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WarCrime” #‎Auspol‬ ‪#‎TonyAbbott


Time to VISIT  this again about ‪#‎MH17‬ ‪#‎Russia‬ and ‪#‎Ukraine‬ Read carefully scrutinise the images and watch the videos


IF it was not a ‪#‎Ukraine‬ ‪#‎SU25‬ that shot down ‪#‎MH17‬ These 2 videos SHOW WHO CONTROLLED THE SAMS (the Buk Rocket battery) that have been identified as having been responsible for shooting the Boeing down.


Either way all evidence not limited to this post the montage above or the video within on the BUK 312 and 321 or BYK… points to the Ukraine and Poroshenko

Both 321 and 312 have been identified  as deployed with the UKRAINE ARMY while 312 is alleged to have been the battery that shot down MH17.


It is conclusive Neither could have come from Russia ….and if it was to claimed that they are a SAM battery that must have fallen into Pro Separatist hands this has never been claimed  The time has long passed for that excuse


Ukraine Buk 321 Meme


These videos and the AP picture above of 321 prove that both were in Ukraine Army control and 312 was not from Russia



BUK May 17



NOTE: I first published this youtube video

to my facebook July 21


It has been removed but the following is what I wrote to go with the video which was from Ukrainian Army …..I have quite a collection of YouTube videos that are being removed that are from Ukraine and implicate Ukraine in the downing of MH17 and other acts of cruelty

*(At the foot of this post is a list of video all Russian Language that I was using for reference that have been taken down by Youtube


“BUK312 is seen again as the 2nd vehicle in this video with the Ukraine Army in the field near Lugansk

Remember 312 was identified as one of 3 BUKs (Gadflys) M1s that entered Ukraine from Russia last week with 312 shown on TV channels as leaving on a low loader back to Russia minus 2 missiles.

We know it wasn’t on its way to Russia; all  the evidence has  shown this was not the case….but however you look the propaganda  it obvious”

The low loader picture below has been used to allege it was on this vehicle and on its way back to Russia. If you accept that the missile vehicle is part of a *4 vehicle operating unit system, and that the video evidence provided is of the same battery there is only one of two conclusions to be drawn and a question asked

QUESTION: These systems include full launching, loading and radio location units. Where were they Why no evidence of those on their way back to Russia?







According to Janes  an SA-11  or ‘BUK’ M1 missile system, requires 5 minutes set-up active targeting, followed by an additional 22 seconds ‘reaction time’ for target acquisition vectoring and firing. MH17 was only visible for little over a minute .This means it was being tracked “over the horizon” and a deliberate not mistake to be shot down. Therefore one must where is the M1 (NOT M2) tracking unit?


It is very clear  who theBUK (312) belonged to….

It was part of the Ukraine Fascist Army The evidence is irrefutable once you match the 312 WITH 321 both in the same Ukraine army unit


WAS An SU25 The Vampire?

This then takes us to the probability it was an SU25 which contrary to ignorance is capable of flying at and above a modern  business class jet that  are flying  the skies today at 30k plus  on much less thrust to weight ratio….. that’s with leather chairs, hookers and tons of booze on board. A dedicated  military jet is  suddenly not capable of doing that just because it does not fit the propaganda.

In 1948  A tiny Vampire jet (operationally equal to the SU25  purpose as  a Fighter-Bomber) was able to break the World altitude Record at 59,446 ft (18,119 m) though its  initial Service ceiling was UNPRESSURISED : 42,800 ft (13,045 m)


Flight of Vampires that were the first jets to fly non stop over the Atlantic and broke the world altitude record in 1948

Flight of Vampires that were the first jets to fly non stop over the Atlantic and broke the world altitude record in 1948

The altitude record for an unpressurized aircraft is  50600 ft and U2 Spy planes were unpressurised So pressurisation or non pressurisation of the SU25 is a distraction and irrelevant

Any idea that an SU 25 today modified or unmodified lightened or unlightened could not reach 33,000 feet is absurd.

Several aircraft publications including but not limited to

1) “Flugzeuge der Welt” by W. Green (1984), essentially quotes  facts of the military aircraft

2) “Janes Manual” (used for  NATO reference) page 208 f.

identify  the maximum flight altitude of SU 25 @ 35,000 ft (10,670 m)  The performance of the SU 25 will have been upgraded since that time






Dutch interim report says “multiple high-speed objects hit cockpit, leaving multiple holes and leading to breakup of jet.” An airliner is hermetically sealed pressurised chamber, a few well place shots from  cannon explosions will, increase the pressure inside the cabin to an extreme level causing it to explode 

The pot marked segment of cockpit ABOVE suggests this is what occurred and caused as reported by the Dutch Safty Report “a catastrophic explosion”.


*Youtube Censorship



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