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‘armless with a break or 2

social and community commentThis was not a planned post as I am unable to keystroke for any length this evening.

My keenness to write what I had planned  has been tempered by an accident I have been involved in. Which means I have done “spiffingly” well to have done any keystrokes over the past week. Though after reading it through I can see I have, and strictly against hospital orders. I think it is probably a bit self indulgent and not at all what I intend this blog to be; but what the heck. As I intend this blog to be informative I thought I would include a video you might find amusing so follw the link to the video of the office cat further down in the text. I have also included something about the type of injury I have

Excuse me as I brush off the rust from my shirt as I write this but I have been wandering around with a cracked arm for 2 weeks. There are  fractures to Radius and Ulna . Fortunately the bones were not displaced so no surgery needed.  Yes it is a bit sore . This has also required me to get some secretarial support (male) from the local Cat vet to load the printer for me

Here is the  first cast that was applied to my arm yesterday (Monday) at the Royal North Shore Hospital. What a great bunch of nurses and doctors they were who attended to me .

first cast

This has also required me to get some secretarial support (male) from the local Cat vet to load the printer for me Follow this link for an example of just how helpful he has been.

How did all this happen?

Well we have to go back 2 weeks (3 Saturdays ago) when in Victoria street in “semi filthy” Darlinghurst, my old haunt, I decided to make a visit to the Infinity Bakery to indulge in some fresh croissants and some hot yummy sourdough bread.

I was just waiting between parked cars opposite the Tropicana cafe for a break in the traffic. I saw a 5 ton truck driving along as they do, when I suddenly realised  when just a few metres awaythis bugger was veering towards me. Was this just some mindless prank to give me a fright?

Next thing I raised my arms  to protect my noggin (head).  I failed to avoid the truck’s mirror which collided with my arm. Oooch Ouch.

I was spun round into a parked car.  Wow that hurt. Boy was I lucky. Those of you who know me will know in late December I had eye surgery so that must have caused me to raise my arm.

He didn’t immediately stop but continued driving. 5 minutes later someone who said he was a passenger came  back and as I was sitting in the kerb asked me  if I was okay. Then he said ( Error 1) something  like “oh it’s just a graze you’re okay”

This lunatic did not make me at all a happy chappy at all.  Then  (Error 2) said he was in the passenger seat and saw everything and that I had stepped in front of the van. Oh was I super unhappy now.  I am afraid I did resort to using a few expletives and it crossed my mind that I might resort to using some other uninjured part of myself to emphasise just how irritated I was with his lack of consideration.  He had, I’m afraid started to be a smartie. Oh how I used to love crunching smarties — the sugar coated chocolate buttons of course. To get things on a proper understanding I decided to call up the local constabulary    He ran back to wherever the van  came back with his mate and we waited for the Bill.  He then told them he was the driver but just didn’t have his licence with him this morning. It was a hire van by the way ! Oh here we go I thought . I stepped forward and the Police were none to pleased with my approach to negotiations.

This meant at the time I thought the boys in blue were being a bit unpleasant to me. I do mean boys (my son is a boy and he is almost 26). So after giving my statement I  complained to the young Officer who interviewed me I thought he (Policeman) was being a tad fierce with me.  He was taken aback a bit  but t he handled my criticism in an exemplary way and explained why he may have appeared like that. “It is just the area Kings Cross and they do get a lot of situations that can blow up”.  After all he didn’t know me from a bar of soap. I did feel rather remorseful after he explained why he and his colleagues can appear like that.  We had a good chat  about what he wants to do with his career. The AFP  it seems.

Anyhow, he turned out to be a really nice chap as did his colleague today when I had to call and report  my arm had actually been broken in 2 places.

Me being smart, I decided to avoid St Vincents  being full of scrappers from  robust night at Kings Cross and thought I would go to Royal North Shore Emergency. After over 4 hours they found nothing wrong save for a load of bruising and swelling.  So off home I went my friend Pamela driving the little BM. As time has passed by the arm got progressively more dis-comfortable ( my new word).  Dear Mother you left this earth far to soon as there are times I still need to call on you.

So today they changed the cast for this hi tech super version and I am feeling particularly proud of the fact that I am being nominated for the annual Clint Eastwood Award.

new cast new cast

So all in all, well done cops, well done Royal North Shore Hospital, well done Nicola Roxon and Carmel Tebbutt.

In the Next Post or two i really hope to write  something about the stupidity of   property law involving  rights of tenency and family law in  defacto matter. Interesting stuff that will also go some way to counter a number of ‘curious’ falsehoods that have been published  over recent months and what you can do about it.

There will be More on Eric Clapton and Crossroads 2007. The review on the Jonny Lang CDs, Afro Beat and something on Football . To bad Torres my favourite player has gone to my least favourite club.


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