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#‎Yes‬ to the Government we want and No to a ‪#‎Tory‬ Government

Vote for Scottish Independence.



Scotland The Brave Yes

Its is not about a Political Party Its about a self determined future for Scotland

It is time to take control of our destiny for the benefit of Scots not for the Bankers


Scotland Yes Scissors

Tommy Sheridan speaks on Scottish Independence at Cardonald on 15/05/2014







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politics                UKRAINE THE FIGHT AGAINST FASCISM A SERIES #3 MH17 Part 2

BUK May 17


Here is more Video evidence that #BUK312 was deployed with the Ukraine Army  in May 2014

It is seen again as the 2nd vehicle in the video at the foot of this article

Though clear evidence is emerging that MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian Fighter Jet; followers to my twitter feed know that on July 19 I stated after seeing a BBC (on ABC and SBS ) report that eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a small jet leaving the vicinity of the airborne explosion.



This report has since been removed by the BBC from their website and both ABC and SBS now refuse to acknowledge its existence on their news channels


Followers to my twitter feed will have seen on July 19 my report of the eyewitness report and my speculation it was one of 2 SU 27s. The most recent evidence shows it was an SU25.


Remember 312 was identified as one of 3 BUK M1s (Gadflys) that entered Ukraine from Russia a week before the attack on MH17. 312 then shown  on TV channels as leaving on a low loader back to Russia minus 2 missiles.

What is ridiculous about this is that a battery of M1s require a column of support vehicles

A Radar Unit and field Communications van,

A Vehicle for the crew  (what were the crew traveling in on the low loader)

A munitions missile re supply vehicle

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First published on my Facebook page July 21 2014.

That there were 3 BUKs that crossed from Russia.

The picture in the bottom left in the collage was alleged in Western Media to show 3 BUKs crossing from Russia into Ukraine.


As you can see from video dated  March 2014 from inside the Ukraine the BUK now said to have fired missile is part of Ukraine Military inventory !

NOTE: As tweeted by me July 19  the suspicion of a Jet Fighter being involved which was later raised in a press conference by the Russian military 4 days later  July 23. My suspicions were based on eye-witness accounts reported on 2 Australian TV in News programs on the ABC and SBS Channels

The Evidence 2


This is the same system that shot down a Russian Passenger Jet in 2001. In the comments you can read the boast of the UKRAINIANS emphasising their ability to shoot down a passenger [Russian] aircraft



YES Bring on the investigation and in the meantime the Ukraine Government continue to bombard and kill  civilians and now makes a huge push the gain control of the “crash” site with the probable purpose  of “Cleaning up”  that is hiding or getting rid of evidence.

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#Children burned alive in #Odessa #Fires #WarCrime #CrimesagainstHumanity


politics         A FIREFIGHTERS ACCOUNT: OF A CRIME Posted to facebook May 17  2014



1944 to 2014

1944 to 2014

Here is the account of Vladimir Bodelan Chief Fire Officer who led the entire operation to combat the Fire at House of Trade Unions Odessa May 2 2014

Officer Bodelan was in attendance from the very beginning and supervised attempts to rescue the people trapped in side Trade Unions Building

The story starts with one of the first Fire Pumpers/Engines to arrive on the scene that was hijacked by the Fascists

Officer Bodelan does not believe the deaths were primarily caused by the fire but were deliberately gassed and many beaten

Here is a rough translation of his article In [ brackets are inclusions of mine]


Here is Officer Bodelan account of the circumstances surrounding…… the fire at the House of Trade Unions Odessa……..

………”I heard lot of different versions of what happened at the scene of Kulikovo May 2. A lot of comments and accusations [ARE MADE] about various law enforcement agencies , including the management GSCHS in the Odessa region of which I am chairperson.

It all started at the city center , at lunch a 101 call reported vehicle fire on Greek Street .

About the beginning of the carnage; nothing was known. Just 4 minutes after the call was recived the fire brigade arrived. After arriving on site there was a group of 50 young men who blocked and surrounded the vehicle and attack the fire

They pulled the driver out of the car , threatening violence if they were not given the keys . After that and with flags of Ukraine left on itthey left with it.

In the future, our Fire Truck was used by these people as a battering ram in the street riots . Our appeals and requests for its return were ignored .

Everyone has seen what happened and remains of the fire engine. Thank God that rescuers were not injured.

At the end of the fighting on the Greek , the whole crowd rushed to the Kulikovo park.

I am the chief of the mountains management of GSCHS and at once drove a fire truck to the House of Trade Unions The time arrival at 19:31 in response to the first calls about the tents on fire fire tents and military confrontation.



At the time of our arrival, burned tents Located in the center of the square was a fierce battle , but there was no threat to people’s lives from the burning tents.

Entrance to the building was blocked from all side sides continued shooting and throwing firebombs .

I tried to find the police for safe operation of the rescue organisation , as the main entrance just began a fire.

Once noticed that cold building threw on some sticks lit tire himself scored quickly and gave the command to advance our units. This was at 19:58 .

Even before the [ANY FIRE?] smoke in premises or carbon monoxide , I noticed that the windows of the buildings were opening……with people attempting to breathe fresh air. [I do not know] from what was it so hard to breathe? I can not answer , but this it was not just the smoke from the fire , 100% sure.!


By the time OUR vehicle arrived  despite seeing fire in the building ,they continued to throw petrol bombs and shoot at the windows .

A crowd of thousands made it impossible a fire truck to access for a long time .

The worst thing in this situation is that fire brigades arrived at the scene in time , could not start fire suppression due to resistance of the attackers. Until this is one of our vehicle was seized by unknown people and previously there was perfect attempt (time)to enter the (building on fire) arive to rescue at the scene … brigades immediately subjected to the attack of hostile groups who stopped them forward and tried to repeat the rescue,capture . Precious time was spent trying to get through to the House of Trade Unions.

I was forced to negotiate with the activists , I thought the fighters group leaders would give us peace and work freely , as all my calls literally pleading to strengthen police presence to ensure the work of rescuers at the time [had come] to no avail .

Davie Note:[  the Police ignored call to protect the Fire Fighters]

Shooting was not coming from the building as the drama unfolded.

During our negotiations which detained us , one vehicle made its way to the rear of the building and the unit arrived to fight fight with the fire [and] started to rescue people . At 20:09 unit began evacuation and fire fighting . If they do not, the result of the events on May 2 would be even more terrifying.

When it became clear that the building had far more people trapped inside than initially thought, I called for more strength and ladders to evacuate people . This was at 20:10 .


After 6 minutes arrived tank ladder and [extended] to taking people out of the building , removal and evacuation of affected people by ladder . By this time, the crowd parted ( thinned?) began to help some people out of the building. Despite the fact that the shooting continued at building , firefighters did everything they could . In extinguishing the fire and rescuing people involved more than 50 rescuers , including two of my deputies , who themselves went to the fire and evacuate ladders the affected from the ????? floors .

Our rescuers carried on and saved more than 350 people . Risking injury , they gave their victims oxygen masks are covered by the aggressive crowd.

I will not bow down to the political discussions of the incident , but the horror that was happening with the rescued men, when they were at ground ,

I can not remain silent . They were beaten so much so that other people who were still in the building , refused to leave . The fire was extinguished in 45 minutes and I am grateful to those who heard us and helped us in saving lives .

And now some more details of what happened . There was Fire main flight of stairs by the first two floors in literally a matter of seconds , which was followed by some ?????and it was evident that from cotton instantly fading fire. And at this time on the ground were a few people jumped out of the building by the back door .


Most of them were still alive , and even on their feet leaving this place. But just a couple to 10 meters fell unconscious, and more of the tragic outcome is known to all .

It is Important to me as well as all interested people to understand who and why it was such a terrible need to hold responsible of the murder.

I’m sure that 99.9 % of people were killed in the building trade unions in seconds instead of choking on smoke or toxic fumes from the fire. But there is forensics and wait their findings .

To the question why firefighters were not present on the area from the beginning of the first burn of tents and throwing of bottles , lighters ,I try to explain the following functions of public service and its units are covered with Code of Civil Protection .

We can not eliminate fires and work in the midst of fighting , endangering the lives of rescuers who every day risk losing it [their lives]

I have worked for 4 years of work in the MOE seen so many dead people I can not forget any of them . But what happened on  is unbelievable.


Burnt Tade Unionist 2


Я много слышу различных версий произошедшего на Куликовом поле второго мая, много комментариев и обвинений к различным силовым структурам, включая управление ГСЧС в Одесской области, которое я возглавляю.
Все началось с центра города, в обед на телефон 101 поступило сообщение о возгорании автомобиля на улице Греческой. О начале побоища еще ничего не было известно. Буквально через 4 минуты на место вызова прибыл пожарный расчет на пожарном автомобиле. На месте вызова пожара не было, но была группа молодых ребят, более 50 человек, которые преградили возможность машине уехать. Выставили пожарных и силой вытащили водителя из машины, угрожая расправой, если не отдаст ключи. После чего с флагами Украины уехали на ней.

В дальнейшем наш пожарный автомобиль использовался этими людьми, как таран в уличных беспорядках. На наши обращения, просьбы они не обращали ни малейшего внимания. Что осталось от пожарного автомобиля, я думаю все видели. Слава Богу, что спасатели не пострадали. По окончанию боев на Греческой, вся толпа ринулась на Куликовое поле.

Я с начальником гор управления ГСЧС, как только забрали пожарную машину, выехали к Дому профсоюзов, к этому времени в 19:31 поступили первые звонки о возгорании палаток и силовом противостоянии.
На момент нашего приезда горели палатки. расположенные в центре площади, шел ожесточенный бой, но угрозы жизням людей от горевших палаток не было. Вход в здание был забарикадирован, с обеих сторон продолжалась стрельба, летели бутылки с зажигательной смесью.
Я попытался найти милицию для организации безопасной работы спасателей, так как у центрального входа только начиналось возгорание. Как только заметил, что в хол здания закинули на палках несколько зажженных покрышек, сам набрал оперативного и дал команду на выдвижение наших подразделений. Это было в 19:58. Еще до начала задымления помещений угарным газом, я заметил как из окон зданий высовывались люди с попыткой вздохнуть свежим воздухом. От чего им было так сложно дышать, я не могу ответить, но то, что это точно был не дым от пожара, уверен на 100%.

К моменту подъезда автомобилей, не смотря на виднеющийся огонь в здании, его продолжали закидывать зажигательной смесью и стрелять по окнам. Многотысячная толпа не давала возможности для проезда пожарной машины достаточно долгое время. Самое страшное в этой ситуации то, что пожарные расчеты прибыв к месту вовремя, не могли приступить к ликвидации пожара из-за стрельбы и сопротивления нападавших. До этого уже одна наша машина была захвачена неизвестными и ранее была совершенна попытка захвата пожарной части, и подоспевшие к месту событий пожарные расчеты сразу подверглись натиску враждебной группы, не пропустившей их вперед и пытавшейся повторить захват. Драгоценнейшее время было потрачено на то, чтобы пробиться к Дому профсоюзов.

Я был вынужден договариваться с активистами, как мне показалось руководителями групп бойцов, о том, что нам дадут спокойно и беспрепятственно работать, так как все мои звонки буквально с мольбой об усилении нарядов милиции для обеспечения работы спасателей, на тот момент результата не дали.

На съемках не виден важнейший эпизод этой драмы. Во время наших переговоров с задержавшими нас, одна машина все же пробилась к зданию с тыльной стороны и подразделение вступило в борьбу с огнем, приступили к спасению людей. В 20:09 подразделение приступило к эвакуации людей и тушению пожара. Если бы не они, итог событий 2 мая был бы еще более ужасающим.

Когда стало понятно, что в здании находится гораздо больше людей, чем изначально предполагалось, я вызвал дополнительные силы и автолестницы для эвакуации людей. Это было в 20:10. Уже через 6 минут прибыла автоцистерна и автолестница и пожарные преступили к выводу людей из здания, выносу пострадавших и эвакуации людей по автолестнице. К этому времени толпа расступилась и некоторые стали помогать людям выходить из здания. Несмотря на то, что стрельба по Дому продолжалась, пожарные сделали все, что могли. В ликвидации пожара и спасении людей участвовали более 50 спасателей, включая двух моих заместителей, которые сами шли в огонь и по автолестнице эвакуировали пострадавших с верхних этажей.

Наши спасатели вынесли на руках и вывели более 350 человек. Рискуя здоровьем, они отдавали пострадавшим свои кислородные маски, закрывали собой от агрессивной толпы.
Я не буду склоняться к политическим обсуждениям данного происшествия, но и о том ужасе, который происходил со спасенными людьми, когда они оказывались внизу я промолчать не могу. Их избивали, да так, что другие люди находящиеся еще в здании, отказывались выходить. Пожар был потушен за 45 минут и я благодарен тем, кто нас услышал и помогал нам в спасении жизней людей.

А теперь еще некоторые детали происходящего. Возгорание центрального лестничного марша на первых двух этажах произошло буквально за считанные секунды, после чего последовал какой-то хлопок, и было видно, что от этого хлопка моментально затух огонь. И в эту же секунду на земле оказались несколько человек, выпавших из здания со стороны черного входа. Большинство из них были живы и даже на своих ногах покидали это место. Но буквально через пару десятков метров падали без сознания, и их дальнейший трагический исход всем известен.

Мне важно также как и всем не безразличным людям понимать кому и зачем было нужно проведение такой ужасающей акции убийства. Но я уверен, что 99.9% людей погибли в здании профсоюзов за считанные секунды, а не задохнувшись от дыма или угарев от огня. Но для этого есть судмедэксперты, дождемся их заключения.

На тот вопрос почему пожарные не присутствовали на площади с самого начала поджога палаток и первых упавших бутылок-зажигалок, постараюсь объяснить следующее. Действия и функции госслужбы и его подразделений, определены Кодексом гражданской защиты. Мы не можем ликвидировать пожары и работать в условиях боевых действий, ставя под угрозу жизни спасателей, которые ежедневно и без этого рискуют ее потерять.

Я за 4 года своей работы в МЧС видел очень много погибших людей, не могу забыть ни одного из них. Но то, что произошло на Куликовом поле не может быть реальностью……

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#Spain #Ukraine  #Abbott #Donbass #Fascism #Auspol



I have been away for a while concentrating on my Labor Party Facebook pages

North Sydney Labor Party


and my mini TWITTER blog

and also my  Facebook page where I have been posting about the War for East Ukraine Freedom


But it’s time to use another avenue to get my messages out its seems so simple to just cut and past but there is always another day…

Those who do follow me on twitter and the Facebook pages will know I have been immensely busy with Political matter and my revolutionary fervor has returned  though never quite as the 16 year old all those years ago

Here is a first of many articles I have written this year to date about the Ukraine posted to my own facebook page.

UKRAINE LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE: Posted to facebook March 24 2014

Defending Democracy Against Fascism 1936

Defending Democracy Against Fascism 1936

The United States France Canada Australia and Great Britain turned their backs on a Democratically elected Republican Government in Spain 1936 For 3 years they blocked aid the a democratic Government and allowed Fascist take over. Hitler was able to test his War machine and Airforce that was later to Bomb London

In 2014 they are doing far worse by giving MILITARY aid directly to a Nazi take over in Ukraine.

The Crimea’s voted to leave. No one voted for the Kiev Coup.

Austria was taken over by Hitler in his Anschluss and was eventually liberated by the Russians. Parallels with Hitlers Nazi Germany taking over Austria is quite the opposite to Crimea voting to join Russia.

The leading members of the Ukraine Government are extreme Nazis

This BBC video give you a look at the Ukraine Galicia SS Division

SO BETTER MANAGEMENT OF TIME...and shorter posts that will  mirror those on Facebook so make it easier to post  regularly

More time is available is more  now the Divorce property settlement  (AFTER 3 AND A HALF YEARS IS now over. 🙂 For the final year March 2013 and to February 2014 I simply had no time for this blog

I ran the final stages of the  matter my self  and thankfully as those who have read my references to the whole matter I am finally rid of one of the most  deceptive thieving human beings ever to set foot in my space who deliberately kept the matter going for years  to attempt some   narcissistic control  and contact albeit via legal third parties.

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If Global Warming Doesent Freeze You First

#Globawarming #BigFreeze #Arctic #Environment #Auspol #Abbott

Arctic Ice melting

Arctic Ice melting


In just 2 Minutes understand how freezing conditions across North America are be linked to climate change.

As polar temperatures rise faster than THOSE OF THE EQUATOR The jet streams that hold weather conditions in their rightful places are weakening.


This assist Arctic cyclone known as the polar vortex more down and deeper into North America. Weakening jet streams linked to global warming were also connected last year to floods in Colorado and Alberta, unseasonable heat in Alaska, and unseasonable cold in Florida.

The world is flat and has only existed for 6,000 year bashers have been putting on their DOH hats and desperately wielding the recent cold snap as evidence that the globe is not warming.

Climate denialism is rampant among those who disregard science and prefer to guess or pray at what makes the world work.


Only Australia’s Prime Minister Abbott and Canada’s  Stephen Harper are dismantling scientific climate bodies NOW.


US President Barack Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, coolly smacks down climate deniers in a video posted on Wednesday.

“If you’ve been hearing that extreme cold spells like the one that we’re having in the United States now disprove global warming, don’t believe it,”

Holdren says in the video, before launching into a succinct explanation of how uneven global temperature changes are destabilizing the polar vortex and making it “wavier.”

“The waviness means that there can be increased, larger excursions of wintertime cold air southward,” Holdren says. He adds that “increased excursions of relatively warmer” air can also move into the “far north” as the globe warms.

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Peace and Love to All Babylon Must Fall

music#Roots #Reggae #Auspol DENNIS BOVELL HAS been important to the UK reggae scene.




FALL Babylon

He Started with the esteemed Jah Sufferer sound system, then historical band Matumbi’s founder and principal collaborator of Linton Kwesi Johnson, a most important Dub Poet. Those who know mwe will have heard some od my performance poetry  an action Poet.

Dennis an amazing smooth singer with a deep bass.  He played and produced albums for names such as West African Fela Kuti, Londons I-Roy, France Alpha Blondy, and UK Madness.

Roots United IS a band composed by musicians from various other reggae massive bands and here meets the father of the British dub/reggae


HEAR Peace and Love from the Land that is Africa before white Colonialism and ignorance ignorance.

FALL BABYLON, has a truly Rasta DUB influence dancehall beat. A marvelous song with a gospel taste and FREEDOM, “riddim” that’s gonna we see featured Rankin’ Alpha.




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Mr #Mandela and the End of #Apartheid and what was the #Abbott role and the Conservatives
Remebering Madeba Lion with no Evans


Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC, Chancellor of the Australian National University and Foreign Minister of Australia 1988-96, Government House, Sydney, 17 July 2012.

Part 2 is still a lengthy read

One likes to share that we have[I] have read it too.

The following is faithfully reproduced from the original with only the additions of white space, and headings to ease later reference and reading with a couple of annotations here and there.

I promise it is worth the time

Davie Macdonald

Bob Hawke’s particular contribution was to get the Commonwealth to take a leading role on this, beginning by initiating a ground-breaking study, by an expert committee chaired by Tony Cole, who later headed the Australian Treasury, which made clear that financial sanctions were indeed the key to success, and laid all the foundations for their systematic international implementation.

To ensure that this work did not just languish in the Commonwealth bureaucracy, we then followed this up – I had by this time become Foreign Minister – by sponsoring the publication of a highly influential Penguin book by Cole and the scholar and author, Keith Ovenden, called Apartheid and International Finance: A Program for Change, which we ensured was circulated among policymakers worldwide.


Another Hawke/Australia initiative at the 1987 CHOGM was the establishment of the Commonwealth Committee of Foreign Ministers (CFMSA), in which I became very closely involved over the next few years, chaired by Canada’s former prime minister Joe Clark and including among others from around Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, a future prime minister of India, Narasimha Rao, and president of Tanzania, Ben Mkapa. Its role was to monitor the evolution of Commonwealth policy, including in particular the new financial sanctions, and to develop a strategy not only of relentlessly increasing sanctions but also winding them back to the extent that particular benchmarks of policy change were achieved by the South African government.


These were years when I and other members of the group consolidated close personal and policy links with the key African National Congress players, particularly Thabo Mbeki, later to become President, and the Mandela generation leaders Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu. The CFMSA was a group that developed a very close internal esprit de corps, and gave me some of my most close and long-lasting international friendships, as well as laying the foundations for some very treasured friendships with key players in post-apartheid South Africa.


The Foreign Ministers Committee also gave me but also some of my more memorable diplomatic experiences. One was at the 1989 CHOGM in Malaysia, when a major confrontation developed with Margaret Thatcher’s UK government over its then extremely reluctant approach to applying sanctions pressure, with her very newly appointed Foreign Secretary (and later to be Prime Minister) John Major the man in the middle, neither very well-informed about the issue nor any more inclined than any of her other cabinet ministers to take on the Iron Lady.

Things got off to a rather bad start when I suggested to him on behalf of the group that he join us for an informal dinner the night before the formal meetings started, to explore ways of finding common ground, and he replied that he was available, but “did not choose to” have any such discussion.

Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC, Chancellor of the Australian National University and Foreign Minister of Australia 1988-96,


Things got worse when I reported this back to my colleagues, and we had next day – in what diplomatic parlance would describe as a “robust exchange”, and anyone else as a full-scale verbal brawl – some extended exchanges across the table on the adequacy of UK policy.

(Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC, Chancellor of the Australian National University and Foreign Minister of Australia 1988-96, DOES INDEED HAVE AN EXPLETIVE ROBUST REPUTATION )

I can’t report that we made much difference to the UK attitude on this occasion, but at least the story had a rather charming sequel. Very soon after the Malaysia meeting, when Major had still only been Foreign Secretary a few weeks, an unexpected resignation elsewhere led to him being appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer. I sent him a rather cheeky note saying ……

“Dear John, I know we had our differences in KL, but Maggie didn’t really have to move you that quickly.” He replied with splendid grace: “Dear Gareth, Thank you for your message. I did indeed learn something about the language of diplomacy when I was in KL. Maybe that’s why I am now Chancellor. “


The relentless international pressure for change and the ever mounting internal tension had created all the necessary conditions for change, but there was still need of white political leadership clear-headed enough to grasp the moment.

Listen to Burning Spear  Track From 1987,Part Of The Big Free Mandela Movement.And Some Pictures Of Strongest Artist In Reggae Music.Still Going Strong!


That came at last with succession to the Presidency in February 1989 of FW De Klerk, replacing the ailing hardliner PW Botha. The speech he made to launch the reform process in February 1990 was genuinely historic, announcing as it did the Government’s willingness to enter into serious negotiations on a wholly new democratic and non-racial constitutional dispensation, the unbanning of the ANC and other political organisations, and above all the release from imprisonment, after 27 years, of Nelson Mandela, whose life and achievements we celebrate today.


Whatever his past may have been, De Klerk saw the light at the right time, delivered in full on the expectations he created, has been an influence voice for peace and reconciliation around the world ever since, and fully deserved the Nobel Peace Prize he shared with Madiba in 1993.


Although in a sense once this breakthrough had been made, the rest was history, the transition process was long and gruelling, and with many ups and downs along the way before the country’s first genuinely democratic election was held in 1994. Not all the government’s actions matched its rhetoric, with particular concern being the outbreak of major violence in major Black townships, with apparently well-founded allegations of overt security force incitement.

The Commonwealth, with Australia again playing a central role, responded by using sanctions again, this time with their lifting as a carrot rather than their application as a stick. Sanctions were in fact progressively lifted as the apartheid system was unwound, non-racial sports administration achieved, a new constitution adopted and elections held. Australia played an active nuts-and-bolts role throughout this process, instituting a $30 million program to help with infrastructure and human resource development, and providing members to Commonwealth and UN observer groups involved in observing and defusing violence throughout the country, and in assisting in the electoral process.


I first visited South Africa in June 1991, in the early days of the transition process. It is a trip which has assumed a certain legendary status of its own as a result of a carefully contrived press leak (by old guard forces in the South African Foreign Minister who hated what Australia had been doing to undermine their regime).


A highly coloured account was put out of another (putting it gently) “robust exchange” I had with a South African security official who I believed was putting at risk the safety of one of my township contacts during an intended low-key visit to Khayelitsha. The highly critical press reports caused me considerable embarrassment at the time, but seems to have done no harm to my reputation among Black South Africans, those of whom with long memories occasionally say to me “man, you really stuck it to them”.


What was much more important than that incident in my 1991 trip was the very clear statements made to me by a number of ministers and officials, subsequently confirmed in public statements by the Governor of the Reserve Bank and Finance Minister, and years later in conversations with FW De Klerk himself, that the really decisive factor in creating the conditions for the transition – for the end of apartheid – was the impact of the financial sanctions, from the mid 1980s on, but with much more accelerated impact in the last two years before the De Klerk speech.

The whole process was self-reinforcing in a way that trade sanctions never were and never could have been. Every new financial institution in some part of the world refusing credit, or setting tougher terms, increased the risk for other suppliers still in the field. By 1990 the denial of access to new international capital was dramatically and comprehensively strangling the economy.

South Africa could fund internally growth of no more than 2 per cent a year, but it needed to grow at least 4 per cent or more to create jobs for its expanding population and to maintain existing standards of living. If nothing had changed, the country would have exploded.


So Australia was, I believe, a prominent and effective international voice on the anti-apartheid issue over many years. The sports boycott conceived and led by Australia was psychologically important in creating a sense of isolation and vulnerability, and the financial sanctions – in their fullest application again a significantly Australian initiative – were profoundly practically important in their economic and ultimately endgame political impact.


Why did successive Australian governments – at least from the 1970s on – commit so much effort to resolving a situation so little of our making? I think the short answer lies in that instinct for good international citizenship which, despite periodic lapses by various governments (and oppositions) which ought to know better, is part of our national psyche.

The enforcers of apartheid, proclaiming their superiority to others on the basis of race alone, were not just another unpalatable regime, but beyond the civilized pale.

If we had washed our hands of the struggle against them, we would not only have failed in our humanitarian duty, but would have debased the very values which are at the core of our sense of human dignity.
DMacs note (one is mindful of Australian Prime Minister Abbott’s RECENT FREE Arming of the Sri Lankan Navy with Gunboats)


It’s a fight that had to be won, and I am proud that we played our part in it. And there is no better occasion to recall that fight, and our part in it, than a day like this, celebrating the life and achievement of Nelson Mandela. There is no single person on this planet who could remind us more, by the dignity of his bearing and the humanity which shines through everything he has said and done and is, of what was at stake in this struggle.

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politicsMr #Mandela and the End of Apartheid


Remembering Madeba

Returning to my Blog

I have neglected this page in the past 12 months whilre I have been away driving my Facebook pages

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and my own where if you go vist you might find all manner of interesting stuff

So I welcome as I return  with a series of tribute to Madeba.

Mr #Mandela and the End of Apartheid

Some weeks back  I was incensed to listen to Abbott first eulogy to Mr Mandela What rung in my ears was the key platitude was “Mandela was a great man of Africa”

Apart from the racial undertone and then ignoring Madiba was a great citizen of the World I was further incredibly irritated with the FACT the person who Abbott most admires from Conservative Politics who refused to strengthen sanctions against South Africa but further and dubbed Mr Mandela a “Terrorist”

The following morning when listening to ABC Fran Kelly interview former Foreign minister Gareth Evens spoke on the passing of Mandela. What quickly became apparent was the lack of Statesmanship and the ignorance that is held by members of the Abbott Ministry.

It was never made more apparent when you listen to the articulation of Gareth Evans in that interview.

In the process of searching out (and not finding) Abbott”s ROLE as a young man in opposing the Anti -Apartheid movement ……I found the following Nelson Mandella day address 2012 by…….

Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC, Chancellor of the Australian National University and Foreign Minister of Australia 1988-96, Government House, Sydney, 17 July 2012.

It’s is a lengthy read perhaps not designed for Facebook but then we on this page do not do it the conformative Facebook way by simply posting a link and leaving the rest up to you.

One likes to share that we have[I] have read it too.

The following is faithfully reproduced with only the additions of white space, and headings to ease later reference and reading with a couple of annotations here and there.

I promise it is worth the time

Davie Macdonald


Mr Mandela with Gareth Evans

Mr Mandela with Gareth Evans

Of all the meetings with all the leaders and other international figures around the world I have had during all the years of my public life, there is no question as to the one which gave me most pure joy. That was my first meeting with Nelson Mandela, just a few days after his release from prison in February 1990, in Lusaka where he had flown to meet his ANC colleagues in exile.

Partly it was a matter of coming face to face – sitting across a table, just the two of us – with a man who had long been a personal hero to me since my days as an anti-apartheid student activist, and being simply overwhelmed by the personal qualities that so quickly came to be recognized and applauded so universally around the world.


Madiba is simply the most impressive and humanly decent statesman I have ever met, or am ever likely to meet. I was captivated then, and have remained captivated since, like so many others – including every Australian he met during those wonderful visits here – by that huge luminescent smile, by his unending charm and grace, the lucid intelligence with which he discussed his country’s transition problems, but above all by that extraordinary, almost unbelievable, lack of bitterness toward his Afrikaner gaolers of 27 years.

But another big part of my joy at that meeting back in 1990 was Madiba’s willingness to meet me, as an Australian minister – and I was one of the very first foreign officials to greet him – to thank Australia for the significant role we had played, despite no pretensions on our part to be a major power, in South Africa’s transformation, and I want to spend a little time this evening tracking back over some of the perhaps now largely forgotten things that we did.


My personal understanding of and commitment to the anti-apartheid cause was triggered, as was the case for so many others around the world, by the Sharpeville massacre in 1960, while I was still at school. When I went to Melbourne University a couple of years later, and became intensely involved in student politics in the mid-‘60s, no issues mattered more on our and other campuses than racism: the need to overturn the White Australia policy once and for all, to get some redress for Aboriginal Australians, and to end the scourge of apartheid.


In 1965 I led a student protect against the arrival of the Springbok rugby team, out at the old Essendon airport. We wore rugby jumpers and black face paint and held up placards saying ‘Why Won’t You Play with Us?”. We were pushed back by the police beyond a wire fence, too far away to be actually noticed by those great burly players with shoulders almost wider than the doorway of the plane from which they emerged.
So in my first act of protesting heroism, I jumped over the fence and ran towards the plane with my team of protesters following a little more hesitantly – only to be crash-tackled to the ground by an equally huge policeman, held in an agonizing armlock, and thrown back over the fence. It was at that stage that I decided that the rest of my life was going to be devoted to peaceful protest rather than the more adventurous kind.

BY 1972:

International pressure on the apartheid regime began slowly in the 1960s, with oil and arms embargoes and other sanctions gaining some momentum in the 1970s. The Commonwealth, with the Australia very much in the lead, played a vital role in launching the sports boycott. Prime Minister Gough Whitlam announced in December 1972 that sporting teams selected on the basis of race would not be allowed to enter Australia, and this position was further strengthened by the Fraser Government which supported the UN General Assembly resolution on apartheid in sport in 1976 and became party to the Gleneagles Agreement in 1977.

MALCOLM FRASER STOOD UP …[ TONY ABBOTT WAS 20 years old enough to stand up ]:

While most of my focus will be on Labor Government initiatives, because we were in power at the crucial time, it should be acknowledged that Malcolm Fraser deserves real credit for the political risks he took with the anti-apartheid issue, A DEEPLY UNPOPULAR POSITION IN HIS OWN PARTY ROOM and among conservative voters during the whole transitional period: there is absolutely no doubt that his personal convictions on matters of race, in South Africa as elsewhere, were absolutely genuine and heartfelt.

Given the breadth and profile of the contacts forbidden it is fair to say that Australia – closely followed by New Zealand – suffered more pain with the sports boycott than anyone else. Or at least anyone else than the cricket and rugby mad white South African community: the sense of isolation and deprivation was not in itself enough to bring down apartheid, but it unquestionably played a psychological role.


It was not until 1985-86, in reaction to the further cycle of violence and repression then occurring that really wide ranging and substantial economic sanctions were put in place by the international community. The Commonwealth, then European Community, U.S. and individual Nordic countries led the way, each drawing successively on precedents set by the others and so creating a ‘wave’ phenomenon.


The new Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who very deeply committed to the anti-apartheid cause, became deeply engaged with the issue at successive Commonwealth meetings during this period, and took the campaign forward in a whole new direction at the 1987 Vancouver Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), suggesting that a major new emphasis be placed on financial sanctions as the best way of putting the screws on the South African regime.

As the 1980s wore on the international community had been gradually coming to the realization the sanctions on trade in goods and services, like the sports and cultural boycotts, were going to be insufficient, and that there had to be some real additional discipline in the form of drying up the sources of trade credit and investment funds, and general support through the banking system.

A movement to apply such sanctions had been initiated in city and local governments in the U.S., through the black caucus in the Congress, and pressure on corporate private lenders. But until 1987 this trend did not really have coherence or focus, and no serious analytical work had been done to establish whether a worldwide financial strike could be sustained, and if so what difference this would make to the South African economy.





I Finish Part 1 with


Mandella Johnny Clegg

In 1969, British born South African Johnny Clegg formed the first racially mixed South African band, Juluka, with Zulu musician Sipho Mchunu.

Because it was illegal for racially mixed bands to perform in South Africa during the apartheid era, the first album “Universal Men” was banned on South African state owned Radio but it became a word-of-mouth hit.



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Time to stop !!!!!Misogynist Relentless attacks on Julia Gillard

This article was written originally in December 2012 However It was not posted at that time . I have not changed it in any way so from a current perspective it is not out of date. On the other hand the Prim Minister is still subject to the same attack.

I have neglected this Blog and been putting all my energy into 3 Facebook pages

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If you are on face book you will find the first two interesting if you are interesed in Domestic Australian Politics or the Environment



Gillard with Lioness

Time to stop !!!!! #Abbott and the unmitigated #misogynist relentless abusive attacks made on our #Prime Minster #Gillard and the Office of the Prime Minister.

Do I agree with everything our Prime Minister states No. Do I agree with every policy detail of the Government No I don’t !
But the offensive and often pornographic images of the Prime Minister must stop. Men must take a lead against the cowards perpetrating this rubbish.

We hear daily from the Tories that their role is to hold the government to account!!This is not what an opposition to Government is for!It is there to contribute to, critique and assist the process of good government and make sure there is balance in the democratic system. Saying No to everything is not assisting Good Government; nor is it representing the interest of those who voted for the opposition effectively.
Julia Gillard came under a relentless attack over some trumped-up accusation regarding as personal relationship and a role she played in the setting up of a Trade union fighting fund. Here you will hear how she refers to herself as a 50 year old Woman. What she was too modest to say was a woman with the heart of a Lion This Video of her Press Conference was for the “true believers” and not for all those bleating defeatists that have been given too much oxygen. Yes we have are internal differences but Left Centre or Right we may and do have reasons to disagree but in a disciplined ALP we keep our unity and focus on neutralising the Tory Attack Dogs Sit back and enjoy 42 minutes and 37 seconds of pure guts and determination from our Prime Minister
In contrast see these 2 videos of the Leader of the  Tory Opposition Leader Tony Abbott who stumbles when asked some tough questions by  Leigh Sales in a recent interview on the ABC 7.30 report  Abbott maintains the carbon price and mining tax are to blame for economic uncertainty in Australia while also responding to the style of language and the nature of speech used in parliament by the opposition
To illustrate further I have included an interview on Commercial TV Channel 7 #Lisa Wilkinson Here in this interview just a day later Abbott had a choice to look dumb dumber or dishonest. He obviously thought dishonest was a better look.
At the end of each interview you can see the anger in his eyes …worth noting in respect of his history of abusive and threatening behaviour Interesting to note on his web site Abbott likes to post transcripts of his public interviews; however if you go to his site you will not find either this interview or the previous interview by Leigh Sales which you can find 4 posts below. Davie.
Just for good measure here is a third interview where again Misogynistic Gender bias should not be part of the Parliamentary process So Misogyny? LETS KICK ITOUT  Here are 2 links to an article in 2 versions written by Anne Summers.Version 1 is a vanilla version where the content of the type of attacks is toned down.Version 2 contains the unexpurgated R-rated version of her speech. Be aware it contains confronting images many from Larry Pickering and shocking language

In the preface to the article Anne Summers wrote the following on her blog.

“On Friday 31 August I delivered the 2012 Human Rights and Social Justice Lecture at the University of Newcastle. I chose as my topic: Her Rights at Work. The political persecution of Australia’s first female prime minister. Like many other Australians, I have been disturbed by the double standards that are seemingly applied to Julia Gillard by the Opposition, by the media and by many ordinary people.

But in the course of researching this topic I discovered that Gillard is subjected to far worse than mere double-standards. There is an entire industry of vilification, much of it sexually crude, all of it offensive and designed to undermine her authority and thus her legitimacy in the role as Australia’s first female prime minister.

I felt that I could not argue this case without displaying at least some of the material that I was referring to.

I recognise that it is very confronting and that not everyone will want to look at it.

So here we have “Her rights at work”

This link immediately at the foot of the page will automatically take to the toned down article.

The 2nd R-Rated you can copy and paste into your browser

I thought I would include something briefly about Anne Summers recent life I confess for the sake of speed to post this article I have just refered to others research in 1970, Summers and other WLM members squatted in two derelict houses owned by the Church of England, turning them into the Elsie Women’s Refuge to provide shelter to women and children who were victims of domestic violence.

Summers received a postgraduate scholarship to do a PhD, which she used to write the book, ‘Damned Whores and God’s Police’ which looked at the history of women in Australia. She was offered a position to work as a journalist on the National Times, where she wrote an investigation into NSW prisons which led to a royal commission, and to Summers’ being awarded a Walkley Award.

From 1986 to 1992, Summers lived in New York, becoming editor-in-chief of “Ms.” magazine. Later AS  was appointed a political adviser to Labor Prime Minister, Paul Keating, until 1993, heading the Office of the Status of Women during this time. She was then appointed editor of the “Good Weekend” magazine, in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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