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Voiceless but not forgotten

I apologise for not having blogged recently as I can  see many of you are re-visiting.

It is amazing how many visits are from people returning for a look-see.

I  have not forgotten my blog but volunteering, own health issues. the temporary loss of my cat (my mate) Roger his subsequent 6 day hospitalisation loss of his voice and subsequent ongoing intensive care have taken up much of my writing time. I emphasise writing as the thought processes was still going . Those who folow me on twitter and Facebook will know I have remained active.

Some brief International Foot Notes

politicsLibya: Since I haven’t blogged there has been the change of government in Libya Those who have followed me on twitter will be well aware of my commentary  and that in my view its a conflict that is far from settled. There are a few rude shocks for many years to come. I do feel neglectful not having posted anything here for a while about it but earlier posts here will reveal that I warned in May 3 that the head of the Rebel Forces Abdel hakim Belhadj who led The Libyan Islamic Fighting founded in 1990 by Libyans who had fought against Soviet forces in Afghanistan He was captured with the  Taliban in 1993 and it took the World media 4 months to wake up to this fact. Though there is dispute arising within the NTC about just who is in charge of the military.

A point to note in my previous posts on Libya that all the you tube I posted showing and proving atrocities of the Rebel Fighter were removed. All you will see today are just blank screens

politicsSyria I also tweeted constantly that the reason for the stepping up of the intensity of the NATO bombing in Libya was to get it over ASAP so the next stop would be Syria. In this case again I have not got here for you today an in-depth analysis. I belive Turkey as a member of NATO is standing by and maneuvering  to sometime make an incursion of some kind under the guise of a defensive attack on Syria via Kurdistan.  Turkey could do this with support of  the pro Turkish  Kurdish Yekiti Party that has openly been supporting the  “protests’ in Syria and Turkish attacks on the anti Turkish and pro Syrian PKK .

Turkey is using its alleged disagreement with Israel as a smokescreen to encourage Arab support for any adventure it embarks upon in any interest it may have in extending its influence  in the old Ottoman empire as the Arab world becomes increasingly fractured and moves worryingly towards more extreme Islamist fundamentalism.

politicsEgypt  Just to remind my followers  This is what I blogged February  nearly 9 months ago

Any ideas that the Military will now give up power is fanciful. Earlier this month the cabinet proposed a document of guiding principles for a new constitution that gave the military exclusive authority to approve any legislation on its internal affairs, potentially allowing it to defy an elected government. The promised election are planned to will be staggered across three dates with nine governorates from 28 November to January 2013 district by district with results being publish as they are completed.

This raises a number of obvious questions of influence The military also refused international observers of the elections. So it seems Egypt is headed for some form of distorted Parliamentary Military Dictatorship.

Egypt is split up into 27 governorates, and the poll for its lower house of parliament – “the people’s parliament” – will be staggered across three dates with nine governorates voting in each round.

While the military again promised today November 22 that they would be  elections soon finishing in July 2012 they again attacked  crowds in Tahrir Square.

originally in February the Military had promised a civilian administration by September this year

Tahirir Square

social and community comment

Tomorrow I am due to meet the Founder Brian Sherman and Dan Campbell of  Voiceless The Animal Protection institute. My purpose is to try to galvanise the Labor and Trade Union movement to be engaged in the this movement for justice for those who are “voiceless” and promote economically sustainable ethical husbandry and farming.

I became interested in Voiceless after listening to Michael Kirby on ABC Radio National one morning and then decided to go along to the Law Lecture Series given by Peter Stevenson they ran across the country. In my case the Law Society NSW.

These are their aims

Voiceless envisions a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion.

Voiceless will bring the institutionalised suffering of animals to the forefront of Australia’s agenda; ensuring that animal protection is the next great social justice movement.

About Voiceless

Voiceless is an independent non-profit think tank dedicated to alleviating the suffering of animals in Australia.  Established in 2004 by father and daughter team, Brian Sherman AM and Ondine Sherman, Voiceless:

  • Creates and fosters networks of leading lawyers, politicians and academics to influence law and public policy;
  • Conducts high quality research and analysis of animal industries, exposing legalised cruelty and promoting informed debate;
  • Creates a groundswell for social change by building and fortifying the Australian animal protection movement with select Grants and Prizes; and
  • Informs consumers and empowers them to make animal-friendly choices.

People often ask what animal law is and why animals need lawyers.

Everyday in Australia thousands of animals are shot, beaten, tortured, starved, imprisoned and harmed in incalculable ways. We eat them, wear them, hunt them, race them, experiment on them and make them perform for us on command.

 Bearing that in mind and also, bearing in mind that the law denies animals a voice by classifying them as property, we at Voiceless believe that the real question people should be asking is not, “Why should animals have lawyers” but “Why don’t they already have them?”

“For a long time it was left to two groups to speak up in defence of animals: on the one hand, philosophers; on the other hand, animal welfare people and animal activists. Now, in the last few years, it has been heartening to see a third group enter the fray: lawyers. There has been a blossoming of conferences and symposia on the place of animals in our legal systems, courses on animal rights at law schools, books and articles everywhere. Philosophers are full of ideas, activists full of energy. Lawyers add a third necessary quality. They are astute, good at working out where in practice to apply ideas for maximum effect. Together thinkers, lawyers and activists make a good team.

“Voiceless, through its legal component, has been at the forefront in the struggle to advance animal rights in Australia. The way has not been easy and will perhaps get even more difficult. The animal exploitation industries have huge resources behind them, and have the ear of government. But it is impossible to believe that, in the end, justice and compassion will not triumph.”

The above piece was written by Voiceless’s patron J. M. Coetzee and spoken by Hugo Weaving at the 2007 Voiceless  Awards Event on 3rd December 2007.

You really can look after animals and make money too


My Mate Roger. Slap bang in the middle of my activities I lost my Cat Roger

This was the Poster I put up in the area.

This is a picture of Roger in Hospital you will see the IV drip in his leg which remained for 6 days

Roger with Drip

I found Roger after him being lost for 2 days This is the story of how I found him

I found Roger in a disused Workshop Garage Petrol Station. While out looking for Thomas the cat you may recall a rescue cat I wrote about on a previous blog post here “Dinosaur Attacks Cat” led me to him.

Roger was stuck in debris but he manged to wriggle free as I cut my way through the security fencing. He was very bedraggled.  His rescue was I think also helped because that evening after picking up Emma my Burmese from the Vet (after an operation to remove 2 teeth) I decided to do a detour round some back streets in my sons souped up Golf Engined Car. I drove past the building complex. I did this because the car has a distinctive note and Roger; I have been told many times appears when he hears me arrive home with it.

Naturally I did a walking tour of the surrounding streets putting up posters and calling out but the car allowed me to go back over the areas again. I heard Thomas meowing in the back lane way and when I went to investigate. When I first saw him I did nothing ..went back. 10 mins later cries again.

I returned with torch in hand and Thomas ran ahead of me to go under the security fencing I tried to stop him and heard what I thought was Thomas again I scanned the torch around and found another pair of eyes reflecting back at me.

When I called out it I realised it was Roger from the answer back.

I couldn’t get over or through the fencing so I had to rush back and get cutting tools. there rest is a happy ending He was in very bad shape He drank gallons of water and went to sleep on my lap. I took to the  Vet the following Saturday morning.

On the Tuesday morning just as I was entering Parliament House and just before a meeting with Luke Foley the NSW opposition leader on the Environment I was called. I was told that would I go up as it wasn’t thought Roger may only survive perhaps 2 days. We got through the meeting (which was productive) and I went up to the Vet Hospital.  I was already going 3 times ady but 4 Paws who were looking after him said I could spend as much time as I wanted. Within na day he stared to make a remarkable recovery. I decided to take Emma to see him and this is a picture of that visit.

Emma Takes over

So now at home I am watching his every move though the picture suggests he isn’t that active but he really is back to his old self.

Thinking of the next meal

He is on special food which I have added to make it a bit special. He must drink loads of water He is on a drug for life called Forketor.

Happy Days are here again

Roger made  me realise “never give up” on your pet because Ingrid the vet said that my visits especially the 4 on Tuesday made the difference. It’s nice to think that; but actually rather confronting too. We have a long way to go before we are out of the woods. I d rather put all my energy into him and volunteering but there is the Family Law Matter

My family Law matters have also conspired to be a time-consuming distraction from my blog. The process of which has caused me to be quite introspective about it all.  That is the relationship, the legal process  and the rights and wrongs. I have had to reach deep into my soul to ask of my self  “where does compassion and kindness go” when driving such events as I am.  Those elements  are a key part of who I am,of my philosophy of living. Forgiveness too! I like all these things about my self and they are what make me smile and give me strength everyday.

I have always prided my self with that strength as  it is alien to my nature to be unforgiving to be without compassion and to appear devoid of kindness and I do not like what I see I have to do today. I am uncomfortable with it.  But then I re-visit the facts of the matter to bring myself back to reality.

social and community commentA pause to consider someone near you a work colleague a family member may not be doing it so easy.  Please consider that without notice a sense of despair can creep up on anybody. Our children are vulnerable too. I have a friend from a time gone by who has a daughter I read about recently in some strife. I do hope they see this and are aware.

It is a turmoil that must be faced by very many people who after a breakup and not just experience that loss but can find themselves like me homeless and very isolated when you really only have a developed network in another City or even Country.

From experience I can assure you it is no easy challenge to overcome. I would like you to consider when you next see a homeless person what journey may have brought them to a street or underpass or if they are lucky a hostel near to you.

The dizziness of the emotional turmoil the sense of betrayal which hit like a sledgehammer seemed an impossibly huge hurdle to overcome. It is still a process of chipping away daily in recovery. I certainly couldn’t have undertaken the task alone without the ongoing support from some great woman some of whom I have known for decades here and overseas and others who are very recent in my life. To them I will remain eternally grateful.

social and community commentDid you know 43,000  Women and children are homeless in Australia in Australia today Obviously many of with friends but many are living in cars tents and crisis shelter. Think about it next time you see someone selling a copy of the Big Issue.

Well that’s me back after a little time away. Bless Davie



  1. Welcome back David, stay strong

    • Thanks will do…not easy sometimes. Monday meet with Neuro Surgeon to get another opinion what to do about my back ..hopefully we can get the pegs working proper:) The head isnt working to well either so they are looking at that also 🙂

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