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Back Soon for a big 2012

I apologise for those who have continued to return to my blog. The last 8 weeks of 2011 were hectic to  blog but those who watch out for or follow me on Twitter and Facebook will understand just how busy I was.

However I kept abreast of World news and religiously shared it and my views via twitter and my Facebook.

Roger my Cat was a main source of worry in the last 2 months of the year. I written at some length about him here today and as I was loading pictures got this feeling I wrote about his rescue in the last post . How silly is that I didn’t check :)…I still haven’t

Roger - Whiskers

2011 was consumed with a multitude of Legal matters that diverted my attention away from here:

1)  My defacto family law dispute Now of almost 18 months duration.

2)  My costs dispute and Court issues with my previous  Solicitor I sacked for utter stupidity Which lasted 9 mths

3) A complaint raised with  dealt with improperly by the ACT Law Society 6  mths ongoing

4) The Attorney General on the important issue of Legal reform required in the Australian Capital Territory resulting from my disputes with ACT Law Society and my previous Solicitor

5) A matter in the Queanbeyan Magistrates Court again involving an action against a previous Solicitor

6) My 2nd and most recent Family Law Court appearance 22 December for a Conciliation Hearing. This was a complete and utter debacle caused by the other sides failure to disclose financially and not provide any copies of all documentation as directed by the Court previously for our perusal to review. Needless to say I did fully comply as directed.

7) Preparation to dispute again in my Family Law matter the other side  attempt to waste more time and costs by having the matter transferred to the Federal Magistrates Court ACT. This goes to hearing on 9th February in the Family Court of Australia.

8) Seeing several specialists over my deteriorating physical health…for which there is no solution.and

dogs and cats

9) most importantly the chronic illness to Roger my Norwegian Forest Cat who required a fair bit of TLC for over the last few  months.

Roger the day I took Emma to Visit

10) Dog sitting Billie a 15-year-old Labrador who had a stroke

Billi on back seat getting ready for a ride

So reading that it all sounds rather challenging and indeed it was it was but I am happy to write most of it is past with varying degrees of success.

So in reverse order outcomes:


Roger is doing very fine and though we are not out of the wood yet with his kidney condition the Vet Ingrid from 4 PAWS says he is the “Miracle Cat” He really was nearly lost and he was kept in hospital for over 6 days on an intravenous drip. It all resulted in him becoming lost one night. I looked for him for 2 days.

The story

I found Roger in a disused Workshop Garage Petrol Station.

While out looking Thomas the cat you may recall “a rescue cat” led me to him.


Roger was stuck in debris but he manged to wriggle free as I cut my way through the security fencing. He was very bedraggled. His rescue was I think also helped because that night evening after picking up Emma my Burmese from the Vet (after an operation to remove 2 teeth) I decided to do a detour round some back streets in my sons souped up Golf Engined Car.


I drove past the disused building complex. I did this because the car has a distinctive note and Roger; I have been told many time appears when he hears me arrive home with it. Naturally I had done a walking tour of the surrounding streets putting up posters and calling out.

Using the  car allowed me to go back over the areas again. I heard Thomas meowing in the back lane way and I went to investigate.

When I first saw him I did nothing ..went back. 10 mins later cries again. I returned with Torch in hand and Thomas ran off …and went under the security fencing. I tried to stop him and heard what I thought was Thomas again…

Tom an Upside down Cat

I scanned the torch around and found another pair of eyes reflecting back at me. When I called out from the response I could hear it was Roger.

I couldn’t get over or through the fencing so I had to rush back and get cutting tools.  He was in bad shape, and  he drank gallons of water and went to sleep on my lap. Next morning I took him to the Vet .

He was on a IV drip for the next 6 days He had almost complete kidney failure but being on fluids he recovered very quickly . The prognosis was varied but I just hoped he has  been hit with a massive infection from a bite which caused an infection that got into his blood stream and then into his kidneys…so perhaps just something temporary

Roger and Tom Winter Sun

tom and roger winter sun 2

I posted all this on Facebook and I was overwhelmed with all the good wishes for Roger  from my friend Annette in the US to Dawn in the UK  to Anita and Krono my dear friends from Croatia to Patricia up the North Coast here in Sydney my friend fromWIRES  (Wild Life Information Resuce and Education Service)  Julie and my Robbie in Holland.

A truly international response

Thank you.

When it came to paying the HUGE $1800 Vet bill a significant friend just said to me ” I’ve got it”


I have a physiological problem and am told simply that the surgery is complex and the  risks out weigh the remote chance of success. I don’t want to dwell on it here but suffice to say it was time all time-consuming and require a regular Care Plan maintained monitored by a team.

As  I am part of “greying” Australia I am not unduly concerned. It’s just about management.


We we just have to wait and see. We are prepared as well as one can be. Win or lose there are advantages to me in the matter being heard in Canberra as there are in Sydney. We will see.


It’s a matter ultimately of “Contempt of Court” and we will have to see how the other side play it out.

stupidHow ever it wasn’t helpful that before the hearing their Barrister stated and its on the Court record that they did not expect conciliation to be successful

It then was even less helpful the other side’s  solicitor shoots off before the conciliation hearing and tells my solicitor something like…..

“Your client’s a loafer lazy & did nothing in the home and is just a freeloader”

Phew good start…..

He goes on

stupid….“his (my) fault he (i)was stupid enough to give my client (her) all his money and  buy things for the home. My client was never serious about the relationship and my client says if your client was naive enough to believe her that’s his stupidity. My client just wants to get as much as she can doesn’t care how she does it and your client was stupid to have fallen for it. She has no intention to pay anything and as far as she is concerned that’s it!  She saw nothing wrong in taking anything she wanted if it was given by your client”

I put all that on the Court record with the Registrar and WE have written to the other sides solicitor reminding them of their a pre hearing quote from their client….

stupidFinally again pre hearing while my Solicitor was elsewhere the other sides solicitor and within my earshot is giggling and saying in that my “solicitor doesnt know what she is  doing”

Are the other side really  that fucking idiotic…Actually its me that has been doing the bulk of the work with just my lawyer and a Senior Counsel guiding me…..

So where to…?

stupidYou have to all so appreciate that

first these time wasters  denied there was a romantic relationship..and that our financials were quite separate and she was just giving me a place to stay in Canberra,

then they said it was casual,

then agreed it was a defacto relationship but less than 2 years…

and now their defence is they have no money…and so it goes on


Matter of a warrant taken out by previous lawyer to seize property was dismissed…see 4)


I have been personally written and spoken to by the The Attorney General regarding Legal reform I believe is required in the Australian Capital Territory I have found support from several practitioners in the ACT for this I cited several reason I believe highlights the need

The Law Society’s closed ranks approach to maintaining ethical standards and straight out dishonesty

The unethical behaviour of the other sides lawyers and the miscommunication within ACAT

3) I alleged that the ACT Law Society did not, nor does it have appropriate measures and standards in place to investigate clients’ complaints regarding Lawyers unethical behaviour, excessive over charging, or the drive to objectively examine a Lawyers fitness to practise Law in the ACT.

I have proposed to the AG that Lawyers should not be self-regulating and they should be brought into  in line with the Australian Legal Services Commission and the Current Law Reform Commission recommendations. I have been assured in writing this is being done


After much waste of time that distracted from my main Family Law dispute I succeed in getting a bill of costs reduced nearly 200%.  I wish this had only just wasted an entire day but in reality in terms of duration it took  7 months to sort out.

The final hearing on the dispute took into the early evening to achieve a good outcome but achieve it I did. With more time I could have got it reduced further but time this day was pressing so I decided to cut my loses as I wanted to get to grips with the Family Court matter and also the conciliation hearing due 22 December


The only matter outstanding and always the main one after Roger is the matter of the Family Court It now has my entire focus…so fucking watch out.  It will probably get to hearing in 9 to 12 months maybe longer as there are no children involved.

All my documents are prepared and my evidence copied. Most witness  affidavits taken…I am  advised to use just 3…but which ones?

If the matter transfers to ACT we just have to redo my affidavit. It currently is over 300 paragraphs and the Federal Magistrates like it to be no more than 10 pages ( not including annexure).

stupidTo accommodate the rest of my affidavit it would just have to be attached as an anexure or alternatively the court has acknowledge  it could be done as many 10 page affidavits filed consecutively plus all my current annexure. So it’s a waste of time ..but the words are written and its just a matter of cut and paste.

So there you have it !  That,s what was happening to me up to Christmas Eve 20101

Some Shorts :

If you want to know about Libya I will be back with more but suggest you watch my micro blog Twitter in meantime.

I am going to invest in a new look for this blog in 2012

The Global Financial Crisis’s still holding up development of my Jazz and Blues Radio station

I am resurrecting interest in an A League Team for Canberra and have confirmed the availability of $2mil for that. I need to raise another 2.

I was elected NSW  convener for the Labor Environmental Network a position I am chuffed to say has been previously held by our last Premier of  NSW Wales Kristina Kenealy.

I attended all 3 days of the Labor Party Conference which was great to catch up with old and new Comrades

At the LEAN fringe event we had a visitor. She didn’t have a name tag but there she is all the same at the feet of Senator Mark Thistlewait

I really like the People in my New Sydney Branch of the Party

My 4 Cats keep me very occupied.  This is a rather fierce Rosa (Luxemburg)

Sorry wrong picture this one 🙂

I really enjoy twitter for disseminating News so please watch out for my tweets all from independent News sources and my own investigative work.

Finally a Great Picture of Billie at Coffee at Tobys Estate

Next Post tomorrow or Monday what I did for Christmas and New Year 🙂 and

the future of Libya and Syria

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