Posted by: daviemacdonald | October 2, 2011

Play Interupted

Over the past month I have been incredibly busy with amongst other things the finalisation of my Family Court documentation. So the papers have been drafted filed in Sydney and were served on the other side the same day Thursday in Canberra. I am working on several postings.

1) On the Lost Revolution in Germany 1920 ..a reply to Bob Carr

2) an update on Libya and the Civil War and the continuing NATO bombardment.


3) An interim blog post and  one that I should get up tomorrow Monday on Jessie J and the song “Price tag” .   After hearing a National school event in Australia where hundreds of schools participated nationally  in singing the song across the nation. I decided to Google what all the fuss was about and the inspiration of such an event. I stumbled upon hundreds of versions of this Jessie J song on You Tube which was quite amazing. So I thought I would download from the  mass I listened too those that I thought would be great to share. There are 15 in total that I have placed in order of merit based on my tastes. You will I hope find it quite inspiring even if repetitive to listen to the different versions.

Come back tomorrow and see what you think and perhaps go find your favourite and share it too.

There are other posts I have in the wind for sometime all mentioned previously but all the Legal stuff including the cock-up by my first Lawyer and my subsequent complaint filed to the Law Society, the preparation of my Family Court Matter , my back operation, and equity raising for the Radio Station have all come between me and this blog. Even twitter has taken priority and so too has the Scotland and the Rugby World Cup. My son Robbie is visiting from overseas so that too has my attention for a few days. I hope I can get back on track now.

See you all tomorrow Davie

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