seventeenth chapter of Saint Luke it is written

“the kingdom of God is within man ”

– not one man, nor a group of men – but in all men – in you, the people.

You the people have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness.

You the people have the power to make life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.

Then in the name of democracy let’s use that power – let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will give you the future and old age and security.

By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power, but they lie. They do not fulfill their promise, they never will

Look up! Look up! The clouds are lifting – the sun is breaking through. We are coming out of the darkness into the light. We are coming into a new world.

A kind new world where men will rise above their hate and brutality.

The soul of man has been given wings – and at last he is beginning to fly.

He is flying into the rainbow – into the light of hope – into the future, that glorious future that belongs to you, to me and to all of us.

Look up. Look up.”

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“Bread & Roses” Mobilising for the Environment

Some months back I was elected as one of 2 conveners for the (Labor Environment Action Network) New South Wales:

LEAN is an Australian Labor Party fringe organisation theoretically comprising  a network of grassroots Labor Members from across Australia who are committed to action on climate change and sustainability.

The reality is unfortunately quite different.

Originally elected as the convener for the ACT branch it would be an understatement to write that I ran in to a huge body of apathy and lack of action with the National Executive.

Any correspondence with the central body was ignored and as the Federal Election of 2010 approached  the response of the LEAN membership in the ACT was to retreat from action on the premise that the focus of activity needed to be on the Election as if the environment was not a key battle ground.

The contradiction of this response is that  Climate change or Global Warming as I call it was not only a key part of our Labor Government’s platform but it was one of the single most important issues of the Australian community.

In the course of the election as is known by those who have read earlier post to this blog I had  to  re-locate back to Sydney for personal and health reasons.


The LEAN organisation it has to be said I met in Sydney was equally apathetic and lacked any focus or ability to mobilise the community to take action locally against Global Warming. It was either unable and wouldn’t muster the energy to galvanise members of the Labor Party or Labour movement into any form of cohesive action.

The ground was given up to the Party of the “Greens” and to the “Get Up” organisation.

What we found was that voters who might be otherwise described as left leaning Social Democrats defected with their votes to the Greens. Meanwhile in the new space of social media and “youth” the space was given up to “Get Up”


Though this post is not about an analysis of either the Greens or Get Up to put some context in passing it should be acknowledged that these organisations are moving forward. This is especially so with Get Up with no direct Party affiliation conducted itself with vision and is a refreshing addition to the Australian Political Scene.


To digress slightly GetUp  describes itself as “an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation which aims to build a more progressive Australia by giving everyday Australians the opportunity to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues.”



The Greens on the other hand are a Party targeted at Parliament and the cornerstone of their organisation they say is to “provide a real alternative to the tired, cynical politics of Labor and the Liberal party”. Unlike the two old parties, the Greens have a proud history of standing up for what is right, not just what is easy to say or what polls well.

The Greens also state: They are much more than an environmental party.  While promoting meaningful and smart solutions to ensure future generations of Australians have clean air, clean water and clean soil – the Greens are also working in many other areas to champion integrity, decency and fairness.


We in the Australian Labor Party need to really take note of this message from the electorate which clearly moved to the Greens and not to the Tories!

Why I don’t join the  Greens and why I choose to remain with the Labor Party is I am driven my belief in *Socialism and Trade Unionism. I have been involved in one way or another with the working class and will never cease from aligning myself with the Labour movement which has fought for and often died in the cause of Workers and Working Peoples rights.

I remain a “true believer”

Those struggles have often been local but the outcomes have been successful internationally.  Very we have often seen Women taking the lead. Classic exampleS being

the Right to vote,

Pacifism against the First World WAR (something that split the Pankhurst’s Mother and Daughters)

and in CONTEMPORARY times the tailors’ trimmers strike at Ford now subject of the film “Dagenham”.

Today we face another struggle the threat of Global Warming which threatens all of Humankind which brings me to the core of this post.


A plan to reinvigorate LEAN and to aid in its way recruitment to and return of disaffected members of the Australian Labor Party.

A POA (plan of Action)

Why I chose to title to title this POA “Bread and Roses”

So often we are it seems  embarrassed by our Labour roots that we have almost become apologists and so  confine ourselves to populism and just the electoral process. Most major advances for Men and Women in respect of social justice have their roots outside of a Parliament.

While a key objective of LEAN is to put forward progressive views and action on the environment it was not intended to be just another environmental group but one that is uniquely Labour and Socialist in its philosophy.

LEAN has the opportunity to alert people to the crisis of Global warming and Climate change while simultaneously showing that it is only the Labor party that is positioned well to lead and deliver the solutions to combat environmental degradation in Australia.

This battle is not for the faint hearted and we will receive setbacks from time to time but it is time to re-invigorate and re-launch the LEAN organisation.

It is time to take it to the streets, to our neighbours and our local communities.

It is the opportunity for us to play no small part in the recruitment of the “8000” new members set to us by our first female Prime Minister.

The slogan “Bread and Roses” represents a twofold approach

Roses representing the beauty of the environment we strive to protect, access and the environment we intend to reclaim.

Bread represents the grass-roots of our party and the continuing battle to maintain hard-won conditions of workers and working people but not at the exclusion of ethical large and small Business to participate in this globally important cause. It is also how we can demonstrate it makes economic sense to protect the environment

The slogan “Bread and Roses” is not mine!

It originated in a poem of that name by James Oppenheim attributed to the women who led the textile strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts during January March 1912

Women Strikers

Centenary of the Lawrence Textile Strike an inspiration for today

In 1912 the Lawrence Textile Strike united dozens of immigrant communities led by women. The popular mythology of the strike includes signs being carried by women reading

“We want bread, but we want roses, too!”

Lawrence, Massachusetts was the great woolen centre of 20,000 workers who walked out of the mills in spontaneous protest against a cut in their weekly pay. Workers had an average wage of $8.76 for a 56-hour working week. Half of all the city’s residents over the age of 14 worked in the mills.

I imagine the Flag is Red Children strike

When a state law made 54 hours the maximum for women and for minors under 18; the companies reduced the working week to 54 but the production quota remained the same.

Women mobilise for a Peacful Picket

The Bosses  refused to raise wage rates to make up for the average loss of wages per worker because of the reduction in hours.

This caused the walkout which rocked the great New England textile industry. Under the determined but peaceful leadership of Women the strike became front-page news throughout the United States.


A most significant part the strike was that it was a democracy not unlike the Occupy movement today. The strikers had a committee of 56, representing 27 different languages.

Pariots Just the Same

The employers would have to see all the committee to do any business with them. And immediately behind that committee was a substitute committee of another 56 prepared in the event of the original committee’s is being arrested. Every official in touch with affairs at Lawrence had a substitute selected to take her place in the event of being thrown in jail.

During the two months of the Lawrence strike, the best of the Labour movement was expressed

Direct non violent action

The prominent role of women

Participatory democratic decision-making

Egalitarianism and a Classless 99%


Below a picture of Clara Lemlich A Polish immigrant and a Jew and Political activist


And interesting parallel to this action today is the Occupy movement which shares many philosophical and strategic characteristics with the Lawrence strike not least its peaceful nature…that is of the activists not the behaviour of the authorities

Due to the violence of the authorities far from weakening the resolve of the strikers it acted in their favour with the Women Leaders refusing to be drawn to a physical battle even in the face of the  police killing a young woman Annie LoPizzo and a 16-year-old boy, as well as large-scale beating of women and children

1912 Army & Lawrence Textile Strike

A most significant part the strike was that it was a grass roots democracy not unlike the Occupy movement today.

The strikers had a committee of 56, representing 27 different languages. The employers would have to see all the committee to do any business with them. Immediately behind that committee was a substitute committee of another 56 prepared in the event of the original committee’s is being arrested.

Every official in touch with affairs at Lawrence had a substitute selected to take her place in the event of being thrown in jail like this picture of Syliva Pankhurst when she was sent to Holloway when fighting for the enfranchisement for Women.

Sylvia Pankhurst being force fed through her nose

LEAN in 10 Weeks?

Of course we do not face the threat of jail but the lack of LEAN activity in NSW means we are unlikely to even be known about by anybody outside the Party. It is time to get moving. We need to see some substantive advance in 10 weeks from now.

After ten weeks the New England textile strikers won important concessions from the Wool  companies for over 250,000 employees. Thought typical of the main stream media of the time is the article written below

Spin 1912

Do we not want bread and roses too?”

During one of the many parades conducted by the strikers some young girls carried a banner with the slogan:

“We want bread and roses too.” This inspired James Oppenheim to write his poem

“Bread and Roses,”

As we come marching, marching, in the beauty of the day,
A million darkened kitchens, a thousand mill-lofts gray
Are touched with all the radiance that a sudden sun discloses,
For the people hear us singing, “Bread and Roses, Bread and Roses.”

As we come marching, marching, we battle, too, for men–
For they are women’s children and we mother them again.
Our lives shall not be sweated from birth until life closes–
Hearts starve as well as bodies: Give us Bread, but give us Roses!

As we come marching, marching, unnumbered women dead
Go crying through our singing their ancient song of Bread;
Small art and love and beauty their drudging spirits knew–
Yes, bread we fight for–but we fight for Roses, too.

As we come marching, marching, we bring the Greater Days–
The rising of the women means the rising of the race–
No more the drudge and idler–ten that toil where one reposes–
But sharing of life’s glories: Bread and Roses, Bread and Roses

The Music score

LEAN 2012

It disturbed me to hear some observers and delegates to National Conference state that now the Carbon Tax was passed there was no longer a need for climate activism and more so no longer a purpose for LEAN.

I believe judging by their inactivity at conference in participating at our desk or our event or related events some LEAN members secretly harbor similar views. They can only be judged by their inactivity or perhaps worse it is a lack of our leadership.

We can leave it all to government but if we truly believe in creating a sustainable environment, and reducing carbon emissions action begins in and around the home, our local environment and how we choose to get to and from work, how we influence changes and what we do at work sustainably.

It annoyed me at the lack of participation of National LEAN members in attendance at conference who chose either to participate very little or not at all. This has to change.

Earning Bread

For over 100 years Labor’s vision, policies and leadership have been the foundation of a fair and just Australia.

We have promoted social and economic progress by defending Australians against attacks on their working and living conditions, ensuring a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work and opening opportunity for more people to succeed in life.

Now, in this time of global economic and environmental distress Labor must transform itself to meet unprecedented challenges.

With capacity unequaled at any time in human history for our talents and technology to overcome age-old problems of scarcity, disadvantage and poverty, Labor must rise to our mission to empower all people to achieve these ends in an environmentally sustainable way.

Sustainability has three key components:

  • recognition of the interdependence of social, economic and environmental well-being;
  • a focus on equity and fairness, and that we need to take account of the effect of our actions on others in an interdependent world; and
  • recognition that meeting the needs of today must not be at the expense of future generations being able to meet their own needs in a clean and healthy environment

Smelling Roses

Lean represents an exciting opportunity for the ALP to communicate a positive message re a myriad of environmental issues to the public and develop a better educated stronger and larger ALP in respect of the environment.

A membership that will grow to be a very powerful lobby to our government locally and federally providing we take personal responsibility something sadly lacking at conference

To achieve this LEAN has to change!

NSW Lean has moved away from factionalism and should remain non-factional.

It should focus on rank and file Party members to be approached during the change process to join.

But to join what and why? Not just something to be stuck on a political resume?

We have to be clear what our purpose is; has it changed or does it need to change from the original ideal

However LEAN should develop a network around NSW and ACT and build a presence in all existing state branches and establish regional LEAN branches that though accountable centrally are empowered to act autonomously working within the parameters established by the LEAN executive.

The current Party reform agenda provides LEAN today with a backdrop to reaffirm it is a grassroots and non- aligned Labor movement of members who holding a passion for the protection of the environment want to see the ALP membership grow and branches engage profoundly with their local neighbourhood community.

LEAN provides an opportunity for rank and file to be a conduit from Government and Party hierarchy in matters of the environment via the rank and file membership to engagement of the “local” community and community groups.

This process will uncover “friends” of Labor in matters of the environment locally, create a sense of purpose for members and empowerment while engaging in activity that will not only advance the cause of Labor but will touch the senses. The “smelling of the roses” I call it. Something that brings pleasure as we act in the community.

We in LEAN NSW can take a leading role in this initiative and forge the correct and positive role in the communications process regarding information about the environment internally and externally and identify solutions.

This is an opportunity to position LEAN as the Leading Party Ginger Group at the forefront of shaping government thinking in terms not only of policy (a big call) but at least locally broadcasting that policy more directly to the community as a whole and providing listening post back to Government.

However true to a Lean tag line “Grassroots action” it is important that we gain active support from the unions and encourage real participation from Young Labor…after all it is theirs as well as our [future] planet that we (those of us in our twilight years) put at risk.

We need to “Just do it √”

The Labor Renewal agenda is focused on increasing the power of rank and file member over policy development and driving greater engagement between the Party and the community.

What is critical to the future of LEAN NSW /ACT is that it is substantially non factional in its approach and from all initial discussions we are clearly agreed on this.

Why include Australian Capital Territory ACT

At the present time there is within the ACT no-one person or persons currently positioned to advance LEAN in the Canberra Territory and since the ACT falls Geographically within NSW is close to Queanbeyan, Goulbourn and YASS it makes sense to incorporate or associate any ACT LEAN branch for the time being with LEAN NSW.

It also makes sense; as cross-border issues relating to water, transport and other service delivery, as well as the opportunities for improved good environmental economic development across all of the NSW “AREA” makes it imperative FOR a NSW ACT regional approach to drive growth of LEAN  if only for the short term until such time the ACT as strength to act independently.

This has been discussed with members of the ACT ALP branch and our own NSW and National executive

Our 3 main Goals:

  • Growing an active and supportive membership within the NSW and ACT branches.
  • Empowering members to act locally and autonomously.
  • Connecting with local community

Sub Goals

  • Strengthen social cohesion with Unions and ALP members in their local Community
  • Improve quality, diversity and the character of the community life we engage in
  • Reconcile community partnership and ALP leadership within the Community
  • Identify at least one  LEAN member in an ALP branch
  • Provide support to that member or members to act locally with confidence
  • Achieve flexibility in local ALP LEAN decision-making to speedily respond to local community issues
  • Create better city-regional linkages by creating regional LEAN branches e.g. South Coast, Far South Coast, ACT, West Sydney, S Sydney/ Illawarra, Sydney City & East, Central Coast, Far North Coast, North West….etc
  • Empower Local LEAN communities to identify and act on initiatives

We need to be very  clear what LEANs’ objective are:

Do we want the Planet to look like Mars

Imagine this is what Scientists tell us Mars probably looked like

Look familiar

1)  Recognise that we need to return to a safe climate as fast as possible. We ask all Labor parliamentarians to work with the community to understand the climate emergency and scale and need of urgent action.

2) At home: Commit to creating a Clean New Deal in industry, employment and innovation. The transition to a low carbon economy offers the Australian government the chance to create a new manufacturing base, highly skilled jobs across rural and regional Australia and introduce the necessary education programs for a low carbon workforce in the Asia-Pacific region. There is significant evidence that a Clean New Deal approach or a ‘clean jobs revolution’ will kick-start and protect the Australian economy.

3) World Wide: Understand that this is an important international human rights issue and that the government needs to re-invigorate and take a leading role through international forums and the United Nations to again draw  world attention the impact Global warming and climate change will have on creating the pre-conditions for Global conflict.

4) Our Region: In particular, Australia should undertake co-operatively with all countries within Australia’s region of influence an audit of the cultural, economic, environmental and civil resilience.

In this way we can work with our neighbours building a humane response to the increased water, food, fuel pollution and land stresses they face.

Going forward in 2012? Acting “locally” is responding “globally”.

Taking action to lobby Government and improve the way we value and manage our natural resources through better conservation planning and management.

Acting as members of LEAN to communicate effectively Government Policy to the Public at large

Promoting and contributing to development and implementation of improved environmental outcomes for NSW by continually lobbying the NSW Liberal Government and publicly promoting sound economical environmental solutions in co-ordination with and under the guidance of the NSW Shadow Minister for the environment Luke Foley and Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Steve Whan to make sure LEAN is fully co-ordinated with our Parliamentary comrades.

We can show how existing environmental activism and community ideas contribute to higher levels of planning. We can sow seeds for change.


“Storming, Forming Norming”

Each of the headings below are just some starting points for multiple discussions and outcomes and to assist in the establishing starting points and timelines to delivery outputs.

Issues we can be involved in locally?

1) Domestic waste minimization, reduce water usage.

Characterising the Domestic waste stream, water management, formulating incentives framework (regulations, fees), Improve water use, and Carbon insertion into the Garden Greater use of drought resistant planting.

2) Corporate Waste minimization.

Characterising the corporate waste stream, identifying users, formulating incentives framework (regulations, fees),

3) Transport. Public/Private integration.

Research Fossil fuel alternatives, Bio Methane, better resource utilisation, shared services, infrastructure, Land use planning measures to reduce oil based transport

4) Urban and commercial planning and design

Be a repository of Concepts and eco-efficiency technologies for new homes. Promote Integration into existing homes. Promotion of greater Public Transport infrastructure underpinned by walk, ride, bus, share drive etc

Reduce car and second car based community mobility. Better use of community hubs, shop, transport, recreation nature opportunities. More local convivial meeting places. Neighbourhood “enhancement”

5) Biodiversity/ Sustainable natural resource management /conservation.

Flora and Fauna, Managing species, ecological communities and ecosystems of our forests, water supply areas, fisheries, pastoral and agricultural lands for sustainable outcomes. Biodiversity impacts exacerbated by Global Warming and Climate Change

6) Community Ownership and involvement.

Volunteering with local state and federal Government support. Building a community of interest that will have an active input into community objectives. Building community capacity to develop and implement threat abatement and rehabilitation plans for local nature reserves, and integrating actions at the landscape scale for biodiversity outcomes.

Engaging with and supporting or creating local “park or garden care” groups to achieve good community development and environment outcomes.

Acting and living locally to reinforce non oil based transport dependence

Action Notes: (in no order of priority) yet nor is it comprehensive!

1 ) Distribute Press releases regularly

2 ) Abandon notion of a regular monthly LEAN meeting and replace with a timetable of events with a clear call to action at each. Invite participants from environmental groups to participate and present. Each event should be focused on environmental issues and be targeted to result/outcome in a Public community event.

3) Possible invited speakers/presenters for events (could be for panel) including

Luke Foley Upper House Member, Shadow Minister for the Environment & Climate Change, Shadow Minister for Water, Shadow Minister for Energy, NSW Labor leader of the Upper House

Greg Combet, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency; Minister for Industry and Innovation

Doug Cameron, Senator for New South Wales

Tony Burke, Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

Peter Garret,   Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth

Matt Thistlewaite, Senator for Macarthur, Paterson, Cowper, Calare, Parkes and Wentworth

Kristina Keneally Ex Premier of NSW  Member for Heffron   Joint Founder of LEAN  previous holder of role of convener of LEAN NSW

Bob Carr, Ex Premier of NSW   See his blog Thought-lines

Jenny McAllister, Australian Labor Party National President Founder of LEAN previous holder of role of convener of LEAN NSW

We need to network with NGOs, and Union Leaders.

her organisations might include: Australian Conservation Foundation, Voiceless, (The Animal Protection Institute) Conservation Council etc

4) Establish Regular Monthly executive meetings (perhaps twice monthly to start with in LEAN NSW re growth phase) Ideally at a good centrally located friendly environment e.g. coffee shop in City

5) Create a Buddy system of matching up a current LEAN member(s) with a new member or member(s) to keep up momentum and encourage action.

6) Design a road show to take LEAN to branches or to regional groupings of ALP Branches

7) Scrub clean the existing LEAN membership list Divide list between LEAN NSW executive to undertake task of contacting.

8)Notify ALP branches via Part Head Office  or direct of our activity and plans.

9) Instigate an annual supporter subscription/fee.

10) Identify Party more affluent members who might contribute a “regular+” “subscription” to LEAN

11) Explore sympathetic Corporations Business people who might “subscribe” to LEAN

Event programs might include “Greening Cities” “Murray Darling issues” “Marine Parks” “Coal seam Gas” “The Economics of Ethical Organic and sustainable Farming” “Water Capture” “Problems of Agriculture- a family perspective”

12) A LEAN Conference

13) Get the National website up to date it’s shit; Review layout. Make recommendations. Localise authoring capabilities for website contributions. Needs an executive summary of who what LEAN is

14) A re-launch dinner with speakers and slide show etc March 2012?

We have a great opportunity to move LEAN and the membership of the great ALP forward.

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The Clutter and a Happy box underground

The end of 2011

Was a year of enormous personal strain but I got through it and not without some great emotional and financial support from a significant friend.

It would be remiss not to acknowledge that this person who gave me a place of refuge when I became shelterless and homeless. In reality 2011 was a year where a number of people from my past rallied to help me and boy did I need it

I am eternally grateful to them as without that support I have no idea what may have been the outcome.

The year began with a low point as the memory of a recently failed defacto marriage was still very much a legacy. Only today on reflection I was thinking how anybody who knew me before I entered that relationship  in 2005 till its end in August 2010 would  find it hard to swallow that I allowed myself to remain in what  was an increasingly a most psychologically abusive manipulative relationship.

Those who might be interested on bullying is a link to an earlier post of mine

I guess that’s what happens when it creeps upon you slowly and silently. More so when coupled with what had been a 4 decade long  dream of arriving “home” one day after years of searching. It was easy to deny ignore the signs of  reality though the Monkey on my shoulder kept whispering in my ear …..

that all was not what it seemed to be.

Matters have now finally arrived at Court and we will see what the final outcome will be when judged by an “independent arbitrator”

I  found  my self bombarded with intellectual spin when confronted with a FAKE Masters degree wielding  “hoity toity namby pamby” upper class narcissistic snob with no respect or dignity simply because your education so they they think doesn’t match theirs Beware you may find you are probably confronting a Psychopath

2011 the year I launched my blog and got to micro blogging with twitter.

My 2nd Christmas in Sydney

Living near to the Harbour as I now do it is often easier to either catch the bus or get a Ferry across water to town. One of my lads in the UK David Jefferies like this picture but we have to change the sign spelling:)

Jefferies Street Wharf

Another view of the Wharf


An alternative is catching the bus and in Sydney each of the depots  decorate a bus for Christmas.

Here are some pictures of the one I caught going home day before Christmas Eve. It was really cool and a real laugh to be on board. The Driver was excellent.

A Christmas Bus

Greetings from the Depot drivers


inside looking forward

My workshop (In 2012) is vastly different today However this is as it was back then

Over the past 18 months this is where I have been working when I tinker either cutting wood; attempting to be a real handyman a bit of engineering or model making.

This space is a dream come true and is something I had never really considered before my move to Canberra in 2007.  In Canberra I had a space and I enjoyed it very much but it doesn’t compare to what I have now, though I miss the Canberra garden but I was  told recently all the carbon insertion work I did is a legacy that is working well on my original vegetable garden .

Talking about the Garden the solicitors from the other side refuse to co-operate in letting me know how my Rabbits and chickens are doing…C*@ts

Let me take you on a Work shop tour which is all under the house. A year ago this was just a blank unlit dank and damp underground cellar with no lighting

The first view is as you enter from the backyard

The entrance

To the right is the front work table where my friend does her hobby craft work dressmaking curtain making etc. Yes that is a refrigerator you can see and no it isn’t full of beer but wine milk and ice-cream 🙂

Another view looking out to the entrance. To the right is where I keep spare light globes power leads and boards

Another view of work table

Garden Tools Saw Benches

This is a view of my garden tools grinding wheel, bench saws and mobile work bench.

Shelving to right is where I keep Car cleaning and detailing products and in the far corner you can see the entrance to MY Den 🙂

View from W Shop entrance

Car Cleaning Detailing products Paint etc

Car detailing products Glues Polishing etc

This is my workbench which is converted IKEA Computer desk It is a lot deeper than appears in this shot.

On these shelves are models that are work in progress. It is also where I keep household paints oil for the deck, tapes and brushes

Models Work in Progress

The Lion’s Den

This is a special room that was originally similar to  this, though this is much better organised than the first storage room (now the Den) which was very damp with just a very porous floor.

2nd Storage room

It had just an earthen floor, was damp and had a slope of 5%, was dark musty and full of house building debris like old kitchen cabinets. So it had to be cleaned out and the earth dug out to create a usable height to be able to lay a concrete slab

Another view

Another view Storage room

After the slab was laid  I had to clean out all the spiders, washed and rendered the walls and then installed lights. Quite clever really 🙂

I had a rug that was surplus to requirements so I have put this on the floor along with a linoleum road system from when Robbie my boy WAS a boy and is still my boy:). If you look carefully you can still see where we created a race track on it over 20 years ago

The Road

A view of the lino and wine

I also had 2 old book cases that I measured up for new MDF backing that I got cut at Bunning’s. I also purchased some doors from IKEA and attached those. Next thing was that the units were to high so I had to modify the frames and cut them down in size. Job well done I think 🙂

In the picture you can see a copy of a David Hockney I created. I used crayons and pastels to produce what can only be described as a forgery…but it looks great. It languished in the dark in Canberra in an old Garage along with all my artwork. Pleasingly I am now able to blow of the dust and start hanging them for appreciation.

The Den another view

I also installed an old book-case beside the TV which is from my friend Paulette who lives in the Units where I lived in Ocean Street Bondi. I used to often have dinner with her and her husband. We caught up just before Christmas for dinner and we reminisced about my time there and my ex and her youngest who  had dinner with us too.

Briefly about Paulette she is a survivor of the Holocaust a French Jew and was sent to Auschwitz from Paris. However it was while in Auschwitz that she met her Husband

In this view you can see my workshop desk.

another view of the Den

I have finally got round to unpacking all the wine and that is what you can see to the top left in this picture

 so to “My Happy Box”

football and other sport

Some time ago I set out on a journey inspired by the ABC program  Collectors. That journey was one where I wanted to recover the toys, books, comics and memorabilia that had given me so much happiness as a boy. So I discovered eBay 🙂

I had carried with me for far too many years resentment that my few toys from childhood I had were given away even before my teens arrived away.

I decided to make a start in 2006 to search and recover those things I had fond memories of ….for what I  call “My Happy Box”.

The journey  began on the afternoon of the funeral of my Mother when I started to search in the National Children’s Home Harpenden for my House Mother.

Though I was too late to find my house Mother of over 4 years Sister Eva Brooker alive my project has been very successful and one that has enabled me to lift a long felt resentment I had for my real Mother. I

I decided to choose a special few of the items that would be most dear to me that I would only be able to grab in say an emergency

This is a close up of 25 items on the “Happy Box” display shelf Why 25? Well 20 wasn’t enough and it started out as 10

It contains my Bear previously written about in my blog.

My favorite Annuals books and some very special toys.

The first toy car I remember having (That’s the Yellow Land Rover)

My first book  ” The Story of Nicolas Thomas” “The Little Wooden Horse” and Emil and the Detectives (not in this picture yet )

From right to left:


It has an Express Dairy Milk float just in front of the bear. A Post office Telephones van I remember getting on my 8th birthday, an old pre 2nd world war army jeep, a Tanker like my Dad bought me.

Then there is what I believe was the first toy car (the Yellow jeep) I ever had…this was a great find

There are 2 motorcycles I bought with pocket-money when I went on holiday to Devon with the Cub Scouts…I cant explain the thought and memories I had when I found these

Then there is the green Racing Car which for those who need to know such things is an HWM. I used to play with this on the beach at Sandwich Bay Kent..near Dover. It  is also a Dinky Toy In front of that is an old Dinky Riley. All the cars are in charming play worn condition.

My first “proper” book I read was Jennings and Derby shire and this has traveled with me for ever  I was given it as has the little Wooden Horse which I used to read to my son Robbie

The Tiger Annual was given to me Christmas 1959 and I recalled all the pictures and stories when I opened it.  Obviously I was already interested in Racing Motorcycles as I  remembered the cover and the story inside to the letter of the story..amazing feeling.

The Roy of the Rovers Annual bought to satisfy my emerging interest in the great game at the same time

You can also see 3 of the aircraft I used to play with….Its treat to sit on one of the settees in my Den stare at my happy box and fondly go back in time:)

My 25 Happy Box Items


The next  shelf contains models of Motorcycles form a classic era of Racing and includes the programs of all the meetings I attended first with my Dad then with the lads from the Roundabout Youth Club Elephant and Castle and then from Riverside Youth Club Deptford…

Deptford is where  I am still known affectionately as “The Club”…That makes me feel good

Fuzzy Shot of Motor Cycle Books and Models

Motor Cycle Programs


My Records back in sight

Music has always been dear to me and as I expressed at the beginning of this blog when I found myself in Canberra I was in a cultural black hole. The household I spent 42 months in was musically as desert and my records were consigned to depths of  the Garden shed. Today they are back and accessible so more sun is again entering my world and  life is good.

That’s Tom one of my cats snoozing This room in 2020 looks very diferent


I do have a vast collection of CDs and Music DVDs more than seen here As  there was little interest in Canberra they were all stored away but today my sound systems are again alive to the air bursting and thumping from my Wharfdales.

I made the rack from some IKEA shelving and custom CD racks. There is a heap of Classical Music in there.

CD DVDs Collection

CD DVDs another view

Additional Storage

The original plan had been that “My Den” was just to be a dry manageable storage area but it started to take on other possibilities to “display then sit in and then be a place to escape to. So it became my Den.

With that I need to create another storage area adjacent to the Den and this is a series of pictures that show what I did from boxing day for 6 days.

I spotted some timber off cuts at Bunning’s but first I had to dig out

Line the floor with plastic just as I had seen Andrew a builder and a mate lay the concrete .

I then had to buy ready mixed bags of concrete and use a dustbin to mix it in. The last time I had done anything like this was when I was about 8 or 9ish and I mixed bags of Marley mix and laid it for our cellar in our house Hither Green, Lewisham London. My Dad used to bring a bag home each night and I would mix it and lay it

I built a ladder frame to attach the wood too and the rest was easy. I poured concrete around the base using a plastic dustpan as a sort of “Hod”

These are some shots Wooden floor laying

work in Progress

Cat Inspection

Finished and Polished

I also had to make a Wall Partition to seal it from the rest of the underneath Here you can see Rosa inspecting the work

In front above is the Den. To right of the picture above you can see the entrance to the other storage room I have just created. The cost of materials was just about 120-130 bucks.

Another storage room

This is another storage room that I have leveled the floor and covered with tarpaulin

2nd Storage room

Outside Yard tidy

My Christmas work was not done so a few shelves and a hanging bike rack installed

This gives you a better sense of the space in our Small back Yard In the foreground you can see the mixing dustbin 🙂

All of the above though most was packed and hidden away was what was once described and blogged by another as Clutter. If you have life have an intellect, read, listen to music, make things, do mechanics, have stuff have tools…you are going to have clutter otherwise I reckon you are going to be pretty fucking boring…wouldn’t you agree :)…unless you are deep down “Green” with envy

The back Yard and new bike racks

dogs and cats

Another project was making some basket homes for Ringtail Possums They are only little chaps so I am experimenting with these while they recover from lost habitat nearby

Possum stay on Rear deck

Here you can see some possum boxes installed for Brush Tail Possums. In Canberra I installed one in the back Garden of the House in Griffith (now sadly demolished) attached to the huge Amber Tree.

Another time a funny story I got stuck up this tree when trying to rescue the “big Grey cat Misty” and the youngest had to call the Fire brigade had to get the cat and me from the tree. How that happened is for another time.

This is a box I have installed in the back garden in Sydney

Possum Box


We have lots of it and here are some pictures of a Possum in Woolloomooloo one Sunday Morning when I am on my way for morning breakfast

Injured Possum

I have a friend who just before Christmas was looking after this baby flying fox. They require full on work but you can leave them for a while hanging upside down. You will hear much about Rabies etc Let me say this unless you pick one up you aint going to get bitten Like sharks respect the environment and you will be okay. In any event life is a risk

Baby Flying Fox

These are some pics of a rescued brush tail possum

Baby Brush Tail Possum Growing

Baby Brush Tail Possum Growing some more

Christmas Dinner Barbecue

For Christmas dinner we had a roasted barbecued Beef fillet I prepared it over night creating a marinade with Ginger, Garlic, soy, Honey, Chilli and Guinness. Look it was like this I saw a can of Guinness in the fridge and thought what the hell experiment….and it worked

I also did Turkey Breasts with a Mango and Passion Fruit Glaze

One of the other things I have rediscovered since leaving Canberra is very regular cooking. I have always described myself as a great experimental Cook but this was not received by a family of fussy children who’s Father I understood was something of a cooking guru …So my meager efforts not being in the same culinary league where not so well accepted. It was just another chip here a chip there at myself esteem. Any how I am full on cooking stir-fry’s Curry Grilling and it’s good to do. The environment I’m now in is encouraging, peaceful free of temper tantrums and adult petulance. “Hallelujah”


This was the Yule tide Chocolate Mousse log bought from a little Patisserie in Military Road

Christmas Log

Robbie my boy in Holland who has been in Holland for the last 4 years sent me these pictures of some Christmas scenes in Amsterdam


Amsterdam at night

New Years day dinner

Through a little app called “whats App” recommended by Robbie two dear old friends with whom I used to share a back yard in Darlinghurst found Me Krono and Anita were fantastic neighbours always inviting me to Tea Dinner whatever they were having When they were not doing that would bring me up to my New York type unit biscuits cakes etc. I was very spoiled 🙂

One day they went out and got a kitten called Alli

A few days later I was smitten and this is a picture of Roger and Alli together Often Roger would go down stirs to eat Allis food while All would pass Roger on the stairs and come up and eat Rogers food Both cats were bonkers

Alli and Roger Kittens

My friend and I went for New Year dinner I forgot to keep the camera clicking …too much chat

But this is the Salad

We had Snapper for main but all that was left by the time I remembered about a photograph were Fish heads


Here is the sweet which was a favourite of Broz Tito from the Northern Region of Croatia Hrvatsko Zagorje. It was made from Pancakes rolled with sour cream and sugar. It was FANTASTIC 🙂

Titos Sweet

To go with the sweet we had a Botrytis Shiraz from the Hunter Valley called Suckling Pig from a Winery called Piggy Peake

So back to some serious stuff and twitter

An ABC researcher Jess Hill was religiously pandering to Qatar financed bloggers to report their opinions on the state of the Civil War. That would have been fine but for the fact she refused to provide the other points of view . It wasn’t about “truth in repeating” as such; which is important but one about balance so one can make take informed position on the Libya War.

All I did was to challenge her bias and by writing “you are just being a propagandists for the Rebels and the Crimes of NATO. With that she threatened by accusing me of being abusive that she would block me. On contesting this I was blocked. So the distortion of the ABC news continued.

There are other examples I could cite where the “erudite” will make a statement and when challenged as comprehensively as 140 characters allow …….will choose to ignore. Am I that ignorant or stupid


Grogs Gammet is a classic example especially his piece on the Labor Party Reshuffle

Which after using my 140 twitter characters I wrote a fuller reply to

“New blood, new targets… hello 2012”

To understand the context you need to read the article http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/3729772.html

My Response:

Typical Greg Jericho Paragraph after paragraph of intellectual waffle with no real Political analysis or where “to from here”.

Seems Greg it is indeed you who “knows only the words but don’t know the music” It is notable you write almost nothing on the elevation of  Women in cabinet

social and community comment

Another  person that came to my notice is Damon Muller a Criminologist from ANU : In an article from the ABC Drum Mr Muller implies  arson is the major cause of Bush Fires. This is rubbish as we know full well from the fires of 2020. He blocked me from Twitter

Listen to this from ABC Drum


You will find it is thin, lacking research or any  substance and contains not a single piece of data…not even a snapshot or point of reference.

stupidIt is equivocal and is only supported by “feelings” .Muller  admits freely that so few Bush Fire arsonists are caught there is no real data and yet is happy to promote himself as erudite on the subject.

This vagueness of expression also makes it difficult to empirically verify the reality of arson occurring in the bush.

Why do we jump to assume “tabloid like” that when there is a bushfire it’s been deliberately lit? Fire has been natural feature of the Australian landscape for thousands of years and certainly before white settlement.

I found many years ago back in London as my Mother popped eucalyptus seeds into the oven that many Australian plants can’t germinate without fire and heat; they have evolved this way over millions of years. Consequently, fire has been a feature of Australian environment long before white settlement and I expect before the first humans arrived on the long journey from Africa.

Causes naturally must be many; strikes of lightening and tinder; the especially as it dries rots generates heat it spontaneously ignites. These are just a few examples of how fire can occur without human intervention.

Other causes I suspect are non arsonist like a cigarette butt. How I hate seeing in the city drivers flashing ash…I am sure without thinking they can do this when in bush land areas. I actually pulled up a driver to remonstrate with him last February on the Wakehurst Parkway for doing this

More causes can be sparks from power lines clashing or falling, embers from a campfire or back burning that gets out of control, the odd discarded glass bottle.

It’s a mistake to assume that because a fire is deliberately lit that means it was maliciously lit..think about it.


Over millions of years Australian fauna has and does need fire naturally to reproduce but it doesn’t need human beings to deliberately light the fires or be accused of doing so. Why then look for scapegoats…

Why because it’s intellectual mumbo jumbo to line the pocket of an intellectual snob. Get the focus right, but then without the raison d’être of “crime as the cause” the Criminologist wouldn’t get his Tax payer funded grant.

The bottom line is when dealing with fire and ‘arson’ then it should be obvious that it ought not be just a matter of punishing people for lighting fires of who are very few.

A land and environmental  holistic management plan is what is required and it’s time to extinguish the exaggerated myths about the scale of arson just to put a few grant dollars in the pocket of armchair theorists.

Bush Fire Engine


If you read my post on the London Riot you will see another ANU academic Rick Brown who got it all wrong. Again with the thinnest of knowledge about the causes of that upsurge of civil disobedience. Another criminologist from the ANU who obviously hadn’t done any research or preparation on the issue just “faffing” around with vague answers throughout the entire segment was interviewed on by the ABC.

Why give these onlookers like Brown or Muller oxygen who obviously haven’t done [empirical] research on social issues but just speculate

Chaps you might both care to read

Any way as Madness would say Fuck ya  Bollocks to it all 🙂

So 2012 progressed and many of the challenges were covered in the last post


A few outstanding issues remain from some of my drivers to create my blog and since Justice has been just one of my Mantras regarding the NATO strikes at pro Gaddafi civilians in Libya and the Occupy Wall Street movement

So that’s Twitter and this blog out-of-the-way for 2012

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Voiceless but not forgotten

I apologise for not having blogged recently as I can  see many of you are re-visiting.

It is amazing how many visits are from people returning for a look-see.

I  have not forgotten my blog but volunteering, own health issues. the temporary loss of my cat (my mate) Roger his subsequent 6 day hospitalisation loss of his voice and subsequent ongoing intensive care have taken up much of my writing time. I emphasise writing as the thought processes was still going . Those who folow me on twitter and Facebook will know I have remained active.

Some brief International Foot Notes

politicsLibya: Since I haven’t blogged there has been the change of government in Libya Those who have followed me on twitter will be well aware of my commentary  and that in my view its a conflict that is far from settled. There are a few rude shocks for many years to come. I do feel neglectful not having posted anything here for a while about it but earlier posts here will reveal that I warned in May 3 that the head of the Rebel Forces Abdel hakim Belhadj who led The Libyan Islamic Fighting founded in 1990 by Libyans who had fought against Soviet forces in Afghanistan He was captured with the  Taliban in 1993 and it took the World media 4 months to wake up to this fact. Though there is dispute arising within the NTC about just who is in charge of the military.

A point to note in my previous posts on Libya that all the you tube I posted showing and proving atrocities of the Rebel Fighter were removed. All you will see today are just blank screens

politicsSyria I also tweeted constantly that the reason for the stepping up of the intensity of the NATO bombing in Libya was to get it over ASAP so the next stop would be Syria. In this case again I have not got here for you today an in-depth analysis. I belive Turkey as a member of NATO is standing by and maneuvering  to sometime make an incursion of some kind under the guise of a defensive attack on Syria via Kurdistan.  Turkey could do this with support of  the pro Turkish  Kurdish Yekiti Party that has openly been supporting the  “protests’ in Syria and Turkish attacks on the anti Turkish and pro Syrian PKK .

Turkey is using its alleged disagreement with Israel as a smokescreen to encourage Arab support for any adventure it embarks upon in any interest it may have in extending its influence  in the old Ottoman empire as the Arab world becomes increasingly fractured and moves worryingly towards more extreme Islamist fundamentalism.

politicsEgypt  Just to remind my followers  This is what I blogged February  nearly 9 months ago


Any ideas that the Military will now give up power is fanciful. Earlier this month the cabinet proposed a document of guiding principles for a new constitution that gave the military exclusive authority to approve any legislation on its internal affairs, potentially allowing it to defy an elected government. The promised election are planned to will be staggered across three dates with nine governorates from 28 November to January 2013 district by district with results being publish as they are completed.

This raises a number of obvious questions of influence The military also refused international observers of the elections. So it seems Egypt is headed for some form of distorted Parliamentary Military Dictatorship.

Egypt is split up into 27 governorates, and the poll for its lower house of parliament – “the people’s parliament” – will be staggered across three dates with nine governorates voting in each round.

While the military again promised today November 22 that they would be  elections soon finishing in July 2012 they again attacked  crowds in Tahrir Square.

originally in February the Military had promised a civilian administration by September this year

Tahirir Square

social and community comment

Tomorrow I am due to meet the Founder Brian Sherman and Dan Campbell of  Voiceless The Animal Protection institute. My purpose is to try to galvanise the Labor and Trade Union movement to be engaged in the this movement for justice for those who are “voiceless” and promote economically sustainable ethical husbandry and farming.

I became interested in Voiceless after listening to Michael Kirby on ABC Radio National one morning and then decided to go along to the Law Lecture Series given by Peter Stevenson they ran across the country. In my case the Law Society NSW.

These are their aims

Voiceless envisions a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion.

Voiceless will bring the institutionalised suffering of animals to the forefront of Australia’s agenda; ensuring that animal protection is the next great social justice movement.

About Voiceless

Voiceless is an independent non-profit think tank dedicated to alleviating the suffering of animals in Australia.  Established in 2004 by father and daughter team, Brian Sherman AM and Ondine Sherman, Voiceless:

  • Creates and fosters networks of leading lawyers, politicians and academics to influence law and public policy;
  • Conducts high quality research and analysis of animal industries, exposing legalised cruelty and promoting informed debate;
  • Creates a groundswell for social change by building and fortifying the Australian animal protection movement with select Grants and Prizes; and
  • Informs consumers and empowers them to make animal-friendly choices.

People often ask what animal law is and why animals need lawyers.

Everyday in Australia thousands of animals are shot, beaten, tortured, starved, imprisoned and harmed in incalculable ways. We eat them, wear them, hunt them, race them, experiment on them and make them perform for us on command.

 Bearing that in mind and also, bearing in mind that the law denies animals a voice by classifying them as property, we at Voiceless believe that the real question people should be asking is not, “Why should animals have lawyers” but “Why don’t they already have them?”

“For a long time it was left to two groups to speak up in defence of animals: on the one hand, philosophers; on the other hand, animal welfare people and animal activists. Now, in the last few years, it has been heartening to see a third group enter the fray: lawyers. There has been a blossoming of conferences and symposia on the place of animals in our legal systems, courses on animal rights at law schools, books and articles everywhere. Philosophers are full of ideas, activists full of energy. Lawyers add a third necessary quality. They are astute, good at working out where in practice to apply ideas for maximum effect. Together thinkers, lawyers and activists make a good team.

“Voiceless, through its legal component, has been at the forefront in the struggle to advance animal rights in Australia. The way has not been easy and will perhaps get even more difficult. The animal exploitation industries have huge resources behind them, and have the ear of government. But it is impossible to believe that, in the end, justice and compassion will not triumph.”

The above piece was written by Voiceless’s patron J. M. Coetzee and spoken by Hugo Weaving at the 2007 Voiceless  Awards Event on 3rd December 2007.

You really can look after animals and make money too


My Mate Roger. Slap bang in the middle of my activities I lost my Cat Roger

This was the Poster I put up in the area.

This is a picture of Roger in Hospital you will see the IV drip in his leg which remained for 6 days

Roger with Drip

I found Roger after him being lost for 2 days This is the story of how I found him

I found Roger in a disused Workshop Garage Petrol Station. While out looking for Thomas the cat you may recall a rescue cat I wrote about on a previous blog post here “Dinosaur Attacks Cat” led me to him.

Roger was stuck in debris but he manged to wriggle free as I cut my way through the security fencing. He was very bedraggled.  His rescue was I think also helped because that evening after picking up Emma my Burmese from the Vet (after an operation to remove 2 teeth) I decided to do a detour round some back streets in my sons souped up Golf Engined Car. I drove past the building complex. I did this because the car has a distinctive note and Roger; I have been told many times appears when he hears me arrive home with it.

Naturally I did a walking tour of the surrounding streets putting up posters and calling out but the car allowed me to go back over the areas again. I heard Thomas meowing in the back lane way and when I went to investigate. When I first saw him I did nothing ..went back. 10 mins later cries again.

I returned with torch in hand and Thomas ran ahead of me to go under the security fencing I tried to stop him and heard what I thought was Thomas again I scanned the torch around and found another pair of eyes reflecting back at me.

When I called out it I realised it was Roger from the answer back.

I couldn’t get over or through the fencing so I had to rush back and get cutting tools. there rest is a happy ending He was in very bad shape He drank gallons of water and went to sleep on my lap. I took to the  Vet the following Saturday morning.

On the Tuesday morning just as I was entering Parliament House and just before a meeting with Luke Foley the NSW opposition leader on the Environment I was called. I was told that would I go up as it wasn’t thought Roger may only survive perhaps 2 days. We got through the meeting (which was productive) and I went up to the Vet Hospital.  I was already going 3 times ady but 4 Paws who were looking after him said I could spend as much time as I wanted. Within na day he stared to make a remarkable recovery. I decided to take Emma to see him and this is a picture of that visit.

Emma Takes over

So now at home I am watching his every move though the picture suggests he isn’t that active but he really is back to his old self.

Thinking of the next meal

He is on special food which I have added to make it a bit special. He must drink loads of water He is on a drug for life called Forketor.

Happy Days are here again

Roger made  me realise “never give up” on your pet because Ingrid the vet said that my visits especially the 4 on Tuesday made the difference. It’s nice to think that; but actually rather confronting too. We have a long way to go before we are out of the woods. I d rather put all my energy into him and volunteering but there is the Family Law Matter

My family Law matters have also conspired to be a time-consuming distraction from my blog. The process of which has caused me to be quite introspective about it all.  That is the relationship, the legal process  and the rights and wrongs. I have had to reach deep into my soul to ask of my self  “where does compassion and kindness go” when driving such events as I am.  Those elements  are a key part of who I am,of my philosophy of living. Forgiveness too! I like all these things about my self and they are what make me smile and give me strength everyday.

I have always prided my self with that strength as  it is alien to my nature to be unforgiving to be without compassion and to appear devoid of kindness and I do not like what I see I have to do today. I am uncomfortable with it.  But then I re-visit the facts of the matter to bring myself back to reality.

social and community commentA pause to consider someone near you a work colleague a family member may not be doing it so easy.  Please consider that without notice a sense of despair can creep up on anybody. Our children are vulnerable too. I have a friend from a time gone by who has a daughter I read about recently in some strife. I do hope they see this and are aware.

It is a turmoil that must be faced by very many people who after a breakup and not just experience that loss but can find themselves like me homeless and very isolated when you really only have a developed network in another City or even Country.

From experience I can assure you it is no easy challenge to overcome. I would like you to consider when you next see a homeless person what journey may have brought them to a street or underpass or if they are lucky a hostel near to you.

The dizziness of the emotional turmoil the sense of betrayal which hit like a sledgehammer seemed an impossibly huge hurdle to overcome. It is still a process of chipping away daily in recovery. I certainly couldn’t have undertaken the task alone without the ongoing support from some great woman some of whom I have known for decades here and overseas and others who are very recent in my life. To them I will remain eternally grateful.

social and community commentDid you know 43,000  Women and children are homeless in Australia in Australia today Obviously many of with friends but many are living in cars tents and crisis shelter. Think about it next time you see someone selling a copy of the Big Issue.

Well that’s me back after a little time away. Bless Davie

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“London Riot” a Map of the Underground

The Scene

August 4: 29-year-old Mark Duggan was shot dead by police

August 6: 150 people march peacefully to Tottenham police station demanding “justice” for Mr Duggan’s family. They were left outside with no explanation given.

After several hours of waiting all hell broke loose

Several days of unprecedented revolt by the most impoverished minority populated neighbourhoods of London shocked  the  stuck up British aristocracy and upper classes.

Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his Italian vacation in sunny Tuscany overseeing the RAF bombing over Libya.

Within a few days over 16,000 police officers were on the streets of London. They’ve made more than 1,700 arrests, according to news reports, for looting, arson, vandalism and violence since the riots began, employing a variety of sweeping methods, including raids of low-income housing projects. A majority of those arrested are minors, many of whom are being identified with footage from Britain’s extensive network of CCTV cameras.

The looting and arson that has scarred London and now other English cities represents the most frightening apparent manifestation of this public discontent. Yet, unlike the student riots or mass demonstrations, there are a few precedents in British history for the kinds of violent disturbances Britain has witnessed in the past few days. Indeed, it is the lack of a clear context (social, historical or otherwise) that makes them so terrifying.

Rebels without a cause?

Britain is certainly no stranger to serious rioting or civil disturbance. Many of the areas of England affected by riots as inToxteth  Liverpool, Lewisham and Brixton in South London, have a history of unrest. There appear to be parallels in the way that the death of Mark Duggan has led to rioting in Tottenham as did the death of Cynthia Jarrett provoked the Broadwater Farm riots in 1985.

After the riots that raged throughout the United Kingdom young Britons already with sense of disfranchisement now face the hasty, heavy hand of the law.

I understand so far 4000  people have been charged The number of arrests continues at such a high rate that prisons and juvenile detention centres are running out of cells and beds to provide to their inmates,

According to the Guardian newspaper this panic attack undermines the due process of law and the presumption of innocence but with a government and government officials being driven by the media calling for harsh sentences guarantees of fairness of sentencing is remote

Prime Minister David Cameron said that a “major police operation  is under way to track down looters caught on CCTV picture by picture and that phony concerns about human rights issues won’t stop them being published and won’t slow down the process”

Cameron wants anyone “convicted” of violent disorder to be sent to prison but it isn’t his decision, because the judiciary is independent of the Government and bound by the law and the UKs unwritten constitution. So Cameron has acted in flagrant violation of British Law

This is the man so vocal about human rights in Libya.

It is clear the  impulsive punishments now being doled out especially by the Higher Courts and by some British magistrates do not represent the sentencing guidelines as laid out  In the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 Judges have been instructed that they “must follow” sentencing guidelines rather than merely “have regard to” them.

They can still disregard them where they believe following them would be “contrary to the interests of justice”, but they must explicitly state their reasons.

Sentences confirmed by the Court of Appeal following the Bradford riots of 2001 show that the judges have previously upheld relatively long sentences against those convicted of public order offences.

One man with no previous relevant convictions was sentenced to 4 years and nine months in jail for holding a metal bar and allegedly being seen “occasionally” throwing stones at police lines.

The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed that no one has yet been charged with the recent rioting It is a complex offence to prove and requires more than 12 people as a group be involved

In Tottenham, a father who fled his burning flat with his two children after it was attacked by rioters has called for proportionate sentencing and said prison for small-time looters “will not solve anything”. That is make the punishment fit the crime.

An example is the stupidity of sentencing for someone not being able to account for carrying a bottle of water that they claim to have picked up outside (inside) a shop (does it matter) getting 12 months Goal.

What good is a lengthy sentence going to do to any person and their later attitude to society? Being in a den of real criminals is not really good for the rehabilitative process. It should be noted that the UK has the heist rate of incarceration in Europe as it is

Burning Carpet Store in Croydon

A Community worker Mohamed Hamadan, 46, lost all his belongings in the fire that destroyed the Allied Carpets building in Tottenham, north London, on the first night of rioting

His observation “We can’t just use this, [prison sentences] as a blanket way of resolving social problems,”

The Ministry of Justice has defended the apparent disparity in sentencing.

“Magistrates and judges are independent of government,” “Their sentencing decisions are based on the individual circumstances of each case and offender.

That is why different offenders may be given different sentences for what might appear to be similar crimes.

“To provide a consistent base for these decisions an independent body of experts, the Sentencing Council, set guidelines. These provide a suggested range of sentences that might be given for particular types of crime theft, burglary or robbery.”

In another case a Mother-of-two was jailed for 5 months by a district judge after she pleaded guilty for accepting a pair of looted shorts from her housemate. On Appeal Andrew Gilbert QC ruled the decision was “wrong in principle” and changed the sentence to 75 hours of community work.

However the person who looted the goods was still given a sentence of 18 months gaol a first offence.

The riots have been shocking that normally level-headed people start to see due process of law as an encumbrance to justice and get caught up in the Hysteria of revenge. The reverse is what should be true due process is fundamental to democracy and justice, even for the most criminal offender.

From the bench, what magistrates see is a raging bundle of id impulses, the desire for immediate gratification untempered by a sense of guilt and with only an ill-formed notion of right and wrong. The temptation to bang them up and throw away the key is strong, and magistrates will no doubt be encouraged to continue to do  just that by the Conservative Tories and an opportunist Ed Milliband who showed his true middle class pink at the special session of Parliament.

Fortunately for some offenders it is  not the way the courts work.

Police conducting an interview

Despite the British government considering shutting down social media websites and Blackberry messaging services since blamed for playing a major role in spreading news of the unrest, a paradox is the Greater Manchester Police has been using Twitter to announce the prosecutions of rioters.

They have also been using Flickr to post pictures of suspects in hopes that citizens will identify them

So it appears, these last couple of weeks at least, after years of ignoring glaring inequality and injustice, that all of England finally took some notice of the crowded North London neighbourhood of  Tottenham and to similar minority communities in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol where an explosive, fiery social rebellion occurred

politicsTottenham is an area of multi-cultural mix of White working and middle class British-born African-Caribbean along with Turkish, Portuguese, Albanian, Kurdish Somali and Jewish population. Something about this community most share in common is poverty, unemployment, poor quality housing, a sense of despair and the abuse and neglect by the rich the bankers and the “Toffs” of the Government

Menezez Victim of Police Shooting

The events exploded over yet another police killing of a Black Man. This policy of shooting also happened to one Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, was shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder

Some argue that London’s current revolt is quite different from the recent protests in other European capitals e.g. Athens and are distinguished from those in the Middle East. What is clear in this revolt for that is what it is; it lacked the cohesion of politicisation! When one sees the sell out of the British Labour and the Social Democratic parties of Europe and their disconnect with the poor. Its  little wonder that those floundering in a mess of non political hopelessness exploded.

This is something they share the black and minority communities of North America. Neither have powerful advocates that are independent of the political and capitalist establishment.

Traditional community and the Labour Parties have failed in Britain and the United States to organise and represent the working class They have (as Edward Milliband did in his address to Parliament) utterly failed these communities and allowed both Downing Street and Wall Street to impose their most austere policies on those least represented.

One Hood

“Most of all, it once again exposes the trickery and deceit of those who aspire to be our leaders. Not a single black ‘Parliamentarian spoke out in defence of the young people That isn’t to say one should condone their misguided method of revolt but they should at least to have identified the cause linked to effect [riot] of the deprivations suffered .

social and community commentBelow is a Video of a community worker writer Marcus Howe who was interviewed live on BBC television on 9 August, 2011 The interview encapsulates what is wrong with the media The interview was conducted by BBC presenter Fiona Armstrong

Shortly after Howe began lamenting that “young blacks and young whites… have been telling us, and we wouldn’t listen…” the presenter interrupted him to ask him if he “condoned the violence”. While denying condoning the violence, his attempt to decry the killing of Mark Duggan was interrupted by the presenter. Howe spoke of the events as a political uprising:

 “I don’t call it rioting, I call it an insurrection of the masses of the people. It is happening in Syria, it is happening in Clapham, it’s happening in Liverpool, it’s happening in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and that is the nature of the historical moment…”

Armstrong asked “You are not a stranger to riots yourself, I understand, are you? You have taken part in them yourself.”

Howe responded:

“I have never taken part in a single riot. I’ve been on demonstrations that ended up in a conflict. And have some respect for an old West Indian negro, and stop accusing me of being a rioter. Because I… You won’t tickle me to get abusive, you just sound idiotic. Have some respect.”

Of course, the British government peddles a different story about events in Tottenham. Most are echoed by the establishment press and are readly absorbed by the simpletons who feed on such falsely written and Broadcast media.

Typical main stream media response collectively dismissed the social problems of  Tottenham highlighted by the police killing of the black youth was from the beginning simply criminal gang acts of looting by mainly unemployed youth with nothing to do on a hot summer night.

To the extent that this crude and vulgar opinion is shared by many in Britain, it only serves to confirm the truth: Tottenham underclass is politically and socially isolated from the rest of British society and particularly from the rest of the organised working class.

Their isolated non politicised existence explains why the difference different form this rebellion took being more a chaotic riot as opposed to the far-better organized massive upheavals in Madrid, Athens and Cairo that united majority sections of those populations and therefore more easily won sympathy and admiration throughout the world. Although typically it’s okay over there but not [our] my backyard.

politicsAnother observation that these people not just youths did not as alleged attack their own communities they identified with, but attacked The High Street which they identified with the “haves”.

Why? Because this brought into sharp if unconscious focus, the divide through their eyes that exists in society. One of the “haves” v “have-nots” right just around the corner from their doorstep.

no ticket to ride

Culpability for the desperate acts across the UK is shared by organizations of the working and middle class that have failed to embrace and engage these communities and offer them leadership benefits of organization and social identity

The political and welcome inclusion into Political movements and Parties like the labour Party I believe; would have significantly altered how these young people young adults  residents reacted.

politics  Divided and Disorganized

In the United States attempts during the era of the civil rights movement to politically and socially unite the black community were met with government-inspired assassination and police harassment, proven by the US government’s COINTELPRO reports.

COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the FBI aimed at surveillance, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting legitimate Political Organisations.

Organisations movements targeted included the civil rights movement, including Dr. Martin Luther King, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Congress of Racial Equality,  the American Indian Movement; groups protesting the Vietnam War and a broad range of organisations branded “New Left”

The FBI specifically developed “agent provocateur” tactics intended to heighten tension and hostility between various factions in the black emancipation movement. Examples of this can be seen today in the UK  with tensions between the Afro Caribbean, Asian and disenfranchised White working class communities.

As a result, beginning in the 1970s, criminal gangs began replacing FBI-targeted militant organizations like Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, Congress of Racial Equality, Southern Leadership Conference, Black Panthers, Young Lords, Brown Berets, and numerous other effective social and political organizations in the communities of the oppressed.

This had a debilitating effect after several decades, and results today in reactions to police brutality and poverty being often marked by scattered individual acts of frustration and anger. Protests are sometimes laced with anti-social behaviour previously adopted as survival techniques. This is what happened in the UK

For example, while ostensible political targets such as police cars and offices were burned in both Tottenham and Cairo, there was also, in the former case, the indiscriminate burning of buildings and some personal accounts of victimisation that come from years of pent-up rage.

There were other examples of criminal activity and even conflicts between gangs in the oppressed community of Tottenham that were also reported. Again, these are a result of decades of disorganization in the oppressed communities.

This is not an excuse for anti social behaviour but an attempt to lay bare the reasons why the outbreak now.

It is an explanation that contains the answer for its resolution: new organizations must be forged that unite the community around common social goals and aspirations.

The proliferation of criminal gangs and the utter lack of a coherent, credible and socially class-conscious leadership is but another reflection of political and social separation from the majority of working people.

social and community commentBut this reality and the impact it has on distorting the communities’ response should not in any way diminish the powerful and profound social nature of the Tottenham revolt, one deserving of our full support.

A Community in Action with a positive approach

This was recognised in the 1970s and in the face of eventual vicious public spending cuts under Thatcher we were able to overcome to a great degree the sense of alienation on one of London’s  if not largest Public Housing Estate. The Pepys

Pepys Estate

In the 80s I was involved in a program called the Safe Neighbourhood Unit that was to find favour nationally throughout the UK in differing guises.

Its origins were on the Pepys Estate Deptford S.E.8 and its Sister estate. Broadwater Farm

Though the link to the report below is a shadow of the original it gives some idea of the issues faced then and now on an Inner London Public housing Estate. Important was that the data gathered in this report was contemporaneous and didn’t rely on a single (light switch) co-relation to violence of poor housing but on a whole board of con-founder light switches.

It was a though report that was totally involving of the local population.

As the Senior Youth and Community Worker  (a role held since 1974) I was  elected as the Chairperson of the Safe Neigbourhood Unit/Pepys Improvement Project Steering Committee

the members of which included :-

The Community Liaison Officer from the Metropolitan Police

The Housing Manager of the Greater London Council

Principal Planning Office of the Council

A senior representative of the London Probation and After Care Service.

Senior Youth Office from Inner London Education Authority.

Senior GLC Architect …with whom I worked on the development and design of “abuse resistant public doors and street furniture.

Also represented and most crucial to the outcome were the individual residents and members from the Pepys Estate Tenants Association, representatives from Save the Children  and perhaps most importantly the Youth from the estate.

You can understand I was very proud after my challenges (with Police previously outlined in earlier posts)  being chosen to Chair this committee.   Quickly going back to my past clash with Police as a 15-year-old though never found guilty of any offence I was barred from pursuing an audition with the National Youth Theater.

I was lucky I had people around me who helped me overcome that blow…I expect the Youth of Tottenham including Mark Duggan don’t get that support. That’s why “London Riot” is a Map of the Underground.

Back in between 1975 1982 we had a rate of unemployment of 20-25% In 1977 the local National Front candidate in Deptford received 44% of the vote in local Council Elections.

Though disbanded in 1996 the Safe neighbourhood Unit undoubtedly had a legacy and halo of success in a crumbling society. A note aside Though I was already over the maximum recruitment age then I was actually interviewed and asked if I would consider a Constable role with the Metropolitan Police as a result of my Police – Community liaison work.

It turned out the local Chief Inspector had been brought up in co-incidentally in the same children’s home as me. Small world huh?

The Pepys

This is a synopsis of Safe Neighbourhood report published in 1998. It has some inaccuracies and the original report and action plan of refurbishment and social inclusion was published in January 1982 is of greater detail.

When delivered the report and the Safe Neighbourhood Unit were subject of a BBC documentary.

I have the original report still as it is still one of my most treasured possessions [along-side] my reports of German War Crimes in Poland which incidentally can be viewed today at the Sydney Holocaust museum.

Housing safe communities


The alienation felt by a community with no sense of inclusion is seen in the 1965 Watt’s rebellion in Los Angeles. Like the London Riots was similarly attacked in its day as a criminal enterprise, but history has now properly recorded it as a true revolt against poverty and discrimination.

History will eventually report the UK Riots in this way

The rich and powerful benefit from divisions and rivalries based on colour ethnicity, race religion, in the oppressed communities. Arguably, these same forces promote criminalization as a way of preventing the kind of social unity that could become a powerful political force such as seen in revolutions in history.

A politically educated and organised working class is the frightening odyssey that certainly haunts the wealthy elite in Britain.

The wealthy elite in the US and Britain are well aware of an underground discontent fuelled by job loses cuts in public services imposed on the marginalised poor in Britain and the US.

It may interest you to know with civil unrest spreading into the western world, the US is readying what to do should mass riots break out state-side.

What exactly is the official US plan of action should the government need to step in and squash demonstrators? Send the military after minorities!

Marc Ambinder, a White House correspondent at The National Journal, writes that the armed forces have plans should widespread riots infiltrate America.

“If what happened in London ever happened in the US, the military has plans – CONPLAN 3501 and 3502 – to suppress the insurrection,” The instructions contained with the CONPLAN guidelines are believed to be initiatives that the US can enact during times of domestic disturbances.

Just an Onlooker today

Today I live in Sydney Australia and increasingly miss my London. I watched the TV images of the riots and remembered my involvement on the frontlines of the Lewisham Riots in 1977.

Though originally brought up in care in Hertfordshire I grew up in Hither Green and Deptford in the London Borough of Lewisham.  With each image I saw on the TV I felt a longing to go back. That’s me still believing I can make a difference. I believe what I know today equips me to make even better fist of it at encouraging the youth to take a positive approach to this challenging situation of social deprivation poverty and unemployment.

I feel guilty that I’m not there now; though I did make application to return to run a project in Brighton in early 2010 and am yet to receive an acknowledgement of my application almost 2 years later.

So why did the revolt happen? The daily bombardment of deceitful advertising messages “that you are what you wear, what you drive, what you watch and what you watch it on” but sorry you can’t have it if you aint gotta job is bound to cause a collision sooner or later If all you have is the bleakness of a grey housing estate landscape with the only light coming from multi coloured advertising messages it’s little wonder they have their faces covered and fucking hoods up.

Damage to property has, of course, been a feature of many violent protests in Britain’s past. The suffragettes  targeted gentleman’s tailors as symbols of patriarchal oppression. Anti-capitalist protesters targeted major global brands such as McDonalds and Starbucks.

It seems with very few exceptions almost all Parliamentarians came out saying  behaviour is “unjustifiable” and “unacceptable” without questioning how it might have been avoided. Britain needs to look at “cause and effect” and just why so many people feel so completely marginalised. They of course now indulge in a range of finger-pointing and name calling

Who is blaming who

Should we be surprised that these young people behaved destructively, How should we describe the actions of the city bankers who brought the World economy to its knees as the waltzed off with their big bank bonuses.

They wear suits and in Australia we reward riches won by doing  over someone in business. It’s interesting bar one notable example not one of the Banker financiers is in Gaol. So it seems size does matter only nick a pair of trainers.

The public and international Anglophile anger expressed even here in Australia provoked by the scenes of looting and violence seen on our screens August 6-8 is evident in support for calls for the British police to employ tougher tactics including water cannon and Rubber Bullets and calls for the Army. This predictable hysteric response promoted by the globally owned and distorted media is not the answer. The interviewing in Australia journalists social commentators who are completely out of touch having done no research on the matter is profoundly unhelpful. One of the worst example was the interview on either Lateline or the 7.30 report of a  Rick Brown a criminologist from the ANU who obviously hadn’t done any research or preparation on the issue just “faffing” around with vague answers throughout the entire segment.

Why interview an onlooker like Rick Brown who obviously haven’t done empirical research on social issues

If you don’t want your young people to tear apart the High Street as they retrieve their “Bankers Bonus” or retrieve their “Tax rebate” like Robin and all the Hoodys you better wake up and start to engage the less well off and deliver a sense of purpose for existence and one where the purpose is to have the latest gadget from Apple


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A Fire Fight or 2

I thought this was  going to be one of my most thinnest and content poor posts I have done. However on review I am quite pleased

This blog like the last has been a long time coming. The  reasons are many and I can write that it is frustrating with so much to post about world events Libya, Syria, East Africa (Cote d’Ivoire) Global warming, The US and EU Financial crisis, and the London Riot where the ignorant speculation from Australia is way off the mark as I suspect it to be in the UK itself.

politicsThe World is in a parlous state. Our public services workers in NSW especially our Health Care Professionals and Emergency crews are under threat of wage cuts and longer hours. See further down a short piece on the Fire Brigades Employees Union who are taking a leading role in the defence of workers conditions.

The main post I am working on at the moment and researching is on the London and UK Riots and one on Oslo. Though I make passing comment on both here.

These will be up over the weekend. I am also compelled to post something for the Voiceless and the obscenity of Australia’s Live Animal Export Trade!

books, reading and poetry“It is the role of the strong to speak out for the weak that have no voice”  Dietrich Bonheoffer


Those who are familiar with my work to date know that what I write is lengthy, researched and thorough. I don’t seek approval for what I, write just acceptance that I pose views most often of the minority

You can find examples of those alternative views if you flick back through my blog. Posts include Libya, Syria other events in Africa; Bin Laden’s death, US foreign Policy and NATO adventuring.

My lack of blogging recently is due to a couple of ongoing events that have taken up again valuable personal time.

law & money

Number 1 on the list is a legal matter. Not this time my family law property dispute but an event that is related and has impacted enormously on the effectiveness in dealing with that matter. It has absorbed swaths of valuable time. I will expand on this at the end of the short news pieces below.

London Riot

I am writing it from the point of view of a young person once in trouble with Plod (Police) a person who then started as a “tea Boy” Office Junior in a Law Firm who handled a matter of a physical disagreement with some young Cops. My lads with whom I am now back in touch after over 28 years never knew about this side to me.

But first have a look at these images

See anything wrong either when looked at separately or when compared together?

1 Woman in Fire

3 Image

Very suspect the 2nd shot shows a dress the last it has gone. The first it’s not there at all and the scale of the jumping woman does not correspond to the people in the street!

What is my connection with all this? Why my interest?

I was first a part-time youth worker and then Senior Youth and Community Worker on the Pepys Estate in Deptford London, a person who played a significant part in the establishment of Safe Neighbourhood Units throughout the UK and a person who was asked (though by then over age by 2 years in 1982) at the time to join the Metropolitan Police as a copper with an emphasis on Community Policing. This came after my liaison experience in the Lewisham Riots 1977 other later flashpoints and my community work in Deptford.

I am curious to know what a certain Australian National University criminologist Damon Muller would make of it…

Perhaps as a prelude you might care to explore the extensive amount of tweets and face book entries I have made on the subject of the Riots over the over past week.




Tripoli Blasted again

Obviously I have been very silent on this with my focus on my law matter. It is clear to all who care to take their heads out of the Libyan sand that for good or bad Gaddaffi obviously enjoys the support of the majority of Libyans after 6 months of Civil War.

It may be confined to Tripoli but it is the centre for almost half of the population

If you consider the sovereign state has been under constant bombardment by NATO for over 6 months it is remarkable that they continue to fight on. If you also consider the blockade no obvious supplies of outside arms his munitions arsenals destroyed it is remarkable that the Libyan people are able to fight on.

Obviously Gaddafi enjoys support from a great % of the population.

It’s time the world woke up to this. The Libyan rebels have no legitimate basis to be recognized as the government. They disbanded the interim Council on a whim. Who democratically elected them?

The UK French Italian governments recognised the Interim Council; now disbanded so they can release to the rebels the Libyan funds so the rebels can pay for 5  months of Bombs.

Whats in Store for US after Gadaffi ?


To describe the opposition as protestors is rubbish. The fact is there is an organised armed insurgency going on and a look at any map shows that all the areas where there are disturbances are close to hostile borders.

Hostile surrounds

Are the Turks positioning themselves as a part of NATO to attack Syria when it is sufficiently weakened by the internal conflict? Not yet because there is the matter of Libya that NATO has to finish first. If the Turks go in now the whole matter would end in disaster. Hence the renewed push by the Libyan rebels.

One of the complications in Syria will be Hezbollah and the Palestinians who are supporters of Assad. Perhaps we will see another adventure by Israel to forestall any support by Hezbollah for Syria. I need time to do a closer examination.

What you can see the entire area is a tinder box It is also why the so-called Egyption revolution will remain incomplete so Israel does not have the threat from its southern neighbour. You will recall I never supported the notion that there was a revolution in Egypt See my blog articles



Syrian disturbences



Norwegian Labour Party

Those who follow me on Face book and twitter I posted the link to Anders Breiviks Face book Page. Face book after just a few hours decided not only to take down his page my link to it but also to remove my comment about the content of his FB

How democratic. What did his Face book reveal?

It revealed an obsession Modern Warfare 11

He listed his interest as including Hunting (voiceless animals), Shooting in isolation from just hunting

Of himself he said he was a Conservative Christian

He was fascinated with watching Dexter.

One of the saddest things about Oslo  is tremendous loss of young labour and socialist talent for democracy.Any of these children below could have been yours.  This picture was taken the day before the shooting.

Utoya Labour Children

What few have considered on a population to population basis the number of people lost in Oslo from the Norway is the equivalent to the 3300 lost in the twin Towers Manhattan.

His well-planned and coldly executed massacre of 94 of his countrymen was, as he saw it, a blow against the policies promoting social inclusion and a recognition of a diverse multicultural society promoted by the labour-leaning government.

see the next post over the next day for more information

When I commenced the journey of fighting for my right to remain in [my] home that I had contributed to significantly financially and non financially I engaged a Lawyer as you do. This lawyer from the get go [now]in my opinion proved inept, lacking knowledge and was completely incompetent in the area of Law to wit they claimed expertise.

NSW Fire Brigades  (They’re fighting for you)

In Solidarity and as Citizen who can sleep at night and at ease because of the fine work these men and women do for us I thought I should write something about the struggle out fire-fighter are facing in New South Wales

Did you know that fire-fighters start their working lives as the most healthy of the population but after 5 years of service and exposure to the toxicity of fighting fires and clearing up Hazards they face increasingly poor heath

Firemen on the March

With the NSW Liberal Government, under Barry O’Farrell, now refusing to lift the restrictions on the rights of public sector workers in NSW, it’s time to step up the campaign.

Throughout NSW fire-fighters, delegates, and union Officials have joined dozens of community rallies, as well as meetings with MP’s and local councils.

music“They’re fighting for you” The music video

The next step is the 2nd major rally to be held at NSW Parliament, by NSW Unions, public sector workers, and community members.

In this  NSW public sector campaign against Barry O’Farrell and his NSW Version of Work choices; workers have to blunt Max the Axe

Rally details   Thursday September 8, 2011

1. FBEU Assemble St Mary’s Cathedral/Square 1130hrs

(Other Unions meet at Domain)
2. FBEU Speeches then march to Parliament 1200hrs (Meet with other Unions)
3. Parliament Speeches main Rally 1200-1230hrs
3. All Unions march back to Hyde Park 1230hrs

Fire Appliances  park in College St.This rally will be bigger than the last one of over10,000. At least 2-3 times So come on down social and community commentbring your family, bring your station crew. Community supporters are welcome.

I might suggest bring water pistols to fire at any opposition but that might land me in Jail for sedition like my Grandfather in the General Strike so ignore that idea. I want to march with my class brothers and sisters:-)

Twitter and Domestic Violence

I believe I may have been successful in having Twitter remove the hashtag#reasonstobeatmygirlfriend

I wrote to our Attorney General Robert McClelland and to a Legal activist who is expert in internet Law who in turn wrote to Twitter.

The point I came from apart from obviously opposing domestic violence would twitter allow a Nazi slogan to trend? Would it okay to have hash tags #killobama? Would it allow #mocking 9/11 victims…NO …..so why condone domestic violence?

So why support domestic violence? Since I don’t use this hashtag I can’t be sure it was stopped from trending.

One issue I have with twitter is on a personal note whereby not only my ex partner engaged in denigrating me in this public forum but they did it do it still behind the screen of anonymity

In my book this is also a form of domestic violence Yes they are female and I am a male but the attacks were then and still remain a form of violence.

Another party also anonymously (to me) engaged in the tittle tattle of denigrating me and also using the direct messaging system hurriedly locked his tweets when I was catching up to him wrote to my ex partner “have locked tweets as a possibly to late precautionary measure”

Precautionary measure against what Mr DM

Family law Courts Sydney

Now back to my legal stuff All the above is of far greater importance but I have some getting off chest to do.

My principal aim was to secure for a period my place in my home while I found an alternative home perhaps in Canberra, a job and some further time to recover more fully with my spinal injury. I had also been ill not that anyone realised for some considerable time as my body as I was to find out in November 2010 had started to reject my eye socket implants. At first in September I was treated for TB with massive amounts of antibiotics for 3 months as co incidentally I carry the [dormant] infection.

Its the Law

With marginal improvement by chance it was found my body has said enough the implants and had caused me a range of side effects. Night sweats, coldness, weight loss constant attacks of double vision caused by the socket forcing more and more my eyes minutely in opposite directions.

So all I needed in hindsight was time. As you may be aware this was not given so in the process moving a household of furnishings  I again damaged my back only far worse than before. The result being I am now registered with a disability

This solicitor’s desperate and bull-headed though weak approach to all the above property issues over several unproductive months finally made me realise or at best believe the solicitor lacked sufficient knowledge of this area law to continue to represent me.

I am cautious of what and how I write simply because the matter is before the appropriate State Law Society. Though they do hold a view that anyone should be free to write lies about anyone else under the guise of Freedom of Speech.

Why should I worry you may ask if indeed that is what they believe then it follows I should be able to write name and shame as I wish.  However I would rather wait until I get the just result I deserve before doing that. It which event it will be published in the mainstream media.


Extra Extra

It makes you wonder if any solicitor should be practicing in an area of law where it is as I understand the ethos was intended to reduce conflict, not inflame it and certainly not to waste a clients money. Obviously there must be other lawyers out there who do not have the developed skills in mediation, negotiation and balls to stand up to their opposing ‘friends’.

To make matter worse my lawyer did not listen to me, follow my instructions from day one, explain anything to me or inform me if she was completely out of their depth which in hindsight it now appears she was.

The result is I have filed an extensive complaint to the appropriate Law Society to wit they responded. Almost a month enough was spent on my reply gathering up evidence to their response. It had taken up considerably more time than I expected.

Over 3 weeks was spent to produce a document of response that is over 30 pages and supported by annexure of supporting *written evidence over an inch thick. Much as I would like to I will for now refrain from highlighting any of that evidence.

This document was presented over the weekend and it is an amazing relief now it is filed. I wait confidently but anxiously also for the next step.

On the positive side the exercise has enabled my new Lawyer to gain a far better grasp of the original family property dispute to which we can now return our aggressive attention to. Yes I mean aggressive as in peruse hard.

We have perfected our working relationship and understand each other’s foibles; I think J  It has also given me a thorough knowledge of my own evidence and written material of almost 6 years Most of it written by the other party and have now got it organised and filed accordingly.

The matter filed with the Law Society has been a good practice run though in that matter my affidavit alone will be well over 70 pages and if using the other complaint matter as a guide where most of the supporting evidence was only a little over 6 months the material in my Property Law affidavit will be covering a period of almost 6 years.

Seriously the written evidence of annexure to be attached to my affidavit will probably be seriously couple of feet thick.

Though probably we will save the  mass of the evidence  for any court hearing and so perhaps we will only include with my affidavit such material as proof to my claim and to file the action.

These matters are not cheap but my determination is such I am fully expectant that it could cost me $50,000 and I have budgeted accordingly. Should the matter go to court I will instruct a SC Senior Counsel otherwise known in previous times as a QC.

In this family property matter as the other side have declined to mediate they will have no claim to recover their costs from me in the event I should not be successful; which is unlikely. In matters where the parties’ positions appear irreconcilable, smart parties engage a highly experienced Barrister Mediator, to whom both parties comprehensively present all facets of, and support for their respective positions.

stupidIn search of stupidity

After comprehensive deliberation, the Barrister Mediator will give their advice on the Family Court’s probable decision, with comprehensive explanation for that advice, allowing each party to contemplate that advice for possible resolution. But no in search of stupidity you don’t have to further than the other side

The legal cost in mediation is 95% less than the alternative of a Family Court determined settlement; and one in which the Barrister Mediator feels more accountable to the parties than is a Family Court Judge.

My only decision is in what Jurisdiction to file my matter. There are pros and cons to file the application in either the Family Court or the District Court. In the later I will if successful be able to claim all my costs on the other side. Since there are no children involved the District Court will do and since the other side again refuse to mediate I will most likely win costs. In the District Court our thrust will be based on 1)deception by the other [defacto] party and my proven financial and non financial contributions to the home. In the District Court we are not put to prove the nature of the defacto relationship.

In case you wonder the core of the other side’s resistance is that we were in a casual relationship though we lived together for many years in excess of the minimum of 2 years.

No doubt the other Solicitors will have their attention drawn to this post and mine will probably kick my ass but I have nothing to hide and I am not revealing anything they don’t know.

My adversaries must think they hold a smoking gun and if it’s what we believe it is 1) it won’t apply in the jurisdiction of the District Court and to rely on it in the Family Court is purely a game of chicken and my material evidence to squash is overwhelming and water tight. Hence why I believe my claim will be successful.

As I’m in the right (win or lose) I have no fear anyway. It’s like boxing if you believe you are going to lose you most probably will If you are not prepared to be hurt in the process or accept it could hurt badly or you may indeed lose you shouldn’t step into the ring. My ex knows me well and so she will confirm what I say about myself is true.

I reckon we should have my application filed within the month. Mark you a few weeks away from the legal jostling is great

In the meantime I am working on the London Riot post which should be up in a few days.

musicTo finish on a lighter note and I expect my friends will cringe but I had to put this up. Its bourgeois but its class and I really like the music


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