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Scales Of Justice but full service will be resumed shortly

Dear every one due to a range of hugely time-consuming issues I have not had time to blog recently. I want you all to know that it isn’t me being slack  just the weight of other issue has swamped me. I feel I have let some people down and my commitment to the Libyan people has taken a back seat to my own issues.

In order of priority my challenges have been:-

  • Preparing a submission the Law Society laying out a complaint about my first Lawyer in my Family Law dispute. The submission was by its nature complex and had to be detailed and required research into the regulations governing conduct of Legal Practitioners. As it is current it would not be appropriate to reveal much today.
  • Preparing a submission to the Australian Capital Territory District Court re the above  which is a priority to prepare and file for next week. With that all out-of-the-way we are then free to go after thevery ex either in the Family Court or the District Court…there are advantages in either. We might even file in both…more later
  • The collation of material referred to  my Affidavit to be filed in the matter of my “Family Court and Property matter.
  • The almost final drafts of my Affidavit re above which is incidentally is over 70 pages long.
  • Searching for and ordering the transcript of a Traffic Matter held in the ACT Magistrates Court that reveals and proves the status of my relationship with Ms Green. As I once wrote [I think] before the longer that (m)uck us around we simply have more time to make my case and claim stronger and bigger by the day.
  • stupidThe preparation of a report to Police in respect of the Identity [change] theft and stealing of my frequent flier points by my ex  [Qantas Fraud Investigation Incident #0*^%@*/11 ]. This again is related to the above and part of the mechanism used involved changing my registered contact email with Qantas to their IBM email address…so I wouldn’t know the theft had been done. Ms x made the error in the process of the change back later to my address to a “dot com” when in fact it should have been a “dot net au”!  Now how silly? Without that error the theft would never have come to light.
  • The collation of evidence in a defamation action to be brought in relation to the family matter that was blogged about me. This will be pursued when all of the above have been dealt with. There are up to 9 individuals concerned in the defamation but I have my sights set primarily 4 individuals in Australia who statements were particularly harmful and damaging.


Now if that wasn’t enough to be getting on with I had to organise  the finding and retrieval of a motor vehicle belonging to my boy [son] that had been taken without our consent in December 2010. It had been left with an electrician at Brisbane Auto Electric who then took the care when he went bust in December and proceeded to we now find wreck it. The finding and retrieval of the car was a somewhat drawn out process and we were successful with the help of our friends in the Queensland Police. The vehicle was found last Tuesday and I had to arrange from Sydney a Tow Truck to go seize it. Yes you got it I had to prepare a report of over 6 pages  to Police as to the circumstances and also to prepare a claim to the insurance company.

Bodgy Tyre Wall Repair

Someone ripped of the side skirt

There is some damage to the car and parts missing which I am in the process of sourcing. Being an  old American Coupe this is just another time-consuming challenge and the search is world-wide. Next week hopefully there will be some positive news.

What this is also a lesson in is that if you F*$k with me I will eventually reimburse you with interest

Now wait there is more:-)

On coming out of home Friday morning one of my other cars had been bashed into …so it was off the panel beaters to organise repairs next week. Monday 6 June update all the parts we need including rear tail-lights, body skirts,and other bits and pieces have been found.

My health is not quite so good and after suffering a severe spinal injury in January 09 when I prolapsed 3 disks internally to the spinal colum I further severely damaged my back with all the heavy lifting when I was forced to move last year. The result from that is today I am back under care with a team leader who is co-coordinating my treatment with 2 other specialists. The prognosis is good and I am determined I will get my leg moving properly again though I am now registered [temporarily] as disabled.

Key thing is pain management which is working well.

I did have to travel way out to Westmead Hospital to get an MRI but in the course of trying to locate the imaging Center in the dark I found my self ( unknowingly) driving along a Bus only Transit Lane…and not even going in the direction I needed to find the imaging center…So realising this I spun the car around the drive back. Bummer its a $258 fine in each direction with the loss 2 demerit points. So Friday was devoted to writing my mitigation plea; this will be sent tomorrow.

Well I guess that would be enough for anyone …but no there is even more

On Tuesday the week previously I had to attend the fracture clinic for my arm…now as I am now registered as disabled I parked in what I thought was a disabled parking zone at the Royal North Shore Hospital. Wrong! It turns out that I parked in one of many spaces adjacent that was reserved for medical staff!

Ooops…… though my disability registration license was clearly visible the Parking Rangers decided to stick me with a $87 ticket…..Which means more letter writing tomorrow.

Well apart from all that life is all good…or is it? When I was up in Queensland 3 weeks ago I boke a bridge in the front of my mouth which meant last Friday week ago I spent from 3.30 to 8.00 in the Dentist chair!!

Well at least it didn’t hurt………that much.

social and community commentTalking about Queensland I stayed on the Gold coast as a guest of my sons Mum and her new (by way of duration) new husband, Diane and Renze. It felt great totally natural and made me very happy to know I have 2 great friends. He is a lovely bloke. I was also able to catch up with my ex in-laws who are always most accommodating and supportive to me. They are really defacto parents now of over 25 years. Well that’s how I see it I hope they do too:-).

So if you would think that would be it. You would be wronnnnnng 🙂 I have got the Financial Ombudsman dealing with a complaint I filed originally pre-Christmas against GE Capital for some shoddy and dodgy paper work relating to the finance of my BMW.  Well I had to re submit 6 weeks ago so that’s another legal matter on the go…phew

catsTo top it all off I have been making sometime a twice weekly (like last week) visit to the vet with Emma my Lilac Burmese (see an earlier fun post ‘alien cats’).

She has been very poorly and at one point I faced the real possibility of perhaps needing to put her to sleep. But since Thursday she has seemed to re gather her good old nagging self. So fingers crossed the future is looking much brighter ….but she will need bi or tri weekly visits to the vet for anti inflammatory anti biotic and pain killing  injections.


Emma watching Scotland

This morning I went to the French’s Forest Farmers Organic Market and then onto   to a pro Price on Carbon Rally held at Prince Alfred Park. It was a great day and the weather simply beautiful.

Don’t misunderstand any of the above because though I have all those challenges life is especially great now I am away from Canberra though I do miss many of my friends there.


I am only regretful I haven’t had the time to post all the REAL news around Libya. I have got somewhere with several articles but with the speed of the events and all my stuff I just haven’t been able to post anything All I can say is keep on not believing what the main stream media Obama and Cameron keep pumping out. After all if they were truly winning they would not have to resort to using ground attack helicopters and extending NATO operation for another 3 months.

Okay thank you to all of you who have kept the faith in returning to my blog. I do hope I have something next time that is much less self oriented. There are no illustrations but there maybe a few  tomorrow. Hope you all have a great evening in Aussie or day in Europe.

Cheers Davie. Life is Good 🙂


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