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Mango box dispute – dinosaur attacks cat

catsIn October I went to the pet shop to get some food for my 2 Cats Roger a Norwegian Forest Cat and Emma  a lilac Burmese.  Roger by the way rules my world and Emma rules his so you have the dynamic of the pecking order in my family. Which reminds me of the chickens I had to sadly leave behind in Canberra in September last. I had brought up as chicks in November 2009. Brownie and Hopperty plus 4 others. Hopperty was so called because she has a deformed foot but a lovely bird just the same though my partner of the time was not so keen. Gee I even had them in a cat box on a table beside my pillow in the first 2 weeks as it was a bit cold to put them outside. My partner of the time who curiously and sadly has a very angry outlook on life was away on holiday so I was able to secretly get away with that. But I digress so more about that in another post.

So there I am in the pet shop. It just so happened I had been thinking about the purchase of a marmalade cat for some time. I have a policy [now] of only getting “rescue cats” Well I find myself drawn to those that have been abandoned like the 2 aforementioned Emma and Roger Actually I recorded Roger with as Rojer on his papers but with spell checker you always get the sqwiggily red line so I have given in to Roger.

So there I am still in the pet shop and blow me down there in the very box I had found Emma in 5 years before was Tommy.

Thomas - on the look out for dinosaurs

Thomas – on the look out for dinosaurs

But first there is a bit before my arrival.

This is what happened.

I was at a loose end one afternoon (I was having 3 times weekly medical centre and hospital appointments ) So this time after an appointment and feeling a bit down I thought I would take a drive to the pet shop miles away and just to see if they had a Ginger Tom. There is actually a Pet shop or two within walking distance.  I didn’t think I  was really serious about “the search” just some romantic notion about a marmalade cat which I have always been partial to since being introduced not so long ago to the illustrations and story of  Orlando.

So I get there.

Well blow be down, there he was. He had a label that said “Ginge”  but let me assure you he told me his name was Thomas aka Tom aka Tommy.  He had been there 3 weeks. His owner had died of cancer and had instructed in her will that in the event of her death he be as the Vet put it “euthanased” …Well how could I not take him home with me? So a few well placed calls and a bit of manipulation I cajoled my friend to come look see. It just so happened I had the Cat basket with me. So Tommy, now sometimes called Tom Kitten on good day, joined the gang. I say gang because now he also goes by the name “bad cat”.

Well on the day illustrated I had found the dinosaur that my boy Robbie had made for me when (he says in year 2) which makes it about 1991.

Hungry dinosaur on the look out for cat

Hungry dinosaur on the look out for cat

As you can see cat and dinosaur had a coming together, with the dinosaur coming out on top. Umm bad dinasour meets bad cat.

Dinosaur attacks cat

Dinosaur attacks cat

Next time: my chickens and some tips about how to look after them; Roger and Emma and how cats can connect you with your neighbourhood (our neighbourhood really is cat paradise, every other house seems to have one); and my rabbits, also sadly left behind in Canberra.

Yes indeed, old Macdonald’s Farm.

Thomas, having lost the battle with dinosaur, explores other options

Thomas, having lost the battle with dinosaur, explores other options



  1. Tommy is a beautiful addition to your cat family. Glad to see that Emma and Roger/Rojer are doing well. Sounds like you’ve had a rough time; hope 2011 is going better for you. 🙂

  2. Hello Amy Rojer is still his magnificent self chatting as always. Due to the heat of the summer he sheds his fur and his tail is where it notices most 😦 Tom is doing very well but he his a real (naughty) Tom Kitten still. I have so much to post here and I think your response about Rojer gives me an excuse soon to do a piece about him and Emma and rescue Cats. Can only single finger type at the moment so things are a bit slow

  3. Oh, I rememeber Rojer– such a magnificent creature!!
    Good of you to adopt, that’s where we got our ‘zoo’ as well. I now live with two giant malamutes, two gorgeous white cats (brothers), and four crazy ferrets–All adopted at some time or another from the local shelter.

    Glad to hear Tom got a loving family! He is beautiful!

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