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Time to stop !!!!!Misogynist Relentless attacks on Julia Gillard

This article was written originally in December 2012 However It was not posted at that time . I have not changed it in any way so from a current perspective it is not out of date. On the other hand the Prim Minister is still subject to the same attack.

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Gillard with Lioness

Time to stop !!!!! #Abbott and the unmitigated #misogynist relentless abusive attacks made on our #Prime Minster #Gillard and the Office of the Prime Minister.

Do I agree with everything our Prime Minister states No. Do I agree with every policy detail of the Government No I don’t !
But the offensive and often pornographic images of the Prime Minister must stop. Men must take a lead against the cowards perpetrating this rubbish.

We hear daily from the Tories that their role is to hold the government to account!!This is not what an opposition to Government is for!It is there to contribute to, critique and assist the process of good government and make sure there is balance in the democratic system. Saying No to everything is not assisting Good Government; nor is it representing the interest of those who voted for the opposition effectively.
Julia Gillard came under a relentless attack over some trumped-up accusation regarding as personal relationship and a role she played in the setting up of a Trade union fighting fund. Here you will hear how she refers to herself as a 50 year old Woman. What she was too modest to say was a woman with the heart of a Lion This Video of her Press Conference was for the “true believers” and not for all those bleating defeatists that have been given too much oxygen. Yes we have are internal differences but Left Centre or Right we may and do have reasons to disagree but in a disciplined ALP we keep our unity and focus on neutralising the Tory Attack Dogs Sit back and enjoy 42 minutes and 37 seconds of pure guts and determination from our Prime Minister
In contrast see these 2 videos of the Leader of the  Tory Opposition Leader Tony Abbott who stumbles when asked some tough questions by  Leigh Sales in a recent interview on the ABC 7.30 report  Abbott maintains the carbon price and mining tax are to blame for economic uncertainty in Australia while also responding to the style of language and the nature of speech used in parliament by the opposition
To illustrate further I have included an interview on Commercial TV Channel 7 #Lisa Wilkinson Here in this interview just a day later Abbott had a choice to look dumb dumber or dishonest. He obviously thought dishonest was a better look.
At the end of each interview you can see the anger in his eyes …worth noting in respect of his history of abusive and threatening behaviour Interesting to note on his web site Abbott likes to post transcripts of his public interviews; however if you go to his site you will not find either this interview or the previous interview by Leigh Sales which you can find 4 posts below. Davie.
Just for good measure here is a third interview where again Misogynistic Gender bias should not be part of the Parliamentary process So Misogyny? LETS KICK ITOUT  Here are 2 links to an article in 2 versions written by Anne Summers.Version 1 is a vanilla version where the content of the type of attacks is toned down.Version 2 contains the unexpurgated R-rated version of her speech. Be aware it contains confronting images many from Larry Pickering and shocking language

In the preface to the article Anne Summers wrote the following on her blog.

“On Friday 31 August I delivered the 2012 Human Rights and Social Justice Lecture at the University of Newcastle. I chose as my topic: Her Rights at Work. The political persecution of Australia’s first female prime minister. Like many other Australians, I have been disturbed by the double standards that are seemingly applied to Julia Gillard by the Opposition, by the media and by many ordinary people.

But in the course of researching this topic I discovered that Gillard is subjected to far worse than mere double-standards. There is an entire industry of vilification, much of it sexually crude, all of it offensive and designed to undermine her authority and thus her legitimacy in the role as Australia’s first female prime minister.

I felt that I could not argue this case without displaying at least some of the material that I was referring to.

I recognise that it is very confronting and that not everyone will want to look at it.

So here we have “Her rights at work”

This link immediately at the foot of the page will automatically take to the toned down article.

The 2nd R-Rated you can copy and paste into your browser

I thought I would include something briefly about Anne Summers recent life I confess for the sake of speed to post this article I have just refered to others research in 1970, Summers and other WLM members squatted in two derelict houses owned by the Church of England, turning them into the Elsie Women’s Refuge to provide shelter to women and children who were victims of domestic violence.

Summers received a postgraduate scholarship to do a PhD, which she used to write the book, ‘Damned Whores and God’s Police’ which looked at the history of women in Australia. She was offered a position to work as a journalist on the National Times, where she wrote an investigation into NSW prisons which led to a royal commission, and to Summers’ being awarded a Walkley Award.

From 1986 to 1992, Summers lived in New York, becoming editor-in-chief of “Ms.” magazine. Later AS  was appointed a political adviser to Labor Prime Minister, Paul Keating, until 1993, heading the Office of the Status of Women during this time. She was then appointed editor of the “Good Weekend” magazine, in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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