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Egypt a coup for democracy? I don’t think so

politicsWhile I complete my planned blog post for today I thought I would provide a short time record of my tweets throughout the past 48 hours and my thoughts on the Egyptian crisis. You will see I predicted the Military seizing power last Saturday.

The protesters determination forced the army to take charge of the situation by ousting Mubarak in a coup d’etat . Egypt now enters an edgy and unstable era of transition.

The army only seized power as Washington deemed it necessary. Washington decided to cut short Mubarak’s hope of remaining in power until September this year when he promised to resign gracefully to end the state of crisis the country had reached and the risk of the revolt turning away from western interests.

Hosni Mubarak resigns – and Tahrir Square celebrates. Photograph: Tara Todras-Whitehill/AP

A coup was clearly in the interest of the military of which The Americans have a strong control of the Egyptian military hierarchy.

Senior military officers benefit handsomely from the revenues generated by military-owned corporations, private contracts with foreign companies, and post-retirement postings in the private and public sectors.

The reasons for the army’s reluctance to follow Mubarak’s intent to stay and squeeze the population in Cairo have to do with a split within between the senior command, junior officers and recruits who would refuse to fire on protestors and the Egyptian military’s exposure to the U.S. military.

This article in the Guardian reveals the truth of the brutality of the military over the past 15 days.

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My Twitter posts for escalatorover throughout the past few days

Feb 7 Glen Beck says socialists Communists left progressives & extreme Islam ally in Egypt cos the enemy is the Jew. IDIOT  

Feb 8  updated blog “For whom the Bell Tolls”

Feb 11 I want to know when did the “ministry of truth” inform us Egypt was no longer a   democracy?

Feb 11 wrote in blog ‘escalator over the hill’ post 6th Feb The Coup in Egypt was coming

Feb 11 Is the CIA behind the Egyptian protesters? #egypt #mubarak

Feb 11 My prediction posted on Facebook at 9.00

“The military will go on TV to announce support for the election to be held in Sept, they support the “people” support  democracy and maintain authority for the “people”  They will encourage all to go home until then [September]or else! …Just wait and see.

Behind the scenes a coup has transpired [Feb 10]and is in place with troops on the street a state of emergency, military units being transferred and exchanged in  from other parts of Egypt . All the hall marks of a coup in support of Mubarak” It later transpired to maintain the existing State machine.

Feb 11 see blog post For Whom The Bells Tolls

Feb 11 For who the bells toll they are ringing pretty loud now

Feb 11 wrote in blog ‘escalator over the hill’ post 6th Feb The Coup in Egypt was coming

Feb 11 Associated Press= CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s military announced on national television it had stepped in to “safeguard the country,”

Feb 11 When is a coup not a coup There is a state of emergency, troops r on the street army go on TV to support [which] people Mubk says he stays

Feb 11 lack of a unified leadership of the people in Egypt leads the way 4 military to address the functions of imposing Authority (law & order).

Feb 11 its is if Mbarack has agreement with the military in which case he delegates “authority” to them to enforce the state of emergency

Feb 11  don’t be surprised to c military announce they support the election in Sept “support” the people and until then “encourage’ all 2 go home

Feb 11 or else!

Feb 11 Mubarak skilfully attempting to divide the moderates from the more strident Egyptians.

Feb 11 Though a fragmented opposing leadership a retreat now will see leaders of the rank & file being part of the “disappeared” before September elections

Feb 11 amazed at naivety of Bernard Keane & it is a retired intelligence Major not a General see this from Guardian

Army drag away Protestors

Feb 11 The only hope for Egypt is an outcome like Peru after the overthrow of Fujimori which had a similar set of internal conditions

Feb 11 If the transition is led by Mubarak or any close to him who have a stake in perpetuating the status quo including the Army it will fail

Feb11  Army since overthrow of monarchy is at center of Egypt politics The alternative to a/the coup of the US trained Generals are the Junior ranks

Overnight EST time it is reported Junior officers refused orders to fire on demonstrators

Egyptian military, which claimed to be neutral, secretly detained thousands of anti-government protestors, tortured some of them. Among detainees: Journalists, human rights activists and lawyers.

Coup d’etat – day 2

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Tweet Today 1 It is no revolution it is coup (that occurred Thursday) as I predicted last Friday. Led by Generals 2 stop revolt by junior officers

Today 2 The crisis on surface may seem calmer but it is now when the top of the more revolutionary protesters will be sorted out by the military Junta

Today 3 The question is asked “could it go the way of the Iran revolution”?. The conditions are very different. Iran was not a military coup to start with

Today 4 Iran commenced with a secular civilian reach for democracy that fought and defeated by force the military in 1979

Today 5″ CIA) Blow back” Iran revolt was led by Nationalists and Marxists. Khomeini was encouraged from Paris by Oil interests 2 counter the revolution

Today 6 who organised all the nice new Egyptian Flags in the square and the fireworks for celebration before the army made its takeover announcement?

Today 7 could Mohamed ElBaradei be the Egyptian equivalent to Iran’s Bani Sadre?

Later today I will post a music review and an article on schoolyard bullying something that has disturbingly come to my attention over the past months I will also relay my experience at school and in recent times as an Adult.

As a follow-up to last weeks post For Whom the Bells Tolls on Spain here is  a link to a Ken Loach Film ‘Land and Freedom’ you might like to download. It is a narrative about  unemployed young man, who leaves Liverpool to fight in the early days of the Spanish Civil War.

Enjoy your Saturday evening



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