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Welcome to [an] escalator over the hill.

books, reading and poetry


Re-published after many years dormant  March 25  2022:

It has been a long time since I posted here and it is a medium I should better use. To-date I have tended to use Facebook and twitter but it makes sense to revise my writing here

My hope is that [an] escalator over the hill will be that of an “In-former” or perhaps even a “share former” I thought that many blogs were narcissistic and “Me-former”. After blogging for a few weeks I can see that my harsh cynicism perhaps clouded my view of all the fantastic contributions out there in the “great unwashed”  By its very nature I recognise now that I too ran the risk of writing “all about me”.

What I am trying to do in my blog is to tie anything I do write about the world, perhaps a daft recipe or write something that has happened in my life while putting it in to ‘a’ context of a wider event or issue.

I received some criticism about some of my writing.  This was made in particular to my references to some personal experiences I have had recently that  tied into comments I made in a couple of posts .  The critique was fair and balanced.

I want this to blog is to be informative without being heavy.  I intend to be provocative. There is no faint heart here and you notice I do not to write anonymously. So I will not hide within the safety of anonymity

Why [an] escalator over the hill?

About the MastHead picture  the escalator is a metaphor of a life opening with greater ease to new ideas that nestle just over the hill. The trees are representative of shadows cast a dense over growth of an overhanging forest that may keep our minds from light and in perpetual darkness.

Its like Two people [you and me] are standing opposite sides of a hill It might be tall hill or it could be small it doesn’t matter. We can be of any origin looking skywards to see a cloud; the same cloud.  Though it is the same cloud we see because of where we stand we see it differently. Yet it is the same.

The lesson is we all have our view and we have our truth but because we can see something that is the same it doesn’t follow we will not see it differently.

The hill can be an obstruction to seeing the other view and it maybe a ride one does not want to take. The density of the forest may stop us from seeing the light of other ideas. It is a tunnel. The escalator is intended to make the passage less challenging swifter and enjoyable

My hope is that [an] escalator over the hill will provide the ticket to quickly see another concept, another point of view and to be open to a richness of experience that may just lie over the other side.

I want [an] escalator over the hill to challenge and provoke thinking and I invite other views.

There is always more learning and unlearning to be done. There is much understanding and tolerance and compassion to be embraced if we are to indeed make the world a better place. I hope I am able to engage and not disengage and make my contribution to that better place.

Whether we aspire to alternative political thought or appreciate our music but not those of others, “like our stuff but not theirs” and believe we have all the answers we will find the tentacles of narcissism and self-importance slowly start to strangle all that can make this world a much better place.

I do not want write anything behind a veil of anonymity or anything that vilifies any individual unfairly or knowingly discredits because it is a lie

This last point is something that is very important to me and one I have suffered egregiously in the past  Anything I write is open for critique.

Be sure you know your ground because I am known to return fire with interest’

I will not allow any racial or gender vilification.

What I want is:

to share the music from my journey including the earliest times when I have my first recollection of my introduction to music on a 78 disk Davy Crockett which must have been in 1956.”phew” Now that is one  long time ago 🙂

To explore what music I like, what I don’t and why

I want to share contemporary thinking and reading

I want to give some political thought and some social commentary about those ills I see in our society and learn better of those I don’t even know of yet.

I am not an academic. I am just an ordinary working class bloke.  So what I write will be tied to real life experiences and not hinged around some intellectual “mumbo jumbo” that no one really understands. I typically have in mind  economists, political leaders, sociologists and wanker WOKEists

I will write [personally] about my stuff that I hope will make you smile from time to time. I will write about the things kept in my “happy box”

Happy Box you may ask? For some years and inspired by the ABC program Collectors I embarked on a project to locate items from my childhood. ebay has been fantastic for this  Items  that brought me much happiness which include books, boys annuals, comics, toy cars  a picture of my first Bruin and until Zara my first Guide dog puppy, and much more.

Below are some pictures of my Children’s Home

The memorabilia including toys from the 50s and 60s. In this later part of the journey I am mindful of how it was  inspired by Terry Bedford  the recent Director of the BBC series Robin Hood for whom I often baby sat his daughter Katie.

I will write sometimes about my son, my passion for the World game (especially Millwall, Celtic and Scottish Football) Motorcycle racing, old toys I have been collecting, books I read, my Cats and “slow food 4 fast people”.

From time to time I will include Food and cooking which is something I have recently re discovered after almost 5 years of being discouraged from venturing near the stove. My simple approach to cooking was not encouraged in a household focused on appearances and “posh” food.

I may even post the odd pathetic picture of an attempted culinary (tongue in cheek) delight. While I am no Jamie Oliver, Maggie Bear or Rick Stein (whom I am told I sound quite like) I have re discovered I am quite good at cooking.

I am inspired to write by my son “my” old lads [on Facebook] in the UK from the Riverside Youth Club  I ran in London over 30 years ago. One David Jefferies drove me forward to write. Many not all of these boys now well and truly men had a very different taste in music to that of mine and have different political views.

They would be surprised at my diversity of  my music taste today.

However at 16 I recall the influence of a boy a couple of years older at Eltham Green who introduced me to Tamla Motown, Marvin Gaye The Temptations and Smokey Robinson. As such he was probably the biggest single influence on my contemporary taste in music.

The time also collided with James Browns first tour of the UK. I was indeed very fortunate to be taken to see James Brown in Sydney in 2006 by a significant friend at the time.

Today I am blessed with a great collection Contemporary and of Classical music and for the latter I have to thank my Father, his Father and my dear sister. I have a great passion for motorcycles and this is something given to me again by my real Father

Those who know me well will know of my keen interest in Motor Sport mainly in the 60s and  this I believe stems from my first Motor Racing book received for my 8th birthday.

An “escalator over the hill” will be a vehicle to develop and maintain news contact with those children some of the “forgotten ones” who were brought up with me in the National Children’s Home Harpenden (NCH).

We are spread across the globe From New York to Australia. We range from lawyers to even one who went on to be the official historian of probably one of the worlds largest and notorious 1% Motorcycle clubs.

This experience gave me and us all  a sense of comradeship, community and perhaps equipped me with the resilience to handle the challenges of life’s experiences to come..some time it was a close run thing

Key to my life was my house Mother Sister Eva Brooker of over almots 5 years who was a most lovely person and who’s picture (see about me) I have with me always and who sadly I was not able to find before she passed away

Me on the lawn at Harpenden

Having obtained my home records was an incredible part of my journey of discovery and though I was too late to find Sister Eva I thank David Hill for pointing me in the right direction to finding the first book end of my life as the other today 2020is closing a little fast

I am always reminded by the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 1  States..

” All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”.

Article 12

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy,family home or correspondence,nor attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attack.

At the time of creating this blog I learned of the death of my comrade friend and outstanding trombonist Paul Rutherford who had died a couple of years back. Paul had introduced me to ISKRA and the Mike Westbrook band exponents the Avant-garde  “New Jazz”.  The band recorded a 3 record box set of New Jazz. It was called Escalator over the Hill. I still have this in my collection today

From time to time in the annuls of this journal I will mention others who have inspired and continue to inspire me.

There will people from all walks of life include my boys from

the South East End of London, Riverside, Pepys Estate, The NCH, my Friends from Kings Cross Sydney. including Johnny Lewis and Tony Mundine, my Coffee mates at Toby’s Cafe in Wooloomooloo and some of my great friends in Canberra including Mark, Carolyne and Eva who were a tremendous help in my crisis of homelessness in August 2010.

Putting one on Tony Mundine 🙂

So this is a medium including Facebook and twitter where I hope to share my narrative and simple “laddish” stuff with you.

Get on board.  I do hope you will enjoy “an escalator over the hill”

For you to readily recognise a post that might be of interest to you I am going to use a system of logos to represent various topics. Lets see how it works?

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Women Fight World War 1 With Pacifism


Testament_of_Youth_(film)_POSTER and book


#‎InternationalWomensDay‬ MY BEING is driven by my belief in ‪#‎Socialism‬ ‪#‎TradeUnions‬ and all the women in my *upbringing ‪#‎Peace‬

I have been involved in one way or another with the working class and will never cease from aligning myself with the Labour movement which has fought for and often died in the cause of Workers and Working Peoples rights.

Very often we have seen Women taking the lead.

Classic examples being but not limited to


We are taught that Australia was born at Gallipoli but before that Women fought for and won the right to vote by 1911 Isn’t that when Australia was born?


The Story of Emmeline Pankhurst


Women took a leading role against the First World WAR through Women’s
International League for Peace and Freedom and No-Conscription Fellowship

In April 1915, amidst the carnage of surrounding warfare, 1200 women from 12
countries met in The Hague for 3 days to discuss how the war and all wars could be ended.


Catherine E. Marshall (1880-1962) organised an international peace
congress of women at The Hague in 1915

Helen Crawfurd (1877-1954) Daughter of a baker from Glasgow’s Gorbals

Emily Hobhouse (1860-1926) WHO campaigned against the British Government keeping Boer families in concentration camps during the Boer War
( A war one of Grand Fathers fought in as a Scots Guard and later WW1)

Sylvia Pankhurst (1882-1960) Writer and campaigner who linked socialism with women’s rights.

Vera Mary Brittain (1893 -1970 was a British writer and pacifist. Her 1933 book “Testament of Youth” now a film recounted her experiences during the First World War



…and in more CONTEMPORARY times the tailors’ trimmers strike at Ford which was the subject of the film “Dagenham”



Today we face another struggle the threat of Global Warming which threatens all of Humankind but which the conservative right continue to deny but in which we again find Women taking the lead.

Globally we face a crisis of masses of refugees fleeing from essentially MAN  made wars…and who do we find in the vanguard fighting against this injustice in Australia WOMEN

Thank God for our Mothers on International Women’s Day


*I was taken into care on my first birthday due to my Mothers illness and on leaving the Children’s Home 5 years later ironically the day after my 6th birthday I was fortunate to be fostered from time to time with several wonderful Women.

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Who was Putin antagonist Boris Nemtsov



Who was #Putin antagonist Boris #Nemtsov  shot Shot dead (by) four shots from a handgun  in central Moscow?



Banners 2


On the way through this article in each of the images is a question




In the 1990s, Boris Nemtsov was deputy prime minister to the now well-known corrupt Yeltsin Regime

He served in Russia’s Lower House State Duma and upper house Federation Council.





He ignored clear US responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions  calling the war against the Kiev Coup  “Vladimir Putin’s war.”

Before the coup and overthrow of the democratically elected Government of Ukraine in Kiev he openly supported Ukraine’s course toward the EU and NATO…He said….


“by supporting Ukraine, we support ourselves”.


Anyone who has an inkling of Modern Russian History of 2 WORLD Wars and the Civil War and was of intervention knows that nothing could be further from the truth. Russia fears NATO and US expansionism around here borders




Along with *Aleksey Navalny, Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Ryzhkov, and other Putin opponents, he had close financial Western ties. Primarily with State Department funding through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) founded by Ronald Reagan and the backers of the Coup in Ukraine
*See footnote
The NED  advances US interests worldwide and financed Boris Nemtsov


How So Fast




The time of Nemtsov’s killing is both INTERESTING and odd. It was just 24 hours ahead of a planned “opposition” march. So this act would obviously have great impact on the upcoming demonstration called by a nationally failing politician
Up to the  point of Nemtsov’s killing his party held no seats in the Duma (Russian Parliament) and in was polling less than 1% favourability in any opinion polls.
The reality was with Putin riding high in the polls over his handling of the Ukraine crisis something accepted in the west and the “opposition” rally called for MARCH 1 was likely to be a flop.
As a result of the Nemtsov shooting it became memorial rally thus turning an anti-Putin anti Russian pro-Western Wealthy Oligarch into a martyr…But is this title warranted albeit his shooting obviously wasn’t



If indeed this brutal murder is professional contract murder or Political assassination there are some matters that do not add up
You have to ask why a professional hitman would would leave expended cartridge cases behind Assassins either clean up or in partnership with a cleaner remove spent cartridges
So you are left with 2 possibilities
1) Have [they] been left behind [planted] deliberately to link to another weapon or weapons and other unconnected people ?

2) Is this a low level amateur attack which implies a domestic or perhaps rival commercial interested party




The West cries out for ONE man while for example Obama ignores the murder of the trade unionists in Odessa


Obama called the killing “an act of a Serial-killer or unindited war criminal
Obama went on to describe him as “a tireless advocate for his country, seeking for his fellow Russian citizens the rights to which all people are entitled.” Perhaps like those victims of Police brutality in the US today or the 1/5 innocent victims of US Global drone attacks
Was Obama referring to all those 83% of Russians currently showing support for Putin and Russia over the UKRAINE
Obama went on…..
“I admired Nemtsov’s courageous dedication to the struggle against corruption in Russia and appreciated his willingness to share his candid views with me when we met in Moscow in 2009.” (The fact is that Nemtsov as Yeltsins deputy oversaw the wholsale robbery of the Soviet State assets and GAVE THEM  to a few TODAY fabulously wealthy individuals and destroyed the financial savings of Russian pensioners in the 90S )


Obama again…….


“The Russian people…have lost one of the most dedicated and eloquent defenders of their rights.”



Nemtsov was  Western financed but  the timing of his killing has all the earmarks of a staged “false flag” to discredit and provoke conflict within Russia.

 Mikhail Gorbachev called his killing “an attempt to complicate the situation in the country, even to destabilise it by ratcheting up tensions between the government and the opposition.”


Ask 3



Putin had nothing to gain from this! But certainly others do! The situation behind the scenes is not unlike like the shootings in the prelude to the Kiev Coup and the admitted US financing of it have everything to gain from destabilising Russia from the inside
If Putin wanted Nemtsov dead, it’s inconceivable he’d order a Mafia-style contract killing. An “unfortunate” plane car crash simple abduction or poisoning him would have made more sense.
Nemtsov’s  gunning down in central Moscow as a political assassination would be idiotic as per the outcome of  what we see today.



Clearly Nemtsov’ FADING STAR is more valuable to the US DEAD.


Obama wants war, not peace. He wants destabilizing regime change in Russia – perhaps by nuclear war if  the US can provoke Russia in Ukraine and gift the Pentagon Hawks waiting get their way other methods fail.



The London Times

“the doors are now closing on the vision of a pluralistic political system of the type (Nemtsov) said he wanted for Russia.”

Called him a “dashing, handsome young politician….. often touted as an heir apparent to THE Drunk (Boris) Yeltsin.”
It quoted a discredited opposition figure *Gennady Gudkov saying “they have started to kill ‘enemies of the people.’ Mr. Nemtsov is dead. Who is next?”

*See footnotes

The Washington Post

Call his murder “another dark sign for Russia.” saying he “was a courageous Russian politician who never gave up on the dream that the country could make the transition from dictatorship to liberal democracy.”
Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal claimed”in the gangster state that is Vladimir Putin’s Russia, we may never learn who shot Boris Nemtsov in Moscow late Friday night.”

They absurdly claim that Nemtsov the 1 percenter ” might have steered Russia toward a decent future had he been given a chance.”

“Instead, he was fated to become a courageous voice for democracy and human rights who risked his life to alert an indifferent West to the dangers of doing business with the man in the Kremlin.”


Ask 4

The most likely truth is Nemtsov’s killing is Washington’s and Nulands boldest attempt after Kiev to put into operation a longstanding regime change strategy. The US have the history of doing this since the end of the Second World War.

In November 2005, the US Congress approved four million dollar in the 2006 budget for the development of political parties in Russia

Just go check if you want to know more

As for the Russian people their overwhelming support for Putin shows flat rejection of what Washington has in mind for their Mother Country as does the muted response to the killing

Gennady Gudkov

A Russian Politician who was expelled from the Party he created and the Russian Parliament for corrupt practices An request for investigation into his financial activities was signed by all factions in the Duma; Just Russia, the ruling United Russia Party , the Communist Party, and the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR)]


Aleksey Navalny:

Received a suspended 3.5 year sentence for embezzling over $500,000 from cosmetics company Yves Rocher.


Vladimir Ryzhkov:

Came to prominence 1993 as a State Duma member of Russia’s Choice; a party headed by Yegor Gaidar. The principal architect of the Yeltsin-era “shock therapy” that GAVE huge sectors of Soviet State assets to a few now fabulously wealthy individuals. Since then he has conducted via Moscow Times owned by one of Finland’s richest men, Aatos Erkko a concerted campaign against Russia


Garry Kasparov:

Is a US Citizen whose net worth is estimated to be over $150,000,000 US dollars Kasparov is allied with US far Right not only in ideology but also in organisational terms. He is a member of the National Security Advisory Council (NSAC) of the mili­tarist think tank Centre for Security Policy (CSP) led by Frank Gaffney (protégé of Richard Perle of Iraq fame). The Council’s members include right wing intellectuals, former govern­ment officials, retired generals and and representatives of the armaments industry.

Kasparov has in past associations with Edward Limonov National Bolshevist Party of Russia (NBP), whose flag recalls that of the Nazis (white circle in a red flag contains not a swastika but a hammer and sickle), and anti-Jews such as Victor Anpilov of the Trudovaya Rossia Party

After personal interaction with Kasparov I can say I find him odd

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#‎Video‬ Battle For ‪#‎Donetsk‬ Airport a film by Maxim Fadeyev.

War is War

This documentary is a journal of 2 days of battle

You will meet a Miner who has been fighting just 6 weeks

A Georgian.

You will meet ordinary workers who answered the call to defend their land from the NAZI Coup plotters of Kiev.

A young lad calling for more help.

There is the constant radio chatter and the participants call signs.

There is no romance here It’s dirty its cold and it is brutal.


The sound track is music by Richter On the Nature of Daylight from the Album The Blue Notebooks and the violinist is Louisa Fuller.

Max Richter Blue Notebooks

Hailed as the most influential composer of his generation, electro-acoustic polymath Max Richter defies definition: composer he may be, but he is also pianist, producer, remixer, and collaborator, and beyond argument one of the most prolific of contemporary musical artists.


Inspired equally by Bach, punk rock and ambient electronica, Richter’s sonic world blends a formal classical training (he graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, and was a pupil of renowned composer Luciano Berio) with modern technology, in a strain of heartbroken melodicism that bridges the minimalist greats such as Reich, Glass and Pärt with the pioneering electronics of Eno and Kraftwerk .

Time Out has remarked on the ‘overwhelming emotional power’ of his work, the New Statesman has noted its ‘astonishing depth and beauty’ while Classic FM and Pitchfork have called it ‘stunning’ and The Guardian ‘languorously transcendent’.

Please reflect on your Governments silent participation in the wanton killing of civilians by Proshenko…..

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MH17 2 in 1










Buk-M1″ system is made up of 4 vehicles – An 9S47OM1 (command vehicle), SOC 9S18M1 (target detection), SDA 9A310M1 (self-propelled fire installation) and ROM 9A39M1 (loading vehicle), The “Buk-M1” is a complex, system that requires of these units to work The idea that a single vehicle ie the rocket platform can work without the command and radar unit is absurd




“Buk-M1” SOC 9S18M1 (target detection) vehicle scans the designated zone The target acquisition information is vectored and then directed to An 9S47OM1 (command vehicle), At this point the target is unknown together with other craft in the zone being observed.

The information is processed and calculations including timing with a goal. Target is then fixed it on the radar. Now target acquisition (target capture) is performed.


With Target capture the [bombardier] team act to prepare for launch with SDA 9A310M1 (self-propelled fire vehicle) Now coordinating all the information and all the complexities of the system a manual command given by Unit command to eliminate and focus on the target(s).


CRITICAL: A BUK IS NOT LIKE A ***GRAD (Katusha); That is stand alone!

It should also be firmly noted the Buk system in question is an 9K37-1 Buk-1 system  not a LATER  SA-17 Grizzly Buk 2


A BUK SDA-9A310M1 is an integrated firing system….. It is not LIKE  stand alone battery’s such as a


9K33 Osa, Though this also operates as a battery of 4 -6 vehicles


9K35M3 Strela-10M3 This is an interesting vehicle that first entered service in the Soviet Union in 1976 but has been subject of claims that the Russians have supplied this “advanced weapon” to  the the armies of Donetsk and Lugansk


It cannot operate like other **standalone battle platforms such as



BM Smerch or


BM-27 Uragan which launch missiles anywhere on the battlefield.



The Buk simply cannot operate effectively in “Theater” standalone. Moreover to cover the distance involved on the day of MH 17 (unless the commander was pre warned) it would require a blanket of acquisition radar vehicles to cover and to observe the airspace. It has to be linked into a wider air defense system!


Failure to have enough units to do so would reduce the 4 vehicle (sometimes 6) BUK battery to an almost useless  *“defence shield “ However in a case of direct attack from example a ground attack fighter in line of sight there is a possibility the crew would launch  a salvo as a  “last resort”  defense.

Important without the  accurate target tracking and engagement of the SOC 9S18M1 (target detection) vehicle to provide “beyond visual range” targeting  a success is very unlikely.

In summary a single  unit cannot act as an autonomous Transporter, Launcher, And Radar unit (TLAR)

All evidence to hand shows that the Buk was not the system that sho down MH17 and certainly not a stand alone vehicle in the hands of an untrained crew; remembering the conflict at the time of alleged launch was just a couple of months.



While focus has been on the delivery system none appears to be ABOUT the missile. The most likely is  either the 9М38 or 9М38M1 both of which detonate automatically when the distance to the target becomes smaller than a predetermined value.

The missile finds its way to the target  with Semi-active radar homing (SARH) Also needed is homing method chosen was proportional navigation. This requires expertise FOR IT TO WORK it requires  a signal to be sent from the SOC 9S18M1 (target detection) vehicle to illuminate opertrator to identify target and wave to reflect  off the target back to the missile. The missile continues to its prey. All this has to take place in matter of moments.

Remember we are talking ABOUT an untrained crew





BUK 312

In previous posts I have proven WITH VIDEO and independent picture the BUK 9A310M1 Self-propelled firing platform 312 alleged to have singly fired at MH17 was deployed in March and May 2014 by the Ukraine Forces along with 321



None of the above dispenses with the most likely cause of the MH17 disaster being caused by a Ukraine Fighter Bomber SU25….which contrary to UAF denials is capable of flying above 30,000 feet….This has also been explained here in an earlier posts here and on Facebook



See this article for a comprehensive look at the event . All the evidence points to an air to air missile fired from a Ukrainian Fighter



A Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 A Tu-154 civilian aircraft WAS SHOT DOWN BY Ukraine KILLING 66 over the Black Sea in 4 October 2001. Ukrainian authorities denied any involvement on the part of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.   Finally irrefutable evidence proved  Kiev to be guilty of downing it with a missile. Ukraine finally admitted this shootdown as being an accident 9 days later. Israel (Ariel Sharon) had accused Kiev of being uncooperative in getting to the cause of the catastrophe!…….Does this all sound familiar

However in January 2011 Ukrainian specialists then claimed the aircraft could have been destroyed by an outside explosion and also by a bomb installed between the outer fuselage and inner panels of the passenger compartment.


**See use of SAM systems in Vietnam and Yom Kippour



*** GRAD

A single Grad is highly mobile and one cannot ignore the probability a Ukraine army “black opp’ team deployed to launch missiles ( max range 20kms min 1.5 ) at Mariupol firing close to or behind front lines to implicate LNR DNR forces.






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WarCrime” #‎Auspol‬ ‪#‎TonyAbbott


Time to VISIT  this again about ‪#‎MH17‬ ‪#‎Russia‬ and ‪#‎Ukraine‬ Read carefully scrutinise the images and watch the videos


IF it was not a ‪#‎Ukraine‬ ‪#‎SU25‬ that shot down ‪#‎MH17‬ These 2 videos SHOW WHO CONTROLLED THE SAMS (the Buk Rocket battery) that have been identified as having been responsible for shooting the Boeing down.


Either way all evidence not limited to this post the montage above or the video within on the BUK 312 and 321 or BYK… points to the Ukraine and Poroshenko

Both 321 and 312 have been identified  as deployed with the UKRAINE ARMY while 312 is alleged to have been the battery that shot down MH17.


It is conclusive Neither could have come from Russia ….and if it was to claimed that they are a SAM battery that must have fallen into Pro Separatist hands this has never been claimed  The time has long passed for that excuse


Ukraine Buk 321 Meme


These videos and the AP picture above of 321 prove that both were in Ukraine Army control and 312 was not from Russia



BUK May 17



NOTE: I first published this youtube video

to my facebook July 21


It has been removed but the following is what I wrote to go with the video which was from Ukrainian Army …..I have quite a collection of YouTube videos that are being removed that are from Ukraine and implicate Ukraine in the downing of MH17 and other acts of cruelty

*(At the foot of this post is a list of video all Russian Language that I was using for reference that have been taken down by Youtube


“BUK312 is seen again as the 2nd vehicle in this video with the Ukraine Army in the field near Lugansk

Remember 312 was identified as one of 3 BUKs (Gadflys) M1s that entered Ukraine from Russia last week with 312 shown on TV channels as leaving on a low loader back to Russia minus 2 missiles.

We know it wasn’t on its way to Russia; all  the evidence has  shown this was not the case….but however you look the propaganda  it obvious”

The low loader picture below has been used to allege it was on this vehicle and on its way back to Russia. If you accept that the missile vehicle is part of a *4 vehicle operating unit system, and that the video evidence provided is of the same battery there is only one of two conclusions to be drawn and a question asked

QUESTION: These systems include full launching, loading and radio location units. Where were they Why no evidence of those on their way back to Russia?







According to Janes  an SA-11  or ‘BUK’ M1 missile system, requires 5 minutes set-up active targeting, followed by an additional 22 seconds ‘reaction time’ for target acquisition vectoring and firing. MH17 was only visible for little over a minute .This means it was being tracked “over the horizon” and a deliberate not mistake to be shot down. Therefore one must where is the M1 (NOT M2) tracking unit?


It is very clear  who theBUK (312) belonged to….

It was part of the Ukraine Fascist Army The evidence is irrefutable once you match the 312 WITH 321 both in the same Ukraine army unit


WAS An SU25 The Vampire?

This then takes us to the probability it was an SU25 which contrary to ignorance is capable of flying at and above a modern  business class jet that  are flying  the skies today at 30k plus  on much less thrust to weight ratio….. that’s with leather chairs, hookers and tons of booze on board. A dedicated  military jet is  suddenly not capable of doing that just because it does not fit the propaganda.

In 1948  A tiny Vampire jet (operationally equal to the SU25  purpose as  a Fighter-Bomber) was able to break the World altitude Record at 59,446 ft (18,119 m) though its  initial Service ceiling was UNPRESSURISED : 42,800 ft (13,045 m)


Flight of Vampires that were the first jets to fly non stop over the Atlantic and broke the world altitude record in 1948

Flight of Vampires that were the first jets to fly non stop over the Atlantic and broke the world altitude record in 1948

The altitude record for an unpressurized aircraft is  50600 ft and U2 Spy planes were unpressurised So pressurisation or non pressurisation of the SU25 is a distraction and irrelevant

Any idea that an SU 25 today modified or unmodified lightened or unlightened could not reach 33,000 feet is absurd.

Several aircraft publications including but not limited to

1) “Flugzeuge der Welt” by W. Green (1984), essentially quotes  facts of the military aircraft

2) “Janes Manual” (used for  NATO reference) page 208 f.

identify  the maximum flight altitude of SU 25 @ 35,000 ft (10,670 m)  The performance of the SU 25 will have been upgraded since that time






Dutch interim report says “multiple high-speed objects hit cockpit, leaving multiple holes and leading to breakup of jet.” An airliner is hermetically sealed pressurised chamber, a few well place shots from  cannon explosions will, increase the pressure inside the cabin to an extreme level causing it to explode 

The pot marked segment of cockpit ABOVE suggests this is what occurred and caused as reported by the Dutch Safty Report “a catastrophic explosion”.


*Youtube Censorship

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#‎Ukraine‬ THE GREAT CONSPIRACY AGAINST ‪#‎RUSSIA‬ ‪#‎Donetsk‬ ‪#‎Lugansk‬

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It is over 2,500 words so a big read

Novo Russia Aims to enhance liberty, dignity and integrity for its people





Russia will not be trapped into War and so far Lavrov has been immensely smart in his international dealings. Both Putin and Lavrov have a key responsibility to act in the interests of the people of the Russian Federation first and foremost.

You must understand that Russia after the loses of 2 world wars simply cannot recklessly (capable or not) enter into another mass war. She owes that to her citizens.




ANNEX 2 of the Budapest Joint Declaration accord signed at the Conference of Security and Cooperation in Europe 1994 affords Russia a right to intervene based on the following guarantee
“ people in this area [Ukraine] are not subjected to the threat of military force or other undesirable consequences of excessive Nationalism or Chauvinism.”

The above is further underscored in the same agreement with agreement for the formation of…
“a security system based on political partnership that embraces all the CSEC States.”

Another fundamental aim of the Budapest accord was the
“building of economic security in an undivided Europe”. Obviously the advance of NATO and any inclusion of Ukraine is in clear breach of this

On the basis of the above accord one you can argue Russia could intervene more directly militarily and you would be correct and she did in Crimea which was most critical to her security ….

However a concerted effort must be made to exhaust all political possibilities . Russia is pursuing and must the greater need for maintaining Peace in Europe!

On the diplomatic front it would appear Merkle, Holland and certainly Cameron are increasingly under pressure domestically to back off from any idea of military action and increasing THE French German and British people refer back to their adventure failures in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

In countering the MSM and ruling western elites propaganda our time CITIZEN JOURNALISTS would be more usefully spent combating this than dissecting a clash of some frankly minor internal ( in context) dispute blown up in the Western Media within DPR and or LPR.

So seeking a political settlement with guarantees or right of franchise, culture and language and peace allowing the return home for all the DPR LPR refugees is the priority. Does this take place within a newly federated Ukraine who knows? Like any negotiation one has a starting point and the brokering of any agreement has to be explored to avoid possible further escalation of War.

This makes political sense and this battle is also for the hearts and minds of those residing in the NATO countries.

In respect of Federation Zakhcarchenko said in August no ! However it will be decision that has to be made by all the representative and people of DPR LPR not just a few “gun ho” adventurists. Without a doubt the ordinary folk people would like a political path away from more conflict This is the impression I get from Graham Philips.

We hear about betrayal by Putin and Russia. Let first state I am no supporter of Putin politically as I am a Socialist …but…….



Russia acted swiftly to circumvent another NATO or US base in Crimea Slowly the US has been deploying an ever tightening noose around Russia. The Russians wrong footed the Americans to secure their borders and maintain some access to the Mediterranean and their only warm water port in Syria.

The US have been trying to trap Moscow into a war that the Americans currently leading in the Pentagon truly believe they can win



1) Nuclear War is indeed winnable and the threat of mutual destruction no longer applies in the present The Us really believe this but THEY SEE THE OPPORTUNITY CLOSING FAST AS Russia rebuilds it forces after the debacle of the Yeltsin years and the rundown of the Russian Military deterrent

2) That any FUTURE war will be primarily confined to the European theatre. Consequently the US will be quite reckless…Libya Iraq Somalia Afghanistan are recent examples.

3) The US stands to gain as she did in WW1 and imperialist WW2 ( respect to the Great Patriotic War) a full-scale conventional war will turn Europe into a battlefield and the rebuilding of which will as the 2 other engagements referred to benefits the USA economically…while having made lame the “Russian Bruin”.

Attention is then drawn to the Pacific Rim…which is why Ukraine is such a threat to World Peace.





Mosogovy shows all the traits of an Ultra Leftist while conversely Strelkov is clearly of the Russian Nationalist Far Right.

Mosogovy’s failure to understand the need to attempt to seek a political settlement show a n ignorance to World Peace and the real threat of Nuclear War Those here who don’t see WW3 as a reality are equally blind

As evidence from the Budapest accord Minsk was not a betrayal but a carefully though through attempt to find a political solution in line with the aspirations of the Dontesk and Lugansk people

Mosogovy shows either a nativity or complete lack of a grasp of strategic Military and Political thought. Or perhaps he wanted in the event of failure to create the scenario where Russia was forced to intervene like China in Korea.



“Good judgment seeks balance and progress; lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration… “

I accuse Mosgovy of “Ultra leftism” Let me qualify I have no idea of his ideological beliefs as they remain unstated other than the utterances of his many video Motherhood statements …

However he shows the traits that was a failure of the United Front in the Spanish Civil War 1936 AND Germany in the 30s

Then both the Anarchists and Trotskyist factions refused to submit to a central Army command or central organising body; being more concerned with a pursuit of sectarian “Revolution” than a defeat of Fascism. This often included personal gain which are the implications of the Batman saga.

This was sadly an error of the German Communist Party and Spatarkists who refused to join with the Social Democrats in opposition the National Socialists. This was fuelled by the reactionary position taken by the Social Democrats earlier siding with the Capitalists and Frei Corps in the suppressing of the German Revolution. What they failed to see then and again today was that the conditions had dramatically changed … Mosgovy is guilty of this today.



Had the advance continued on to to the streets of Kiev or further to Lviv as Mosgovy claims it should have he shows a lack of history Did he really expect that there would not have been a wholesale mobilisation of Fascist and Nazi Forces. Did he not see a fully resurgent vehicle previously known as the Ukraine Insurgent Army which estimates shown in 1944 was over 200,000 strong that fought a protracted War until 1949 THE UIA EMBLEM WAS there to see on the front lines at the Maidan


The Ukraine Insurgent Army conducted war against Soviet forces and then carried out programs against Jews and Russian peasants in 1941. For ease see 1958 Film “Come and See” At the Great Patriotic Wars end action was continued (with the support of the US) with a guerrilla War against the Soviets from 1944 – 1949 Similar occurred against the Polish Army from both the UIA and the Polish Fascist underground. See the 1958 film “Ashes to Diamonds” by Andrzej Wajda


Did Mozgovy expect this wouldn’t happen? There was no certainty of this advance as success as separatist’s forces advanced on Kiev or further West Livi.

There was a real risk over stepping the reach logistically …and then what? What if the people on mass didn’t rise?



So to Strelkov There isn’t much to be written that hasn’t already been said and done Strelkov is a manic Imperialist White Guardist Monarchist demagogue. Without shame he believes in a return to pre Revolutionary Russia and more importantly the developing of a cult of HIS personality.

After Sloviansk it was clear he was to be gone. He arrived as an opportunist and as a man of some considerable charisma and charm was able to fool some of the people.. but not all. I mean can you really take someone so seriously who dresses up in pre-revolutionary Tsarist Uniforms and states an admiration for General Vlasov as a patriot and thus for being anti-communist.

I liken both Mosogovy’s and Strelkov’s behaviour and mind-set to that of Trotsky and his refusal to sign a peace treaty with Germans in 1918. This refusal then endangered the young Soviet Republic.

I also liken them both to those misguided leftists who undermined the Spanish republic which saw the necessity of the Republican army fighting a fifth column in the rear. Those forces leaders were in the interests of military accord and discipline shot….some summarily. It is abhorrent to our sense of justice and fair play but war is war and if you break ranks the consequences of not acting are devastating.

You can read I am not here to win friends but to share a brutal truth about WAR

The Batman allegations which I have only tuned into in the past day are also being driven by The Volokh Conspiracy on twitter

Who is Vollokh Conspiracy an online magazine run by Eugene Volokh who teaches free speech law, religious freedom law, church-state relations law, a First Amendment Amicus Brief Clinic, and tort law, at UCLA School of Law, criminal law, and a seminar on firearms regulation policy.

So there you have it  US leading the way.

So a quick look the BATMAN issue as stated above in August Zakhcarchenko DPR made it clear all militias were to be united under one central command structure. In LPR the aim is the same and Batman was to be no exception but is just the tip of an ice burg.

Batman like Strelkov and Mozgovy just didn’t get the BIG Picture and all refuse the discipline of a centralised Military Command with strategic objectives. Any disciplined soldier understands this….In theatre the structure must operate as a homogenous unit.



We have the Cossacks who decided to set up their own republic within the LPR under the leadership of a Kozitsin. Kozitsin was expelled from Lugansk (with Strelkov Donetsk ) for refusing to accept a central army command .

Allegedly Kozitsyna was accused, of looting, theft of coal and its sale to representatives of Ukraine. Is this true? Who knows He had declared his own republic which can only be considered divisive (remember Spain 1936)

Shortly after leaving in early December Cossacks loyal to Kozitsin e were invited to join the ranks of people’s militia now being organised along professional army lines . An agreement was reached apparently that the government would be united and there will be no Cossack republic. It was agreed LC should be “one people’s power. ”

This agreement was immediately broken by the Cossacks thus undermining the Army structure They are supported and incidentally follow the same imperial line of orthodoxy as Strelkov.

Later in December Yevgeny Ishchenko a Cossack leader in a video threatened to turn their guns on the LPR Militia “we can deploy our weapons in the other direction, and then it will be very hot”

So scenes (like that with Batman) are set A Confrontation was obviously being provoked.

This is a mirror to Spain 1936 and a “fifth column” is at work behind the lines.



This Factional fighting in the LPR ONLY works in the interest of Kiev., It weakens the position of the republic (including its leadership in the eyes of the local population), It provides a fertile ground for a possible Ukraine attack and gives another reason to not recognize the participation of LPR in peaceful negotiations and it forces the young government to act decisively and brutally against dissent.

The Cossacks were given a choice (as I imagine Batman was) to
a) Either serve in the army but in a specific Cossack regiment so maintaining their cultural identity or b) to disarm and take up farming.

To date this appears to have been ignored or so it seems.

They were threatened that “appropriate legal measures would be taken” on refusal

Anyone with a modicum of military prowess this was an impossible position for a young republic to accept



It would be of more value it some of the people here in this thread were to focus on combating the mass of misinformation lies and propaganda that spews forth daily from the Western controlled media and lackeys on social media.

This is a critical fight to win.



Inroads are being made daily and I will claim to have brought together some of the most compelling evidence that if MH17 was to have been brought down by a SAM the rocket battery was in the possession of the Ukraine Rocket Forces in March May and earlier in July 2014

As for Donetsk and Lugansk people let them decide.



There are many out there supposedly pro Novorossiya who have attacked me for exposing Strelkov in particular on Twitter. At other time you should be aware that the forces on social media operate in very smart way by promoting a pro DPR or LPR positions but drop amongst their Blog posts or tweets material clearly subversive but outstanding fiction and misinformation something “will throw in something fishy”…..

They are the ones who have emblazoned across their Mastheads Imperial Russian Eagles festooned with St George Ribbons to add credibility. (Before Ukraine it was the Syrian Eagle and 2 Star Flag same) When questioned and later exposed they will be massively defensive They will have the hide to actually accuse one of being Pro Ukraine Nazi and while pinging others come troll.

If you think the reactionary forces would not infiltrate in this way think again.

I write as there is a deepening crisis in Europe with a rise in Nazism and across the World with US Militarism…….


……something Eisenhower warned against in 1961 “we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

As you may read I didn’t write here to endear myself to you. I am here to call a spade a shovel

I write because there is today a Great Conspiracy against Russia and not because I am a fan of Putin

I write because the Russian people have suffered so much at the hands of imperialism WW1 Western Government interventionists in the Russian Civil War and the huge sacrifices made in the Great Patriotic War.

I do so in memory of 2 family members who fought in Spain

For an Uncle an RAF Group Captain born in Russia 1911 who flew in the Battle of Britain and also in the Soviet Union with the RAF in the War (Murmansk) and with a small RAF squadron deployed resisting operation Barbarossa after the destruction of the Soviet Airforce. Another  Uncle by Proxy an Austrian Jew and MI6  agent ( also uncle to Marianne Faithful the singer) was parachuted behind lines in the Balkans to fight with Tito’s Partisans

I write this for my 2 Grand Fathers both from WW1 one in the Royal Artillery who became a pacifist and my other who was a Scots Guard in India, Boar War and in the Weston Front trenches.

My knowledge is drawn from all of them and my own brief association with the Royal Artillery

I have studied modern Political and Military history extensively and been to both the Soviet Union and Russia after the collapse.

So all dear Armchair GENERALS I suggest you go play War-games with your Xboxes or PS4s

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politics                UKRAINE THE FIGHT AGAINST FASCISM A SERIES #3 MH17 Part 2

BUK May 17


Here is more Video evidence that #BUK312 was deployed with the Ukraine Army  in May 2014

It is seen again as the 2nd vehicle in the video at the foot of this article

Though clear evidence is emerging that MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian Fighter Jet; followers to my twitter feed know that on July 19 I stated after seeing a BBC (on ABC and SBS ) report that eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a small jet leaving the vicinity of the airborne explosion.



This report has since been removed by the BBC from their website and both ABC and SBS now refuse to acknowledge its existence on their news channels


Followers to my twitter feed will have seen on July 19 my report of the eyewitness report and my speculation it was one of 2 SU 27s. The most recent evidence shows it was an SU25.


Remember 312 was identified as one of 3 BUK M1s (Gadflys) that entered Ukraine from Russia a week before the attack on MH17. 312 then shown  on TV channels as leaving on a low loader back to Russia minus 2 missiles.

What is ridiculous about this is that a battery of M1s require a column of support vehicles

A Radar Unit and field Communications van,

A Vehicle for the crew  (what were the crew traveling in on the low loader)

A munitions missile re supply vehicle

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First published on my Facebook page July 21 2014.

That there were 3 BUKs that crossed from Russia.

The picture in the bottom left in the collage was alleged in Western Media to show 3 BUKs crossing from Russia into Ukraine.


As you can see from video dated  March 2014 from inside the Ukraine the BUK now said to have fired missile is part of Ukraine Military inventory !

NOTE: As tweeted by me July 19  the suspicion of a Jet Fighter being involved which was later raised in a press conference by the Russian military 4 days later  July 23. My suspicions were based on eye-witness accounts reported on 2 Australian TV in News programs on the ABC and SBS Channels

The Evidence 2


This is the same system that shot down a Russian Passenger Jet in 2001. In the comments you can read the boast of the UKRAINIANS emphasising their ability to shoot down a passenger [Russian] aircraft



YES Bring on the investigation and in the meantime the Ukraine Government continue to bombard and kill  civilians and now makes a huge push the gain control of the “crash” site with the probable purpose  of “Cleaning up”  that is hiding or getting rid of evidence.

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#Children burned alive in #Odessa #Fires #WarCrime #CrimesagainstHumanity


politics         A FIREFIGHTERS ACCOUNT: OF A CRIME Posted to facebook May 17  2014



1944 to 2014

1944 to 2014

Here is the account of Vladimir Bodelan Chief Fire Officer who led the entire operation to combat the Fire at House of Trade Unions Odessa May 2 2014

Officer Bodelan was in attendance from the very beginning and supervised attempts to rescue the people trapped in side Trade Unions Building

The story starts with one of the first Fire Pumpers/Engines to arrive on the scene that was hijacked by the Fascists

Officer Bodelan does not believe the deaths were primarily caused by the fire but were deliberately gassed and many beaten

Here is a rough translation of his article In [ brackets are inclusions of mine]


Here is Officer Bodelan account of the circumstances surrounding…… the fire at the House of Trade Unions Odessa……..

………”I heard lot of different versions of what happened at the scene of Kulikovo May 2. A lot of comments and accusations [ARE MADE] about various law enforcement agencies , including the management GSCHS in the Odessa region of which I am chairperson.

It all started at the city center , at lunch a 101 call reported vehicle fire on Greek Street .

About the beginning of the carnage; nothing was known. Just 4 minutes after the call was recived the fire brigade arrived. After arriving on site there was a group of 50 young men who blocked and surrounded the vehicle and attack the fire

They pulled the driver out of the car , threatening violence if they were not given the keys . After that and with flags of Ukraine left on itthey left with it.

In the future, our Fire Truck was used by these people as a battering ram in the street riots . Our appeals and requests for its return were ignored .

Everyone has seen what happened and remains of the fire engine. Thank God that rescuers were not injured.

At the end of the fighting on the Greek , the whole crowd rushed to the Kulikovo park.

I am the chief of the mountains management of GSCHS and at once drove a fire truck to the House of Trade Unions The time arrival at 19:31 in response to the first calls about the tents on fire fire tents and military confrontation.



At the time of our arrival, burned tents Located in the center of the square was a fierce battle , but there was no threat to people’s lives from the burning tents.

Entrance to the building was blocked from all side sides continued shooting and throwing firebombs .

I tried to find the police for safe operation of the rescue organisation , as the main entrance just began a fire.

Once noticed that cold building threw on some sticks lit tire himself scored quickly and gave the command to advance our units. This was at 19:58 .

Even before the [ANY FIRE?] smoke in premises or carbon monoxide , I noticed that the windows of the buildings were opening……with people attempting to breathe fresh air. [I do not know] from what was it so hard to breathe? I can not answer , but this it was not just the smoke from the fire , 100% sure.!


By the time OUR vehicle arrived  despite seeing fire in the building ,they continued to throw petrol bombs and shoot at the windows .

A crowd of thousands made it impossible a fire truck to access for a long time .

The worst thing in this situation is that fire brigades arrived at the scene in time , could not start fire suppression due to resistance of the attackers. Until this is one of our vehicle was seized by unknown people and previously there was perfect attempt (time)to enter the (building on fire) arive to rescue at the scene … brigades immediately subjected to the attack of hostile groups who stopped them forward and tried to repeat the rescue,capture . Precious time was spent trying to get through to the House of Trade Unions.

I was forced to negotiate with the activists , I thought the fighters group leaders would give us peace and work freely , as all my calls literally pleading to strengthen police presence to ensure the work of rescuers at the time [had come] to no avail .

Davie Note:[  the Police ignored call to protect the Fire Fighters]

Shooting was not coming from the building as the drama unfolded.

During our negotiations which detained us , one vehicle made its way to the rear of the building and the unit arrived to fight fight with the fire [and] started to rescue people . At 20:09 unit began evacuation and fire fighting . If they do not, the result of the events on May 2 would be even more terrifying.

When it became clear that the building had far more people trapped inside than initially thought, I called for more strength and ladders to evacuate people . This was at 20:10 .


After 6 minutes arrived tank ladder and [extended] to taking people out of the building , removal and evacuation of affected people by ladder . By this time, the crowd parted ( thinned?) began to help some people out of the building. Despite the fact that the shooting continued at building , firefighters did everything they could . In extinguishing the fire and rescuing people involved more than 50 rescuers , including two of my deputies , who themselves went to the fire and evacuate ladders the affected from the ????? floors .

Our rescuers carried on and saved more than 350 people . Risking injury , they gave their victims oxygen masks are covered by the aggressive crowd.

I will not bow down to the political discussions of the incident , but the horror that was happening with the rescued men, when they were at ground ,

I can not remain silent . They were beaten so much so that other people who were still in the building , refused to leave . The fire was extinguished in 45 minutes and I am grateful to those who heard us and helped us in saving lives .

And now some more details of what happened . There was Fire main flight of stairs by the first two floors in literally a matter of seconds , which was followed by some ?????and it was evident that from cotton instantly fading fire. And at this time on the ground were a few people jumped out of the building by the back door .


Most of them were still alive , and even on their feet leaving this place. But just a couple to 10 meters fell unconscious, and more of the tragic outcome is known to all .

It is Important to me as well as all interested people to understand who and why it was such a terrible need to hold responsible of the murder.

I’m sure that 99.9 % of people were killed in the building trade unions in seconds instead of choking on smoke or toxic fumes from the fire. But there is forensics and wait their findings .

To the question why firefighters were not present on the area from the beginning of the first burn of tents and throwing of bottles , lighters ,I try to explain the following functions of public service and its units are covered with Code of Civil Protection .

We can not eliminate fires and work in the midst of fighting , endangering the lives of rescuers who every day risk losing it [their lives]

I have worked for 4 years of work in the MOE seen so many dead people I can not forget any of them . But what happened on  is unbelievable.


Burnt Tade Unionist 2


Я много слышу различных версий произошедшего на Куликовом поле второго мая, много комментариев и обвинений к различным силовым структурам, включая управление ГСЧС в Одесской области, которое я возглавляю.
Все началось с центра города, в обед на телефон 101 поступило сообщение о возгорании автомобиля на улице Греческой. О начале побоища еще ничего не было известно. Буквально через 4 минуты на место вызова прибыл пожарный расчет на пожарном автомобиле. На месте вызова пожара не было, но была группа молодых ребят, более 50 человек, которые преградили возможность машине уехать. Выставили пожарных и силой вытащили водителя из машины, угрожая расправой, если не отдаст ключи. После чего с флагами Украины уехали на ней.

В дальнейшем наш пожарный автомобиль использовался этими людьми, как таран в уличных беспорядках. На наши обращения, просьбы они не обращали ни малейшего внимания. Что осталось от пожарного автомобиля, я думаю все видели. Слава Богу, что спасатели не пострадали. По окончанию боев на Греческой, вся толпа ринулась на Куликовое поле.

Я с начальником гор управления ГСЧС, как только забрали пожарную машину, выехали к Дому профсоюзов, к этому времени в 19:31 поступили первые звонки о возгорании палаток и силовом противостоянии.
На момент нашего приезда горели палатки. расположенные в центре площади, шел ожесточенный бой, но угрозы жизням людей от горевших палаток не было. Вход в здание был забарикадирован, с обеих сторон продолжалась стрельба, летели бутылки с зажигательной смесью.
Я попытался найти милицию для организации безопасной работы спасателей, так как у центрального входа только начиналось возгорание. Как только заметил, что в хол здания закинули на палках несколько зажженных покрышек, сам набрал оперативного и дал команду на выдвижение наших подразделений. Это было в 19:58. Еще до начала задымления помещений угарным газом, я заметил как из окон зданий высовывались люди с попыткой вздохнуть свежим воздухом. От чего им было так сложно дышать, я не могу ответить, но то, что это точно был не дым от пожара, уверен на 100%.

К моменту подъезда автомобилей, не смотря на виднеющийся огонь в здании, его продолжали закидывать зажигательной смесью и стрелять по окнам. Многотысячная толпа не давала возможности для проезда пожарной машины достаточно долгое время. Самое страшное в этой ситуации то, что пожарные расчеты прибыв к месту вовремя, не могли приступить к ликвидации пожара из-за стрельбы и сопротивления нападавших. До этого уже одна наша машина была захвачена неизвестными и ранее была совершенна попытка захвата пожарной части, и подоспевшие к месту событий пожарные расчеты сразу подверглись натиску враждебной группы, не пропустившей их вперед и пытавшейся повторить захват. Драгоценнейшее время было потрачено на то, чтобы пробиться к Дому профсоюзов.

Я был вынужден договариваться с активистами, как мне показалось руководителями групп бойцов, о том, что нам дадут спокойно и беспрепятственно работать, так как все мои звонки буквально с мольбой об усилении нарядов милиции для обеспечения работы спасателей, на тот момент результата не дали.

На съемках не виден важнейший эпизод этой драмы. Во время наших переговоров с задержавшими нас, одна машина все же пробилась к зданию с тыльной стороны и подразделение вступило в борьбу с огнем, приступили к спасению людей. В 20:09 подразделение приступило к эвакуации людей и тушению пожара. Если бы не они, итог событий 2 мая был бы еще более ужасающим.

Когда стало понятно, что в здании находится гораздо больше людей, чем изначально предполагалось, я вызвал дополнительные силы и автолестницы для эвакуации людей. Это было в 20:10. Уже через 6 минут прибыла автоцистерна и автолестница и пожарные преступили к выводу людей из здания, выносу пострадавших и эвакуации людей по автолестнице. К этому времени толпа расступилась и некоторые стали помогать людям выходить из здания. Несмотря на то, что стрельба по Дому продолжалась, пожарные сделали все, что могли. В ликвидации пожара и спасении людей участвовали более 50 спасателей, включая двух моих заместителей, которые сами шли в огонь и по автолестнице эвакуировали пострадавших с верхних этажей.

Наши спасатели вынесли на руках и вывели более 350 человек. Рискуя здоровьем, они отдавали пострадавшим свои кислородные маски, закрывали собой от агрессивной толпы.
Я не буду склоняться к политическим обсуждениям данного происшествия, но и о том ужасе, который происходил со спасенными людьми, когда они оказывались внизу я промолчать не могу. Их избивали, да так, что другие люди находящиеся еще в здании, отказывались выходить. Пожар был потушен за 45 минут и я благодарен тем, кто нас услышал и помогал нам в спасении жизней людей.

А теперь еще некоторые детали происходящего. Возгорание центрального лестничного марша на первых двух этажах произошло буквально за считанные секунды, после чего последовал какой-то хлопок, и было видно, что от этого хлопка моментально затух огонь. И в эту же секунду на земле оказались несколько человек, выпавших из здания со стороны черного входа. Большинство из них были живы и даже на своих ногах покидали это место. Но буквально через пару десятков метров падали без сознания, и их дальнейший трагический исход всем известен.

Мне важно также как и всем не безразличным людям понимать кому и зачем было нужно проведение такой ужасающей акции убийства. Но я уверен, что 99.9% людей погибли в здании профсоюзов за считанные секунды, а не задохнувшись от дыма или угарев от огня. Но для этого есть судмедэксперты, дождемся их заключения.

На тот вопрос почему пожарные не присутствовали на площади с самого начала поджога палаток и первых упавших бутылок-зажигалок, постараюсь объяснить следующее. Действия и функции госслужбы и его подразделений, определены Кодексом гражданской защиты. Мы не можем ликвидировать пожары и работать в условиях боевых действий, ставя под угрозу жизни спасателей, которые ежедневно и без этого рискуют ее потерять.

Я за 4 года своей работы в МЧС видел очень много погибших людей, не могу забыть ни одного из них. Но то, что произошло на Куликовом поле не может быть реальностью……

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