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At the Crossroads of Highway 61

musicIn a fantastic stunning effort 2007, Clapton invited old friends and new to his 2nd Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago.

But first to set the mood here is the closing of the 2004 concert with ZZ Top. Its long, so first go here then get a cuppa and enjoy
The closing of Crossroads 2004

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004 DVD

This DVDs contain four hours of legendary musicians performing alone and jamming together, along with remarkable footage taken backstage at this six-string summit. Clapton says he created the event so his friends and contemporaries could have fun and play together for a good cause. The cause is to provide a rehabilitation centre in Antigua for those who wish to dry out and shake off the ravages of any type of substance abuse you care to name.

Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007

This sold-out show is a double-DVD that has gone six times platinum in Australia and is one of the world’s top-selling music DVDs.

Featuring again a cast from a range of blues-orientated musician. This time with a more country feel in place with the likes of  Doyle Branhall, Wille Nelson, Sheryl Crow, to Johnny Winter who give us Highway 61

followed by a real rocking input from Los Lobos. Here I post what I think are 2 great performances  with a really powerful display of  Don’t Worry Baby.

I always wonder if David Hildago has his spine fused together. Any how a great musician you must enjoy.

At this concert we see women breaking through the glass ceiling this time with Sheryl Crow, Susan Tedesch and perhaps the best Bass player of our time NOW an Australian Tal Wilkenfeld

Tal Wilkenfeld

She is such a talent I must digress from this review to tell you she is just 21. She began playing when she was fourteen years old. Two years later she dropped out of high school, but graduated from Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music in 2004. After a few months she is so good she gets the endorsement with Sadowsky Guitars At 18 she moved to New York and began making a name for herself in New York’s jazz clubs connecting with the likes of Jeff Beck who she supports at Crossroads

Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck of course was a replacement for Eric Clapton in the Yardbirds in 1965. In 1967 when he went solo he had Rod Stewart and Ron Wood in his backing band. They recorded perhaps one of the worst all time bits of music I think “Hi Ho Silver lining” I will be reminding this to Rod when we catch up soon when he tours Australia. On Crossroads Jeff B plays some haunting but very avant garde material with Cause [have] ended as lovers.

On Disc 1 we get Susan Tedesch who looks almost as sensational as she sings and plays guitar in the back ground is Derek Trucks (perhaps the greatest slide Guitar and her life partner) performing in a perfect but amazingly modest way. A super musician who from what I gather is a nice family bloke too.

Though I mention him almost last, here is another great talent John Mayer showing again his versatility with Belief from his album Continuum Oh almost funky WOW.

John Mayer

Buddy Guy, will always have an open invitation to these festivals, and he is featured prominently here. Guy and his band were even awarded the closing slot of the night,

As with the first festival, I thought it was a mistake for Clapton to not close the show. At the 2004 festival, as I posted before he invited (the unlikely) ZZ Top to close the show in honour of their home grown Texas prominence.

This year, with the festival taking place in Chicago, Clapton gave the honour to Buddy Guy. That was certainly a noble and unselfish gesture from Clapton.
The only thing really missing this year was something as heavy as Steve Vai’s 2004 performance which I was tempted to include again. But I’ll refrain.
This is a great concert so buy it. I just wish the producers would release all the sessions from the concert(s). I am sure you will agree we don’t care if it takes 10 DVDs and costs  few dollars more just bring it on. It would be worth every cent.
To my boys at Riverside I hope you enjoy; to my son Robbie I hope you are in tune with your Dad. To all my friends I hope you find the videos wicked.
Enjoy Davie


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