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Alien Space Cats, Gadaffi and World Domination

1 May Update Service will be resumed soon. Supervising Building work in my little house.

Legal matter;  document preparation, collation of reams of evidence, 2 legal conferences have  frustratingly given no time to make an entry here.

I have been doing much research on North Africa so  much more will be coming soon once the cast on my arm has been removed. I will then be able to key stroke more easily though my ability to type and spell will be as pathetic as ever.

There are lots coming with  updates on Libya, now Syria and music etc I hope to be back later today

20 April Update: Reason for lack of posting over the past week is simply one of time contraints concerning my on going health issues. I have also been hobbling around restoring my garden furniture, supervising building work in my little house; I have just had a new back patio keeping the workmen happy is with expert brews of coffee and tea is important.

catsDomesticated cats have been around for five thousand years or more. They were sacred animals to the Egyptians. Now I can reveal the shocking truth and that if you are smart you will want to keep on the right side of you neighbourhood cat(s) Better still get your own.

Let me come straight to the point. A little while ago I decided to take some pictures of my cats to post on my blog. A standard fall back item if one is a bit stretched getting up a post or two. It then struck me as I reviewed the images. …..Terror. My Cats are Aliens and the probability is yours are too.

Ever wondered where trance music came from and why well if  you listen to this (at your own risk) as you read you will understand.

If you look at this you will understand why. These are my own Alien Cats…more correctly I’m their human. At the end of this post you will see the Gaddafi connection to this post. Its scary:-) Their Earth Names are Roger (The fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat) Emma (the one disguised as a Burmese with the crown) Tom ( The Red Cat with the Rabbits head) and Rosa Luxemburg ( Just developing the EYES).

Roger an Alien Cat

At first I thought it was just a case of “red-eye” but being colour blind I wasn’t sure so I showed what I thought was just a series of cute pictures to a friend of mine. No “red eye” but GREEN  glowing eyes. It is obvious that Roger lies like this to communicate better with signals from Space.

Roger has the alien eye

I then started doing some research an found out that cats are alien creatures, you have to ask yourselves why, in five thousand years why haven’t the aliens done what they want to do with us….or have they?

Why have they not taken over the planet?

Fact is they have and you are about to see the evidence in this post. They have even developed their own personal transport system

Why would any civilization smarter than ours hang around us for five thousand years disguised at cats? Well it’s very simple.

We work Cats don’t,

We feed them for nothing

we have instituted a whole medical system to maintain their health the cost of which they contribute nothing to. We pay

Oh yes they may look cute but that has been part of the whole scheme to take over the planet. This was the main theme of the Broadway musical Cats, a theme which was largely ignored by theatre critics.

They even have their own elite….Royalty (The picture is to be uploaded) This Cat “Emma” did not have a crown when I took this pictureEmma on top of the bookshelf

Though they are as earthbound as you and me for the last few years, their alien cousins have been using them as living cameras. I took some pretty ordinary pictures when I was at the Vet in Rose Bay Sydney. You can imagine the horror I felt when I saw the pictures when I uploaded it. I wonder if the Crown also doubles for an aerial?

Alien Cats for sale see the kittlien

Have you ever wondered why cats disappear for a time, sometimes for ten minutes HALF AN HOUR, sometimes for a couple of days. You cannot find them. It is during these times that they are under direct control of their intergalactic friends. Minute cameras, smaller than a pin head, are inserted into the eye of these cats.

They then send back direct signals to those in spacecraft who are monitoring the cats. Or more to the point, monitoring YOU and I. They may even check you business records like this

Checking my documents

Why does your cat stare at you when IT wants to.

Why does it insist on bathroom privacy?

Why does it insist on following you into the bathroom when you want privacy? Even this last bastion of security has gone according to this video the cat will be waiting

Why does it leap onto your lap when IT wants to, not when YOU want it to, like a dog would?

Why does cat food taste worse than dog food?

You don’t have to be a genius like me to add two and two together. In this case, the math answer is two cats plus two cats usually equals four aliens.

The cat’s purr, which comes from nobody knows where, is merely the software on the minute onboard computer being reconfigured every so often. I will be in trouble for writing this, but that’s nothing new.

Who is your Vet really?

Have you really got to know your vet?

Do you know where they live?

Do you ever see them arrive to the surgery?

Do you ever get invited to see out the back? The answer is no, no, no, no. Here is another example of the cats checking out stuff in my office all caught in the act.

The eyes have it

Even more disturbing is the micro chip Have you ever seen one? This is the onboard computer.

I am in my office now door closed my thoughts are my own. The one chance you have is to fed the cats and then you can slip away to have some time to yourself without interference.

Here we are on Planet Earth, busily pointing our radio-telescopes at the sky in the search for alien transmissions. Hundreds of people are in therapy for alien abduction and missing time episodes which modern neurology attributes to temporal lobe epilepsy.

Thousands of people have seen glowing lights which may or may not be space ships and may or may not be a flight into Sydney Melbourne or any large City. Canberra is the exception as the aliens have less interest there as it lacks the joys of alley ways farmyards, or anything of much interest.

Some have seen the aliens among us – they are men in black or men in gray, they have luminous skins or gray skins with high foreheads, bald pates and large dark almond-shaped eyes. Some maintain that the US Government is covering up a crash-landed alien vessel. There was an announcement only this last week. Fact is the aliens are already here. CATS (Complex Alien Tracking Syndication)

In fact, millions of people live with aliens in their own homes. They live among us unnoticed. They go about their mysterious daily business unnoticed. They are small and furry and lack useable thumbs. They are cats. They suck us in by being just like this oh so cute…but make a move to the kitchen and they are there in a flash

Roger and Emma Yes looks cute but…

Even more worrying is the fact that these small, furry, friendly aliens have just about taken over all of the land mass of Planet Earth. Why else do you think we have been building submarines? Have you ever heard of the submarine cat?  No only the Ships cat! Even in Trafalgar Square London you have the Lions….. are these part of some mysterious earth to space communication station. Have a look at it from above. It is looks like one huge Ariel with a face…so you tell me what else it is?.


Contacting  the Mothership

When a cat sits there in the middle of the living room floor staring into space, what is it doing? Is it pondering the mysteries of feline life or concentrating on a spider on the wall opposite it?

Is it absorbing solar energy or simply sleeping? In fact it is doing none of these things. It is in touch with the mothership, an alien vessel orbiting earth. Information is being uploaded to the mothership while Mission details are being downloaded into the little furry alien’s brain.

Those few humans who do seem to understand that Cats are aliens are generally considered totally insane and no-one believes them anyway.

Our alien felines have specially evolved senses allowing them to see the invisible. You have seen it how they just stare into space. You may have a cat that when it’s cold it may sit and stare at the radiator. You know Cats are not stupid …so why do they do it. It’s simple a radiator is a radio receiving aerial used to contact the mother ship.

Cats allow humans to think they are cat-owners in order to infiltrate our homes. So successful are cats at infiltrating our households, that when a cat dies it is almost always replaced by another cat bought by us so they have the line of succession and communication covered so that their spying activities and human controlling activities can continue.

There is a view further in to this post from the Mother ship. This is a typical Cat Suit Yes note Cat Suit not Space Cat suit that is how clever they have been infiltrating out every day laguage

Cat from the Mother Ship

Cat-owners had the most experience of curbing this invasion but failed due to Cat brainwashing. Have you ever stopped to think how you know their names? Cats communicate with you while you don’t even know it. How else would you know their name think about it. How many times have you gone to the back door and the cat is waiting for you? Now why would this cat……. Tom be sitting like this unless he was trying to get better Radio Communication with his mother ship? Only today I noticed him swishing his tail back and forth ..obviously trying to get better contact to pick up radio waves. Think about it why would a cat walk with their tails up all the time…do we walk extending our arms above our heads?

Thomas - on the look out for dinosaurs


They are extra-terrestrial, extra-planatary, fourth-dimension creatures and Planet Earth’s only defence against them is NONE. They have even Squeezed  into the act with music.

Just as an aside in my days as a DJ in London one of my regular venues was The Crown Pub in Blackheath Village. It was frequented by Squeeze especially Glen Tilbrook and Chris Difford (who is an especially modest bloke).See foot-notes:  On the night of one of my shows I was approached in about 1976? to play their first single… I was probably  the first “live publicly performing” DJ to do so. I can’ now recall what it was now  but I think Cool for Cats came later.

The domestic cat – is attempting world domination. There is no answer to it. Some scientists believe there is Global Warming simply because cats do not like being cold. If we are to survive we must find alternative energy and renewable energy sources otherwise we will not be here to enjoy the benefits these furry aliens bring us; after all we don’t have any space ships to escape to another planet

Somewhat beyond the moon’s orbit, the cat mother ship keeps in contact with its ground forces who can even drive!!

Stray cats are advised of areas where there are likely sucker humans. This accounts for the build up of cat colonies and also for the small tabby cat sitting on your doorstep beaming ‘adopt me’ signals directly into your brain. That’s what happened with this cat, Rosa. Notice the eyes are just starting to become photographic beams.

“Rosa Luxemburg” Using the computer screen to communicate

Before you know it you are feeding it. How did you know what food it liked?

This is a view from the Mother ship hurtling through space

The cats’ home planet expired due to its home star exploding but a number of survivors escaped in spaceships and landed on Earth and allowed themselves to be “domesticated”.

There are some interesting elements and they can be domesticated but they do have a tendency to be highly domineering. Cats not satisfied with controlling us as Cats are perfecting other disguises even trying to use eyes in the back of their heads…while trying to conceal their real identity by using the image of rabbits on their backs. He also has another st of marks on the bottom of each ear….goodness knows what these are for

see the Rabbits eyes ans ears all the better to hear you with

CATS are befriending the most unlikely of other animals they are making  peace with the Birds

These cats might look like these. They can be however be looked after and will respond well to home comforts. The Gadaffi Cat below is an example!

Gadaffi Cat This is one Mother you do not want to get on the wrong side

This may have seemed not such a serious post that’s a matter for you…but you have been warned. Normal service will be resumed by my next posting.



music  16 April: The Crown Pub in Blackheath Village was one of my regular DJ Gigs. It was frequented by Squeeze especially Glen Tilbrook and Chris Difford (who is an especially modest   bloke).   On the night of one of my shows I was approached in about 1976? to play their first single… I was probably  the first “live publicly performing” DJ to do so. I can’ now recall what it was now  but I think Cool for Cats came later.

This also occurred with Dire Straits after the initial failure of their first release Sultans of Swing where I started playing it in SE London and Deptford just prior to  its (second) release…..Prior to that it had been a failure. I ought to mention that my DJ playing could not have been done with the amazing help of  “my” Roadie Martin Andrews. Without his help none of my events would have been possible.

It was around this time I also met with a percussionist and song writer Ziggy Addy. Ziggy taught me to play drums and at the time I met him was living on our Pepys Estate in Deptford.  His is a sad story of hight the mighty fall as it was Ziggy who wrote all the original hits for Bonny M but in a time of foolishness sold the Royalties right to them to make some quick big cash.  When I met Ziggy he was living in poverty with barely enough to eat. He helped us organise the Deptford Festival. Apart from the bands mentioned above another to feature was Steel Pulse. It was at these concerts with some of my lads from Riverside Youth Club we joined up with the Anti Nazi League (ANL) at another event to provide security. We went on to do this and many of the ANL London Concerts and provide security on Demonstrations against the National Front.

stupidWord Press confirmed yesterday and again today 16 April the rogue URLs that were referring visits to my blog  and the origins of the spam had  been blocked. Since I posted my suspicions here last week and identified those who I thought were behind it all the spamming stopped the same day just about. The same applies to my home email where all the spam stopped at the same time…co-incidence?

15 April update: It really is amazing that since going public again about the spam above and mentioning reporting the matter to  ACMA  yesterday on twitter all the spam to my email suddenly stopped too……another co-incidence?

  16 April updated:Legal issue continues; just biding time we’re pretty confident and cool with everything. Slowly putting the jigsaw of evidence together so the other side’s delaying tactics mean we get more time to gather evidence to cover all bases. I keep stumbling upon evidence that only makes the case stronger so their delays are working in our favour. Got another “little” piece of evidence  from an unexpected quarter yesterday …..that was a perfect bonus. Something I have learned from this is just how people you would consider solid with the other side are actually empathetic to us and are happy to give unsolicited inside knowledge. Nice



  1. Wise kings generally have wise counsellors; and he must be a wise man himself who is capable of distinguishing one.

  2. ok it’s official……’ve lost the plot!
    cute pictures though

    • Hello Wellmeadow
      I have added to the post so more “plot loss for you”. Seems this blog is going quite well. After removing spamy referals from the # of vists after just 86 days from zero I am averaging 29 visits a day
      I hope you enjoy
      Will have to get back to the World view over the next few days

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