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Nothing Changes So just “Paint it Black”


The Nazis killed MILLIONS. They got a trial. The World got Justice



When I heard the news a week ago Sunday that Bin Laden was dead, I immediately felt something was wrong …something didn’t seem quite right….and the reports started changing. I immediately shared my thoughts with those around me and surprisingly being someone experienced in standing alone with my views most everybody I spoke to was also sceptical. As a result though I had other pressing matters I felt compelled to post a blog last week. Though my audience is small if one applies the maxim of networking based on my current weekly readership my thoughts could possibly each out to over 1000 people.

The events of  North Africa have certainly driven a hole in my intended plans for this blog. But the issues are to important to let go by without comment.

Here is a follow up to my last weeks post

If indeed Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan 2 weeks ago (and not before as some believe) it has taken the US 9 years to achieve to achieve this feat.

stupidIn the search for BinLaden it is not hard to find stupidity in the US policy. It drives two reckless wars, lets OBL escape from Tora Bora, keeps looking for him in caves and as it turns out invades the wrong country. The first war in Iraq has cost to date $2.0 trillion cost the lives of almost 6,000 Allied troops and 100s 000s civilian of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Doubts about when Bin Laden was actually killed must be brought into question as a result of the CIA Bin Laden bureau being closed by the Bush Administration in 2005.

Some questions have also arisen (see my last post) with the speed of the celebrations in the wake of the announcement of the Death of Bin Laden. The TV coverage displayed a worrying jingoistic response. Not the response to the end of a War involving the whole of mankind such as the 2nd World War on VE Day but something more sinister. Some suggest even pre planned with flags an all. I will leave that for the conspiracy theorists

On the day it was announced that Hitler was dead, there was no rejoicing in the streets, even on the News Reels of the Soviet Union from the time you willsee on the faces of the Red Army troops just a reflection on all the comrades lost in the battle for Berlin.

The real celebration came on the meeting of the Allies on the Oder river and later at the announcement that the war in Europe was over. THAT’S what the people were relieved to hear not just the demise of Hitler but the end to all the killing but its  another thing celebrating Bin Laden’s death at the site where the remains of his victims are still occasionally found at Ground Zero. I doubt anyone would all go each year to Auschwitz to crack open bottles of champagne. There is something sick about this  and what some in the the US are reducing themselves to.

What was seen in the US was celebration not unlike that after a World series win or fans after the FA Cup Final OR Rugby Final. Nothing better than a party going on, complete with the shaking and spraying of champagne bottles over the crowd. The largest partying done at Ground Zero scene of the twin towers take down.I can completely understand people wanting to celebrate as on VE day but something didn’t feel right. It’s one thing to be happy that a criminal has been captured and dealt with.

When the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, people didn’t pour into the streets to celebrate did they?. I imagine mother’s brothers sisters Fathers were happy and hopeful that their loved ones would be home soon as the event of dropping the bomb might bring war to a close. Though on this last point I should point out that the Soviets had entered the land war against the Japanese who were then already suing for peace with the Russians. It has long been argued therefore that there was something more sinister in the reason to drop the Atomic Bombs but that is a narrative for another day.

Back to the dropping of the Atomic bombs the deaths of the Nazi War Criminals in context of bin Laden there was not a public display of Champagne Celebration for a hundred thousand Japs have been fried!”

From VJ Day with Frank McAkary dancing down George Street Sydney, VE Day in Trafalgar square , the sailor kissing the girl in Times Square  on August 14th, 1945, were all celebrations of relief and of a world thought to be finally at peace. That’s when America went crazy with joy – not over killings, but over an announcement of peace.

We are humane, we are educated, we are reasoned and measured are we not . Are you a hysterical a mad revenge seeker. You will say yes to the former and no [ most cases] to the latter.  There was no blood lust euphoria on the day Timothy McVeigh was executed. The world was respectfully silent. The families of the Oklahoma City dead were silent and no doubt relieved. What is the difference between Hitlers Nazi War criminals, PolPot, McVeigh and Bin Laden, other than the number they slaughtered? I wonder. I think we know the answer. Nothing

Though bin Laden is dead, we are told that our freedoms that have been eroded over the past decade are not to be lessened but in fact are to be increased as the War goes on Terror”  must continue!

stupidSo with our victory  do we have our VE and VJ day crowd to celebrate peace in Trafalgar Square  London mass in Hyde Park Sydney or dance down George Street to celebrate our re-found  easy transition onto our air flights?  No! Will we be bringing the troops home anytime soon? No On the first point about air flights if you go first class the security checks are quicker and less invasive. Mad if you consider all the 9/11 hijackers traveled 1st Class

Will Afghanistan be stabilised? Will Iraq be rebuilt into the 21st Century or left to continue to rot.  Unlike Europe and Japan at the end of the War when the US was able to invest today the  US is flat broke so can’t help with the repairing the destruction she  ( in respect to all mothers perhaps I should write he) rort on the humanitarian infrastructure of the developing world (hospitals power stations schools) not to mention the killing of innocent civilians including the old and the frail. Today the US (Government) can only take without payment.

Is this what we celebrate with Champagne and the vulgar flag waving of the Stars and Stripes. A Flag originally intended as was the Statue of Liberty to be a symbol of emancipation, hope justice and freedom for all..

All we’re left with is not much more than a cup of bad instant coffee, to cheer the death of one evil man who is supposed to make us feel good but in a flash that euphoria is gone.

There can be no celebration for the end of the Afghanistan War because the war isn’t close to ending. We are told on the one hand the war must continue but on the other we are pulling out! Even though we are told there are no more al Qaeda left in Afghanistan now conveniently re –named al Qaeda in Pakistan the War continues. There are still have 120,000 NATO troops there apparently fighting a very small number of Terrorists. We are fighting the Taliban, too, but the Taliban are Afghan citizens and a product of the environment the US created along with OBL against the Soviets.

They are not an invading force, and, for a long time now the Afghan Government corrupt as it is has wanted a dialogue with them.  As President Jimmy Carter has pointed out for a tenth of a tenth of the cost of all the Arms Munitions and lives lost you could buy off the Taliban to be “Good Guys”. But of course you wouldn’t then have the shop window to show off your weapons for sale though Libya is now providing just the opportunity to test and show off the latest US and European fighter bomber aircraft.

Guess what it’s all a crock o shit. If you believe what you are told by the mainstream media than I suggest you get into the business of manufacturing Poppies and set up an additional revenue stream with some stone masons.

I find few people who are really convinced about the story of how Bin Laden was killed. Yes we agree he is dead but where and when is what is questioned by absolutely all who move in my circle or I engage in the polemic.

Just how was this CIA Creation killed?

At last count the story from the Pentagon changed as many times as there have been days since the first reports

 It went from on day one (remember the President of the United States and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton where watching live) with OBL firing on the troops with one hand and using his wife as a human shield with the other, to now with some change episodes in-between to there being no single person in the main house, including bin Laden, being armed. You will recall in my last post questioning where were all the pock marks a spent shells of the 45 minute fire fight we were originally told about.

We were told the helicopter stalled then crashed landing on a brick wall (how embarrassing) to be shot down by one single armed terrorist. Who was probably the gardener who threw a pitchfork at it. Who knows what to believe?

We were told there was a small team of SEALS if I recall we were originally told 9 or so that which then ballooned out to 49.

We are now told the single person armed who fired a weapon was the courier Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti.

Homeland Security Adviser John Brennan stated day one a female was used as a shield to shield bin Laden from the fire. This statement was backed up by a Senior Defence official, who told reporters at a Defence Department briefing that, “One woman, who was used as a human shield by one of the four military-age males on the compound, was killed; he [OBL] was firing from behind her.” 

Two days later it was debunked by White House spokesman Jay Carney’s statement. There was a woman on the first floor of the compound who was killed “in the cross fire,” he said.

Later she is reported as being shot in the foot and so the story on this aspect unravels. Remember the US President is watching all this live.

This statement by Homeland Security Adviser John Brennan at the White House press briefing the day after at the left unanswered one of the question of the operation: Was bin Laden armed? Brennan’s answer implied that he was, but at the following briefing, Jay Carney reported “He was not armed,” Bin Laden did “resist” but he declined to elaborate except to say “resistance does not require a firearm.”

We were told that Bin Laden’s body was immediately flown out to the Carrier but then this changed that the body was first flown to Afghanistan

Night opps

The explanation that the helicopters could approach undetected into a country with a history of wars with India a nuclear arsenal is explained now by the revelation of ‘stealth’ helicopters.

If one of these helicopters could enter silently into Pakistani airspace due to technological enhancements how could it apparently crash-land without a sound?. On the subject of stealth if you listen to the comparison sound recordings of a standard chopper and the sound bite released of a stealth chopper the both sound pretty loud to me though the tone is different. The only analogy to illustrate what I mean might be the differences  between 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines or perhaps a diesel.

Any how could such a large machine, weighing many tons crash-land into a concrete barrier and not make a sound? How could the F-16s and air defences of Pakistan at the time be stood down for over an hour?

Incidentally if Pakistan is such an unreliable ally why is military support continues to be supplied?

All these discrepancies plus others have created a lot of suspicion about what really happened. Did it happen 11 days ago if not when? We were later informed the CIA knew of OBLs hiding place since August 2010. How so?

This is all very perplexing but nothing changes as this clip from Vietnam shows

Special Forces Rangers SAS Spetnatz or US Navy SEALs are trained to follow orders without question. When in action there is no time to stop and think; too much depends on speed and agility, to secure the target and outcome of the mission. They also accept as do all well-trained soldiers the possibility of their own death.

Therefore before going on this mission there were specific orders for the raid in Abbottabad. If one accepts this premise they were given orders to not bring bin Laden back alive.US Navy SEALs are highly trained precise and lethal. They killed every adult male but they also took care to not harm a single one of the nine children who were there.

They are not a Rambo-style operation that goes in guns blazing, spraying bullets. They can even kill with dental floss in hand.They act swiftly and with expert precision. Braggarts aren’t tolerated well, and members are not rock stars….like

I wonder how these professionals now feel being so grandstanded in this way by their Government.

Perhaps it’s just to sell more of these

Again I reiterate my last post the world of decent fair-minded people deserved that this man be forced to stand trial in front of the world. Where is our justice for the world?

We are not the Taliban, al Qaeda or Nazis. Ours should be not just the system of revenge or extremism. Those who died in 9/11 or subsequent attacks would have been killed in vain their lives further wasted if we sink to the level of OBL. We need to maintain our belief in fairness in the Judiciary and Egalitarian Democracy. This is what our children fight for? We think we call it *Justice…They do not fight for raging capitalism…ask anyone. They believe they fight for freedom. They are being misled.

This is what the Director Leon E. Panetta (famous for the “CIA Misled Congress for a Number of Years quote”)] said May 2nd….

“Though Bin Ladin is dead, al-Qa’ida is not.  The terrorists almost certainly will attempt to avenge him, and we must—and will—remain vigilant and resolute…… The only leader they have ever known, whose hateful vision gave rise to their atrocities, is no more.  The supposedly uncatchable one has been caught and killed.  And we will not rest until every last one of them has been delivered to justice”.

Bin Laden should have been put on trial. As a person who presented to the Holocaust Museum in Sydney a UN record of German War Crimes in Poland. A trial  OF OBL would have given the whole decent world a permanent historic record of his WAR crimes.

This is why the Nazis were tried in Nuremberg. A trial would not have been for Bin Laden but for us.

The Nuremburg trial were done for us born after the War “Lest we forgot” It was done to highlight how ordinary children ordinary everyday people as the Nazi were can grow into monsters. Nuremburg was also done for the German people so they could see the evidence of their collective crime. I am reminded of a Russian Film “Come and See” The very final frames of the film are most telling and if you want to fully understand the context of what I write I suggest you get a DVD.

One of the discomforts of putting OBL on trial is that he would most likely remind the World like Noriega of Panama Diem in Vietnam that he was once a mercenary, funded and armed by the US to fight the other Evil Empire in the last battle of the Cold War.

Trouble was when that killing stopped “Frankenstein” aka OBL went on KILLING and to turn on his creator. Bin Laden should have been displayed on trial to put to rest his myth like these images of these arrogant Nazi Bastards

German Generals Humiliated

“Blow Back” the CIA call it and here is a reason

Libya Update: “The US has been there done that”

A no fly zone It seems to me that since the start of the NATO intervention there have been no Libyan jets flying for the past 6 weeks. So why are we still in action ?

Just how many command centers can there be left to bomb?

So this raises the question if the real reason was to stop Libya being able to mount air attacks why the continuation of the NATO Bombing?

Could it be the wave of Middle East revolutions was a false flag from the start and the ultimate target for the US was always going to be Libya

There are some more interesting facts that are coming to light

 Gaddafi was going to start using a new gold dinar and planned that Libyan oil is purchased with it.

Libyans were receiving a “social” wage, every Libyan of working age received the equivalent of $US 1,000 a month and it was up to them whether they worked or not.

Gaddafi was putting money back into the community and had also made all education free.Libya was almost free of debt and were not locked to the World Bank or IMF

The next thing we know we have a popular uprising. Given the high rate of indices see my previous blog post and the fact that ­ Gaddafi was developing an enormous system of underground aqueducts, to turn Libya’s of Northern Sahara into farmland why would (if this is true) why would the population rebel?

Syria Note:

I haven’t had the time yet to research Syria fully however very briefly; have you noticed the unrest is occurring in towns that Border both Jordan Iraq and Turkey. Is it that the ongoing riots in Syria “is deliberately contrived to take the attention away from Libya.

The Net Tightens

Of course if you understood my assertion about the Germans and  the Spanish Civil war and the desire for the Mediterranean to be a controlled sea for the free passage of oil you can see slowly a ring being formed today with counties (NATO) loyal to or subject to US influence. This ring also creates the further drive to isolate the Russians and the Black Sea.

“Nothing Changes”

Hopefully I will get to upload in the non to distant future more music I still have the Music of the Revolution to post . I do have some more slow food recipes for fast people  to post, maybe how to make a good coffee? I should do something perhaps on my model making and workshop. What I am reading and so on including comment on domestic Australian Politics.

Well that’s it from me See you soon Davie


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