Posted by: daviemacdonald | May 2, 2011

“State of Emergency” and the Arab League

1 May Update Service will be resumed soon Supervising Building work in my little house. Legal matter and document preparation and  collation of reams of evidence for 2 legal conferences makes it so frustrating that I have had no time to make an entry here.

The drama of Libya needs an opposing voice from what is being fed to you by the mainstream media so I feel very bad about not having time to write. Even my facebook and twitter entries have suffered. But back to normal service later today May 2nd.

I have been doing much research and my next article is ready I am just illustrating it There is much more coming soon especially since the cast on my arm has been removed. I can now key stroke more easily though my ability to type  is as pathetic as ever.

In the meantime some questions to ponder

“State of Emergency How is it the ” Despotic Mid East Nth African regimes all friends of the United Sates  have been left alone. If you view the list of the Arab league it isn’t exactly a who’s who of Democracy.

In Egypt “change” has been hijacked by the Military as all eyes have been on Libya .

A few days ago the ABC carried soundbite of  a Woman’s screams in Jordan about her children being lost in the troubles of Syria but she was actually part of peace delegation of women from Tripoli to  Benghazi shot at by the rebels

Is the US attempt to exit from active involvement in Nth Africa because the  South Americans r next

Plenty more articles coming; with an extensive updates on Libya later today 2 May


  1. You have brought up a very good details , thanks for the post.

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