Posted by: daviemacdonald | July 7, 2012

Just takes some time for the truth to come out and; make good for the world too see!

This is a song for those
who lost their hope
a long a long time ago

I know someday that you will find it somehow
Because you’re not too old
to accomplish goals
and all the answers are within your soul
its up to you, you gotta figure it out
Uh huh

Whether you want love or money
Good fortune or fame
You want a brand new card
You want the world to change
You better take some action right now, oh yes
Because there’s nothing in the world that you can’t get
So don’t fill your life with confusion and regret
You better take some chances right now

Well you can gain the world
but for the price of your soul
yes I know, well I know, yes I know
you can gain the world for the price of your soul
but I hope you take the road less traveled
and I hope you find the courage to grow
well I hope you find the courage to grow

So now you’re 45
and you realize
just what you wanna do with your life
just took some time for you to figure it out
Cause everyone one of us
Has a purpose here
Sometimes its hidden underneath your fear
Just takes some time for the truth to come out

climate change hits poor people first and worst Created by BAFTA award-winning animator Ian Gouldstone, Face the Music shows how poor people are being hit first and worst by the effects of
climate change, even though they’ve contributed least to it.

We can all do our bit by cutting our carbon footprints, but to fight climate change on a global scale, world leaders must act – and they must act now.

This is what Labor is doing with benifits of a price on Carbon and a Reasources Taxi is covered in this piece from General Knas & Sizzla – “Good For The World”

Swedish reggae artist General Knas in combination with Sizzla Kalonji released “Make Good For The World”.

Covers poverty unemployment and the selfishness of those who deny climate science and want to continue to exploit the Worlds Poor
It’s the second release on the “Electric” riddim, produced by One Drop Music from Sweden recorded in Jamaica

“Dont Mattter if your Black or White. Remember Love is for you and Me Lets get together make good for all the world to see Dont waste an oppportunity” “Someone is hungry someone is lonely the [Earth] is crying. Giving a helping hand to poor”


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