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You can follow me on TWITTER escalatorover and also my  Facebook page davie.ewan.macdonald where I have been posting about the  East Ukraine Fight for Freedom

But it’s time to use another avenue to get my messages out its seems so simple to just cut and past but there is always another day…

Those who do follow me on twitter and the Facebook pages will know I have been immensely busy with Political matter and my revolutionary fervor has returned  though never quite as the 16 year old all those years ago

Here is a first of many articles I have written this year to date about the Ukraine posted to my own facebook page.

UKRAINE LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE: Posted to facebook March 24 2014

Defending Democracy Against Fascism 1936

Defending Democracy Against Fascism 1936

The United States France Canada Australia and Great Britain turned their backs on a Democratically elected Republican Government in Spain 1936 For 3 years they blocked aid the a democratic Government and allowed Fascist take over. Hitler was able to test his War machine and Airforce that was later to Bomb London

In 2014 they are doing far worse by giving MILITARY aid directly to a Nazi take over in Ukraine.

The Crimea’s voted to leave. No one voted for the Kiev Coup.

Austria was taken over by Hitler in his Anschluss and was eventually liberated by the Russians. Parallels with Hitlers Nazi Germany taking over Austria is quite the opposite to Crimea voting to join Russia.

The leading members of the Ukraine Government are extreme Nazis

This BBC video give you a look at the Ukraine Galicia SS Division

SO BETTER MANAGEMENT OF TIME...and shorter posts that will  mirror those on Facebook so make it easier to post  regularly

More time is available is more  now the Divorce property settlement  (AFTER 3 AND A HALF YEARS IS now over. 🙂 For the final year March 2013 and to February 2014 I simply had no time for this blog

I ran the final stages of the  matter my self  and thankfully as those who have read my references to the whole matter I am finally rid of one of the most  deceptive thieving human beings ever to set foot in my space who deliberately kept the matter going for years  to attempt some   narcissistic control  and contact albeit via legal third parties.


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