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#‎Ukraine‬ THE GREAT CONSPIRACY AGAINST ‪#‎RUSSIA‬ ‪#‎Donetsk‬ ‪#‎Lugansk‬

I originally wrote this yesterday directly in to the comment and as I up loaded the image I somehow lost the lot. So I have spent several hours late into the night re-creating the post/comment so excuse ANY typos as time is expedient and I wanted to post ASAP

It is over 2,500 words so a big read

Novo Russia Aims to enhance liberty, dignity and integrity for its people





Russia will not be trapped into War and so far Lavrov has been immensely smart in his international dealings. Both Putin and Lavrov have a key responsibility to act in the interests of the people of the Russian Federation first and foremost.

You must understand that Russia after the loses of 2 world wars simply cannot recklessly (capable or not) enter into another mass war. She owes that to her citizens.




ANNEX 2 of the Budapest Joint Declaration accord signed at the Conference of Security and Cooperation in Europe 1994 affords Russia a right to intervene based on the following guarantee
“ people in this area [Ukraine] are not subjected to the threat of military force or other undesirable consequences of excessive Nationalism or Chauvinism.”

The above is further underscored in the same agreement with agreement for the formation of…
“a security system based on political partnership that embraces all the CSEC States.”

Another fundamental aim of the Budapest accord was the
“building of economic security in an undivided Europe”. Obviously the advance of NATO and any inclusion of Ukraine is in clear breach of this

On the basis of the above accord one you can argue Russia could intervene more directly militarily and you would be correct and she did in Crimea which was most critical to her security ….

However a concerted effort must be made to exhaust all political possibilities . Russia is pursuing and must the greater need for maintaining Peace in Europe!

On the diplomatic front it would appear Merkle, Holland and certainly Cameron are increasingly under pressure domestically to back off from any idea of military action and increasing THE French German and British people refer back to their adventure failures in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

In countering the MSM and ruling western elites propaganda our time CITIZEN JOURNALISTS would be more usefully spent combating this than dissecting a clash of some frankly minor internal ( in context) dispute blown up in the Western Media within DPR and or LPR.

So seeking a political settlement with guarantees or right of franchise, culture and language and peace allowing the return home for all the DPR LPR refugees is the priority. Does this take place within a newly federated Ukraine who knows? Like any negotiation one has a starting point and the brokering of any agreement has to be explored to avoid possible further escalation of War.

This makes political sense and this battle is also for the hearts and minds of those residing in the NATO countries.

In respect of Federation Zakhcarchenko said in August no ! However it will be decision that has to be made by all the representative and people of DPR LPR not just a few “gun ho” adventurists. Without a doubt the ordinary folk people would like a political path away from more conflict This is the impression I get from Graham Philips.

We hear about betrayal by Putin and Russia. Let first state I am no supporter of Putin politically as I am a Socialist …but…….



Russia acted swiftly to circumvent another NATO or US base in Crimea Slowly the US has been deploying an ever tightening noose around Russia. The Russians wrong footed the Americans to secure their borders and maintain some access to the Mediterranean and their only warm water port in Syria.

The US have been trying to trap Moscow into a war that the Americans currently leading in the Pentagon truly believe they can win



1) Nuclear War is indeed winnable and the threat of mutual destruction no longer applies in the present The Us really believe this but THEY SEE THE OPPORTUNITY CLOSING FAST AS Russia rebuilds it forces after the debacle of the Yeltsin years and the rundown of the Russian Military deterrent

2) That any FUTURE war will be primarily confined to the European theatre. Consequently the US will be quite reckless…Libya Iraq Somalia Afghanistan are recent examples.

3) The US stands to gain as she did in WW1 and imperialist WW2 ( respect to the Great Patriotic War) a full-scale conventional war will turn Europe into a battlefield and the rebuilding of which will as the 2 other engagements referred to benefits the USA economically…while having made lame the “Russian Bruin”.

Attention is then drawn to the Pacific Rim…which is why Ukraine is such a threat to World Peace.





Mosogovy shows all the traits of an Ultra Leftist while conversely Strelkov is clearly of the Russian Nationalist Far Right.

Mosogovy’s failure to understand the need to attempt to seek a political settlement show a n ignorance to World Peace and the real threat of Nuclear War Those here who don’t see WW3 as a reality are equally blind

As evidence from the Budapest accord Minsk was not a betrayal but a carefully though through attempt to find a political solution in line with the aspirations of the Dontesk and Lugansk people

Mosogovy shows either a nativity or complete lack of a grasp of strategic Military and Political thought. Or perhaps he wanted in the event of failure to create the scenario where Russia was forced to intervene like China in Korea.



“Good judgment seeks balance and progress; lack of it eventually finds imbalance and frustration… “

I accuse Mosgovy of “Ultra leftism” Let me qualify I have no idea of his ideological beliefs as they remain unstated other than the utterances of his many video Motherhood statements …

However he shows the traits that was a failure of the United Front in the Spanish Civil War 1936 AND Germany in the 30s

Then both the Anarchists and Trotskyist factions refused to submit to a central Army command or central organising body; being more concerned with a pursuit of sectarian “Revolution” than a defeat of Fascism. This often included personal gain which are the implications of the Batman saga.

This was sadly an error of the German Communist Party and Spatarkists who refused to join with the Social Democrats in opposition the National Socialists. This was fuelled by the reactionary position taken by the Social Democrats earlier siding with the Capitalists and Frei Corps in the suppressing of the German Revolution. What they failed to see then and again today was that the conditions had dramatically changed … Mosgovy is guilty of this today.



Had the advance continued on to to the streets of Kiev or further to Lviv as Mosgovy claims it should have he shows a lack of history Did he really expect that there would not have been a wholesale mobilisation of Fascist and Nazi Forces. Did he not see a fully resurgent vehicle previously known as the Ukraine Insurgent Army which estimates shown in 1944 was over 200,000 strong that fought a protracted War until 1949 THE UIA EMBLEM WAS there to see on the front lines at the Maidan


The Ukraine Insurgent Army conducted war against Soviet forces and then carried out programs against Jews and Russian peasants in 1941. For ease see 1958 Film “Come and See” At the Great Patriotic Wars end action was continued (with the support of the US) with a guerrilla War against the Soviets from 1944 – 1949 Similar occurred against the Polish Army from both the UIA and the Polish Fascist underground. See the 1958 film “Ashes to Diamonds” by Andrzej Wajda


Did Mozgovy expect this wouldn’t happen? There was no certainty of this advance as success as separatist’s forces advanced on Kiev or further West Livi.

There was a real risk over stepping the reach logistically …and then what? What if the people on mass didn’t rise?



So to Strelkov There isn’t much to be written that hasn’t already been said and done Strelkov is a manic Imperialist White Guardist Monarchist demagogue. Without shame he believes in a return to pre Revolutionary Russia and more importantly the developing of a cult of HIS personality.

After Sloviansk it was clear he was to be gone. He arrived as an opportunist and as a man of some considerable charisma and charm was able to fool some of the people.. but not all. I mean can you really take someone so seriously who dresses up in pre-revolutionary Tsarist Uniforms and states an admiration for General Vlasov as a patriot and thus for being anti-communist.

I liken both Mosogovy’s and Strelkov’s behaviour and mind-set to that of Trotsky and his refusal to sign a peace treaty with Germans in 1918. This refusal then endangered the young Soviet Republic.

I also liken them both to those misguided leftists who undermined the Spanish republic which saw the necessity of the Republican army fighting a fifth column in the rear. Those forces leaders were in the interests of military accord and discipline shot….some summarily. It is abhorrent to our sense of justice and fair play but war is war and if you break ranks the consequences of not acting are devastating.

You can read I am not here to win friends but to share a brutal truth about WAR

The Batman allegations which I have only tuned into in the past day are also being driven by The Volokh Conspiracy on twitter

Who is Vollokh Conspiracy an online magazine run by Eugene Volokh who teaches free speech law, religious freedom law, church-state relations law, a First Amendment Amicus Brief Clinic, and tort law, at UCLA School of Law, criminal law, and a seminar on firearms regulation policy.

So there you have it  US leading the way.

So a quick look the BATMAN issue as stated above in August Zakhcarchenko DPR made it clear all militias were to be united under one central command structure. In LPR the aim is the same and Batman was to be no exception but is just the tip of an ice burg.

Batman like Strelkov and Mozgovy just didn’t get the BIG Picture and all refuse the discipline of a centralised Military Command with strategic objectives. Any disciplined soldier understands this….In theatre the structure must operate as a homogenous unit.



We have the Cossacks who decided to set up their own republic within the LPR under the leadership of a Kozitsin. Kozitsin was expelled from Lugansk (with Strelkov Donetsk ) for refusing to accept a central army command .

Allegedly Kozitsyna was accused, of looting, theft of coal and its sale to representatives of Ukraine. Is this true? Who knows He had declared his own republic which can only be considered divisive (remember Spain 1936)

Shortly after leaving in early December Cossacks loyal to Kozitsin e were invited to join the ranks of people’s militia now being organised along professional army lines . An agreement was reached apparently that the government would be united and there will be no Cossack republic. It was agreed LC should be “one people’s power. ”

This agreement was immediately broken by the Cossacks thus undermining the Army structure They are supported and incidentally follow the same imperial line of orthodoxy as Strelkov.

Later in December Yevgeny Ishchenko a Cossack leader in a video threatened to turn their guns on the LPR Militia “we can deploy our weapons in the other direction, and then it will be very hot”

So scenes (like that with Batman) are set A Confrontation was obviously being provoked.

This is a mirror to Spain 1936 and a “fifth column” is at work behind the lines.



This Factional fighting in the LPR ONLY works in the interest of Kiev., It weakens the position of the republic (including its leadership in the eyes of the local population), It provides a fertile ground for a possible Ukraine attack and gives another reason to not recognize the participation of LPR in peaceful negotiations and it forces the young government to act decisively and brutally against dissent.

The Cossacks were given a choice (as I imagine Batman was) to
a) Either serve in the army but in a specific Cossack regiment so maintaining their cultural identity or b) to disarm and take up farming.

To date this appears to have been ignored or so it seems.

They were threatened that “appropriate legal measures would be taken” on refusal

Anyone with a modicum of military prowess this was an impossible position for a young republic to accept



It would be of more value it some of the people here in this thread were to focus on combating the mass of misinformation lies and propaganda that spews forth daily from the Western controlled media and lackeys on social media.

This is a critical fight to win.



Inroads are being made daily and I will claim to have brought together some of the most compelling evidence that if MH17 was to have been brought down by a SAM the rocket battery was in the possession of the Ukraine Rocket Forces in March May and earlier in July 2014

As for Donetsk and Lugansk people let them decide.



There are many out there supposedly pro Novorossiya who have attacked me for exposing Strelkov in particular on Twitter. At other time you should be aware that the forces on social media operate in very smart way by promoting a pro DPR or LPR positions but drop amongst their Blog posts or tweets material clearly subversive but outstanding fiction and misinformation something “will throw in something fishy”…..

They are the ones who have emblazoned across their Mastheads Imperial Russian Eagles festooned with St George Ribbons to add credibility. (Before Ukraine it was the Syrian Eagle and 2 Star Flag same) When questioned and later exposed they will be massively defensive They will have the hide to actually accuse one of being Pro Ukraine Nazi and while pinging others come troll.

If you think the reactionary forces would not infiltrate in this way think again.

I write as there is a deepening crisis in Europe with a rise in Nazism and across the World with US Militarism…….


……something Eisenhower warned against in 1961 “we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

As you may read I didn’t write here to endear myself to you. I am here to call a spade a shovel

I write because there is today a Great Conspiracy against Russia and not because I am a fan of Putin

I write because the Russian people have suffered so much at the hands of imperialism WW1 Western Government interventionists in the Russian Civil War and the huge sacrifices made in the Great Patriotic War.

I do so in memory of 2 family members who fought in Spain

For an Uncle an RAF Group Captain born in Russia 1911 who flew in the Battle of Britain and also in the Soviet Union with the RAF in the War (Murmansk) and with a small RAF squadron deployed resisting operation Barbarossa after the destruction of the Soviet Airforce. Another  Uncle by Proxy an Austrian Jew and MI6  agent ( also uncle to Marianne Faithful the singer) was parachuted behind lines in the Balkans to fight with Tito’s Partisans

I write this for my 2 Grand Fathers both from WW1 one in the Royal Artillery who became a pacifist and my other who was a Scots Guard in India, Boar War and in the Weston Front trenches.

My knowledge is drawn from all of them and my own brief association with the Royal Artillery

I have studied modern Political and Military history extensively and been to both the Soviet Union and Russia after the collapse.

So all dear Armchair GENERALS I suggest you go play War-games with your Xboxes or PS4s



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    Good story, just would of liked it more, if you had mentioned, the civilian casualties, shelled by their alleged OWN people, mental patients abandoned in the cold, starving, without food, failure to mention the coup that infiltrated Kyiv, ousting and the overthrow of Yanukovych, you did nail a lot of good points, I’m not a critic, but whole Truths in its entirety is what people need to hear

    • The context of this post was specific to the current situation post Minsk …not a resume of the entire situation origins etc These have been covered in earlier posts here and primarily on my Facebook pages and mini blog (twitter)

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