Posted by: daviemacdonald | March 19, 2011

Work in Progress and the bluffer NFZone

Due the constraints of discovered nerve damage to my arm…the one in the cast my key stroking has been very slow actually almost impossible.

Another hold up is due the events in North Africa and I feel compelled to write a post urgently in relation the this unfolding human tragedy especially now the no fly zone is imposed which is nothing more that a ruse to create the pretext of an invasion of Libya.

If Libya was selling Bananas would the   US  be interested  I doubt  it?

To produce a worthwhile honest and true commentary requires a great deal of research. This then has to be compiled in to text and then edited. Many of you would have seen in my haste to publish previously there are often many spelling and errors of grammar 😦  My aim today is to complete the process of writing and then publish by this evening EST.

Those of you who follow me on twitter are aware of the anomalies I have raised about the reporting of the Libyan crisis the real reasons behind the US and UK concerns and the distortions of the media I think this is illustrated best by pointing out  information below

  • Gadaffi when calling and complying with the UN resolution for the ceasefire also called on Turkey China and Malta to send independent observers to monitor. The rebels leader iKhalifa Heftir immediately rejected this proposal. This leaves the rebels free to continue to fight
  • The head of the security apparatus of the rebels Hakim Al-Hassadi was expelled from Libya in 1999 and went and joined the Taliban and fought the US in Afghanistan only recently returning to Libya since the rebellion
  • 12 March the Obama asked Saudi Arabia to arm the Rebels
  • Michael Schurer ex CIA Chief of the Bin Laden Unit warned 10 March that thousands of Jihadists had been freed from Egyptian Jails to go fight for the rebels
  • Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) Al Qaeda in North Africa is fighting in Benghazi
  • Israel undertook bombing strikes against Gaza 2 weeks ago.

A question why no fly zones imposed  over Bahrain Gaza Yemen.

Do you know the composition of the Arab League Did you know its last summit meeting was held last March in Tripoli.

Unfortunately all the feel good stuff like the music and feel good posts on the pets,  are just about done but Libya takes priority today.

So come back later and see whats added to this post

A good piece of news from last week and on the litigation front is we are smoking them out. Still a long way to go, but there will be casualties and I am prepared for that as in any fight though I do expect to win ……I am prepared to lose as I have always been so in any fight; because nothing is certain on this  planet ….but the other side  knows me well enough about that 🙂 I’m going to  Smartly and slowly break their nuts.



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