Posted by: daviemacdonald | April 7, 2011

Standby at the CrossRoads 2010

musicJust a Little STANDBY something while I complete some other stuff. Truth is I have also lost my review notes of Crossroads 10“Bum”  🙂

April 8 EST 6.20 This is a work in progress so keep coming back to check for updates

This will knock you out. Just an example of how Blues Music transcends generations, backgrounds and Race. Bloody well enjoy see you back here very soon…maybe later today


Cross Roads 2010

First just to get rocking “Going Down” Pino Daniele, Joe Bonamassa, Robert Randolph and The Family Band.  Great slide guitar from Robert Randolf and you get a glimpse of Joe Bonamassa who appears at the Enmore NewTown in May. This is a battle beween Steel slide Guitar (Robert Randolf) and classic Blues Guitar ( Joe Bonamassa)

Vince Gill with Alvin Lee show the Blues Country roots with a tight performance….. ya ho ah  feel ya dam good with the “twang” factor.

Jonny Lang Ronnie Wood Buddy Guy “Miss You” an old Stones piece. Ronnie Wood unfortunately shows why he is a nice chap but also why he is only an average rhythm Guitar Player in this sort of company his limitations are very apparent. Jonny Lang shows why he is the talent he is while Buddy Guy shows he is the Master especially when he breaks a string and is immediately able to make a guitar then brought on for him and loaned by Hubert Sumlin sing out.

At 73, Guy has you gasping in awe with his boldly dissonant guitar-playing, combined with a personality that epitomized Ladish-boy mischief and potency.  Guy turned on his mega-watt smile and the audience was his for the taking.

The elder statesmen ARE treated like Kings. Hubert Sumlin played with an oxygen tank at his side helping him breathe. Just now I havent found a clip from the DVD that s suitable but keep coming back for I sure I will. Talking of checking back do see the other reviews because you may have missed the music clips that sit there now.

First up we have 5 long days followed  by Miss you

Jeff Beck with another wild Bass player…Rhonda Smith played for 9 years with Prince brought a funk feel to her instrumentation and take notice of the valve amplifiers.

John Mayer at his funky best

Eric Clapton I shot the Sheriff at his absolute best

And to finish Jeff Beck “Nessun Dorma” Check out the Electric Bass with Rhonda Smith

Just to spoil you for choice I decided to include this from CrossRoads 2007 though it isn’t on the DVD


musicA musical bonus a nice way wat to say goodby for now Hope you are enjoying the ride on the escalator?

Jeff Beck from Crossroads 2007 with Tal Wikenlfeld plays “a day in the life”

More attacks with spam this time from Texas  but the filter does its job and the spammers have been reported. I like to think the CIA are pissed at me for bringing you a minority truth on Libya through this blog and twitter and Tweets on Cote d’Ivoire (if you follow me…though I have been a bit quiet this week) But…… is the likely truth (about the spam that- is) that curiousmint aka curiouslyminty aka Amanda Green of  IBM is orchestrating yet another attack on my site?  Perhaps her collaborators are out of control? Who knows…. one can only go on what she wrote in the past to her friends in the US and twitters herself.

Update 9 April re THE above by an amazing “co-incidence” after a week of spam to my blog and immediately after highlighting the spamming above it has stopped even to my personal email which had got a heavy pasting over the past week or so.  Thank goodness for spam filters 🙂

stupidAre  they really stupid enough to have made an attack  a second time? Think about this  if you threaten to burn down your neighbour’s  house [in writing] and it does indeed burn down within 2 days…you are kinda going to be a person of interest. Along with the ISPs it was reported.


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