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Naughty boys Save the Children but I didn’t shoot no Deputy

For the moment a (planned) spam attack on this site has been dealt with

I think we would all agree it would be serious to orchestrate spamming especially if you are a senior global employee of a  Giant US Technology and consulting company; IBM. That would be crass stupidity from all perspectives

musicTo digress for a moment …..those devotees of  (the main purpose of this blog)  music reviews or political thought; this might not be the post for you today. If you are on the look out for a music review “Music of the Resistance is coming along with Crossroads 2010″…

I’ ve also got a great ANZAC bickie recipe lined up…and some book reviews

Events changed throughout the week and a spam attack threat made via twitter was neutralized within a day.

If you ever get faced with any misuse of the internet and you feel it is directed at you; with blog posts and twitter comments. ; you can nip it in the bud  before the situation gets worse. The internet is wide and far-reaching and anything defamatory  posted  means the damage and hurt is also far-reaching.

Unfortunately My Blog postings are  behind time also due to problems occurring from my broken arm which is proving restrictive.

The planned blogs :

One on the  construction of my workshop which is the place where I do all my tinkering and thinking. I took some pictures which are posted below.

Perhaps I should blog something on my 4 Cats….oh and the (my new) dog “Bruin 2” ? Maybe a picture or 2  will do. .Yes a young Labrador is on the card but for now he remains with the owner.

There is a  Crossroads review, The music collection music of the revolution and the debacle the west finds itself now in North Africa. I finished watching the Crossroads 2010 concert and had intended posting the review on the weekend. I failed. There is a great segment of  ‘Miss you’ with Ronny Wood, Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang . I hope I can find a video when I finally post cos its fantastic.   It really is a must see

I had wanted to post material for International Women’s Day but  below I make some reference to the positive role many woman have played in my life.

I have added a Bob Marley Track to my previous post Get Up Stand Up stand up stand up for [child] rights.

So if you are after music, just some interesting stuff or politics here and now…there is probably nothing of much of interest below. There are some music tracks included and  to break up this  post and  something about  4 little boys playing Robin Hood.I hope you find amusing.

On the other hand if you are interested in how any person, can find themselves  homeless, have no legal protection as a defacto (to keep a roof over your head) and  then  suffer public defamation via a another parties blog and by some of the “most academically educated”  …onlookers. This is part of my venting.

musicLets take a Break from this for a few moments 🙂  just to lighten the load an interlude of some music from Crossroads 2010  listen  2  after 5 years Buddy Guy Jonny Lang Ronni Wood five years a great piece with Buddy Guy…. Blues at its finest

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Now to this postbooks, reading and poetry


This post came after a major domestic breakdown that contains all the elements you can imagine; bullying, ongoing deception, and secret affairs, the latter being published in the other parties blog and twitter.

This is about to be entered as a dispute over assets and comes after a series of defamatory blog posts tagged comments and a planned spamming attack on my blog.  After waiting patiently for responses for an exchange of legal information for over 6 months  I decided on a more”energetic” response and to protect my person and interests. I responded here not only  to attempt to neutralise the  serial defamation but also because the other-side’s solicitors have failed constantly to respond to  requests from us to mediate.

In one twitter instance; 2 of the parties  discussed  and emailed  the possibility about having me “rubbed out”….I think I understand what that means? This discussion  took place after a caveat had been filed on a property . This is concerning enough for me to now finally highlight the threat I feel  and raise the matter with my Lawyer .

For now the offending  blog material has been removed  and I believe the entire blog was taken down.  However  I did not want anybody removing their blog.. I don’t care nor do I intend that they stop blogging. All I wanted was  the removal of the material referencing and identifying me.

My annoyance about all of  this is that 8  educated people  better educated than myself freely chose to comment about me without knowing me. There is a 9th but she is a complete and utter loop  who in her blog freely boasts she washes her childs mouth out with soap and water.

This was done on either on the blog “curiouslyminty”  or in a twitter exchange with “curiousmint”  The damage done is by virtue of the readership knowing it was me being referred to or potentially knowing me in the future.

Some of  these people who commented did not know me though 4 certainly did. None know the truth of the dispute between my ex partner her numerous affairs (admitted in her blog and twitter) and the events that preceded my leaving a family home.  This was a home  that I had sunk regularly large amounts of money and physical effort into.

The truth is

I cleared and maintained the garden, did all odd jobs on the building fabric, detailing our cars  bulk of grocery shopping, running  repairs, provided most of the furnishings, ran the vet account provided most of the cutlery and”everyday plates pots and pans”

The later is confirmed by a curiouslyminty blog entry  4 Oct 2010  where they  grumble about now only having a Royal Doulton dinner service … and post a picture of the “new everyday housewares” bought to replace those that went with me.

Apart from contributing most to the home in hard cash using my savings, I also freely gave additional financial support to this person who I later found out earned  almost 9 times my income.

How I came to be invited to and then live in this house in Canberra

One of the most misleading things is that I was told the person had been divorced for 3 years. I was asked and written to  by curiouslyminty  to  “come home to me” . Very poignant and extremely captivating when you have a background like me.

You will understand better about that as you get to the 2nd part of this post. It was written that one day it would be “our home”  I am not talking about just one or 2 emails I’m talking dozens.

This is a home  I offered to jointly  buy but was then told”I [they]had  just  bought the house”.  Who am I to argue?

What I wasn’t told was  this house was  being  bought jointly with her  her still then husband who I had been told she was divorced from in 2003; a variance of 7 years.  Now  that is just a little deceptive..

It was an empty house when we moved in together that was badly rundown & overgrown as it had been empty for 18 months.  I pitched in with all I had financially and physically….to all intents and purposes I had arrived home after some 50 years of seeking and I was here to build.

So I gave up work in Sydney, left my network, a single life of 23 years in Australia (9 bringing up my son) and took a giant step of commitment and made the trip to the Capital of our Nation. After an immense amount of work  of over 3 and a half  years and contributing to the purchase of the house  I given  14 days to move….not by her but with a letter from her solicitors delivered by email.

Those of you who have read my blog  now and those of you who know me   know I  was then homeless for 20 odd days.

dogs and cats



While in Canberra I became consumed with animals and country type life including chickens ( my foray into back yard farming :-))  I do have 2 lovely birds that I will take to Sydney once the renovations to my back yard are finished I have left them temporarily in Canberra along with the family Rabbits .

4 of 6 were boys 2 here are Brownie & the lovely Hoppity In background is the Rabbit Run I built which has since been vandalised due “its too large”

Back to the core of this post……

So we come to the curiouslyminty blog post of 24 November 2010.

By this time I had left Canberra and relocated to Sydney for over 3 months.

This led to a blog post  by curiously minty  which with an element of some truth became a defamation about me. Mentioned in that post were comments to my sanity and  a list of my grievances I am purported to have sent the husband.

There was *no list and  none was sent to him.

What had existed from some time before and discarded as scrap in a book-case were the jottings of issues that had troubled me some time years before.  It only saw the light of day as my books were packed up in the move to Sydney

What was highlighted was the drawback of twist caps on wine bottles and the easey exposure of alcohol  to children.   We kept finding bottles of  wine with screw tops that had been opened. In context this was raised as a health issue about one of the children but the Mother didn’t seem to care about immediately.

Another was a child children scoffing secretly over half a box of Mangoes needs to be addressed. Another was  chocolate…..not a bar not 2 or 3 but a considerable a weighty part of  a collection of chocolate from all over world. Just one of those mad collectors things I indulged in.  I used to have a right laugh when I told people what I collected…but it wasn’t funny when you had a child sick due to stuffing themselves with half a kilo of chocolate in a 20 minute splurge.

If these issues never get sorted there are going to be problems of health weight and anti social behaviour later. The children’s weight was becoming an issue  and I believe allowing  your children to be obese  and to encourage it or do nothing is child abuse. These were what I had listed as issues troubling me and where never addressed seriously. With my background in care and professional Social Work obviously they are matters of concern

END of Part 1

An interlude: Naughty little boys.

I was driving today Thursday and smiled thinking of the images of naughty little boys with smears of chocolate all over their faces. This is a real story.  Having robbed the local tuck shop we skipped off as 8 year olds to our “camp”> An old shed on an allotment near the rail yards in London and not more than a couple of hundred yards from the scene of  the “Robin Hood possession” (you call it crime). I was one of outlaws (Will Scarlet) . We are all sitting there feeling pretty pleased when the local Sheriff (Bill) come banging on the door. We had shoved a wheel barrow against it. In panic we had to decide to surrender or scarper.

We had got captured cos the Normans (Cops) followed the discarded Cadbury wrappers and boxes and closed in on the giggling of 4 little ragged trousered boys you see 🙂

Going on a Saturday morning nicking spree was a regular event and Woolworth s was our main target. Though once we went completely bonkers when we found some World War  2 Gas Masks and thought we would go and hold up the local Newsagent. A few years later at 13 we all got jobs as paper boys there. We really believed we were Outlaws in Robins Gang. Interestingly there was no Robin. We didn’t allow a leader. Everything was decided by grass straws. To us it was just a game and guess what the cops did too.

They enjoyed giving us a clip with the gloved hand. They also knew we were terrified if they went to our homes. So we got pretty smart running away…and guess what we quite like ’em…sometimes…but they were the “rozzers” just the same

What happens next ? Maybe another post…but clips round the ear from a policeman’s gloved hand were part of the outcome…it didn’t help that Plod tripped over in the cabbage patch as he chased us this time….this time 🙂



What was the response of the educated middle class to the blog post?

A number of “educated” people jumped in on twitter and also commented on  her blog. They did not just confine to  writing in sympathy but actually went to on and embellish  and quite freely add to and reinforce the blog.

It wasn’t “a just over a cuppa and a bit of gossip over the back yard fence as all these defamatory comments are on the internet.




I am reminded once of a conversation of a President of a 1% motorcycle club.


“You are not asked to enter the game but if you choose to do so that is your choice and you will wear the consequences of the rules of the game”.

I could have chosen something more intellectual but for this purpose; it was perfect. Putting aside the often stated nature of  bikie clubs I find the speaker most concise in his remark.

It’s not academic it’s not from the right side of town, but then neither am I in some ways. What it highlights a raw intelligence and  it makes working class street sense.

I kept screen shot of all the offending remarks and in one case a twitter dialogue   between the blogger and a contributor to the  blog where they  discussed the possibility of having me rubbed out and later  how they might  arrange with a third-party to  have  as they wrote “the shit  spammed out of  my blog and email address”.


I hate the children] I Shot the Sheriff but I didn’t shoot no deputy”.…….[Eric Clapton] From CrossRoads 2010

Comments were made about my negative attitude to the children. I never have negatives views about children.  It would be more correct to put it into a context of expressing a critical  view about how both their parents behaved inconsistently handling the children and competing with over indulgence



From one child I received a soft toy Cheetah she had made and brought back from a holiday in Hawaii. I was going to  give   it away to the Westmead  Children’s  Hospital when I relocated to Sydney but decided while I thought that would be cool to do on the one hand to do but on the other terrible.

The daughter who made and gave it to me would perhaps be unhappy about it being given away. I faced a very short dilemma as I wanted to let go of as much as I could of the memories of a very “brutal” end to a 5 year relationship.  It would have been the height of rejection for me to do this.  So it is kept

How might it be if in some years in a street somewhere I bumped into her…wouldn’t it be nice to say.”Hey I still got Cheetah”!  So Cheetah which I always confuse as a Bear sits on my workbench alongside Tommy  in a Mango Box 🙂



It was great when the eldest  used my car as I could always get her to give it a clean though not asked for a bit of dosh was given in” the deal” 🙂

I was texted one day unexpectedly by the eldest to thank me for the use of the car. That was nice and I have kept it.

It was this daughter who, after a burglary in 2009 at her father’s home, called me because she was frightened OF HER FATHERS REACTION and neither of her parents were answering her calls anyhow.



Green posted on her blog and later tweeted that I hated the children!!

Any suggestion that I “hated” the children is as ridiculous as it is unkind and disingenuous.

I feel this especially again drawn from my own childhood as I would very often taken them to school, give money, “baby sit ” when both parents were out-of-town, or simply because the mother was out-of-town or overseas for work.

I  admit that I found the children most difficult to relate to…in fact the hardest I have ever encountered.  My attitude to all children is driven by my own life experiences and generally I have always been able to easily relate…..I have always taken the opportunity to play



As my lads and girls from the UK  know I (we) even had a Save the Children Fund Day Care Centre service that I introduced to our Riverside Youth Club.


I loaned you might save virtually her eldest daughter a car and maintained it – which  her daughter  learned to drive with.  There is one of the few blog positive entries THAT GREEN wrote about me.

“Bet you love my ride”  posted August/September 2009 that confirms this.

Bet You Fall in love with my ride

You would  often see  the mother also zooming around in the little silver “rally smart” rally car” or my moresedate Black  2.8 Z3. 🙂 while her car was (constantly) off the road for repairs…most of which I paid for


“Aw heck” and I just love my cars.

My BIG blue (IBM) minty friend constantly borrowed one of the cars.  The last time was for a period covering 6 weeks and just  a week before  having me kicked out of  “our” home.


The cars had become part of the family car pool with either one of my cars being  borrowed at any one time.

workshop Tommy Mango & Bear

Tommy Mango Ooops Bear kicking up a fuss



In  August  I received a notice to quit giving just 14 days which included the implied threat of a vexatious AVO (after 5 year relationship).

Not being on the title deeds so had no property rights even though a de-facto. This is the unjust nature of the law. (I am now advised I was given bad advice from my Lawyer at the time and I could have stayed put)

However this notice came just 5 days after I had already started my move and had canvassed crisis accommodation in the event I couldn’t find somewhere to live.




During this period members of Emily’s list  helped me overcome the threat of no roof over my head.

I struggled to move as many of my belonging as I was physically able to do  and that my little car could carry. Within 4 weeks I had removed all my belongings  The removals took 3 transit loads and a very large size (it was bloody big)….removal Van available.  It had to be large as it was carrying just about all the furniture from the house some of which had to be left behind.

The removalist  was luckily a mate of mine who had moved me 3 times previously. The name is Millers a great guy ( a mate) called Dell owns it. You should check him out.

So the outcome  was I was homeless for over 20 days in August 2010.

So even with my departure  Amanda Green could not refrain from again giving me a further kick along the road on her blog .

23 Aug 2010 a post of that day by curiouslyminty aka anyresemblance read:


” Since there seemed no momentum having the possessions  follow the person out I bought boxes armed myself with a tape gum and moved 20 large and 35 medium boxes in the garage.


The fact was I had booked and planned  the removal and the removal boxes bought paid and delivered to replace those previously Green had  given to the husband when he had moved house some months previously.

His  move was to a house just 900 meters from “our” house.

How odd was that?


Nobody will believe that someone like me with all the street smarts and ability to fight on the cobbles would belive I allowed myself to be abused psychologically day in day out The pitn is it wasnt done ovetly but over a period of time the intensisty was increased until such point it had totally stripted away your very fabric or pride in who you were .


I had fallen into the manipulative clutches of a narcissist




When I CAME TO UNPACK IN Sydney It turned out over 11 of the boxes were packed with a whole pantry load perishable foodstuffs  and heaps of other junk .

The REASON given “well you bought it all so I thought  you should have it”

Empty Jars..really!

What? but a sick person would send empty Jars




This also happened right in the middle of our Labor Party election campaign and conflicted with my branch responsibilities tp manage our election program. But as my comrades know I still managed to carry out my election commitments. That I didn’t attend the Celebration Party on the night was out of ‘physical’ embarrassment, as for part of it I slept in the back of a friends van.

It turns out all the while we were together  in Canberra Miss curiouslyminty Amanda Green was openly tweeting or blogging about her affairs.



Below is an example with  the famous curiously minty Pie Chart  of  “how I spend my day” posted 17 June 2010.  one referencing  her affair with the Gardener who I  introduced her too when we neede some heavy work that we needed doing that I couldnt do because I was still recovering from my spine injury

Gardener Pie Chart



Thankfully for me a group ACT and Sydney women of the Left supported and assisted throughout this most dreadful time of my life . This support was offered before the eviction and I was already on the move . I am forever thankful for their help.

You may know some many are from Emily’s List:

Eva C,  Donna B, Sandi T, Patricia H,  Pamela S, Pam K. Toni and Mary W

There are other women who have played an important part in standing with me in times of struggle especially those in my early years

International Women’s Day

In the writing of this post I forgot to post something  appropriate for International Womens Day. Below are the women who cared for me as a Foster Carer  National children’s Home Mother  when my Mother was in hospital with Puluminory Tuberculosis

They are:

Mrs Woodcock of Harpenden, my first Foster Mother  for almost a year.

Sister Eva who looked after me at the NCH for 4 plus years.

Mrs Marshall who looked after me when I was 8 and also for a while when 10.

Mrs Collier when I was 10.

The Mitchell’s when I was 12 or 13.

My Sister Frances who gave me lovely baths while she lived with us but left when she was 16 or 17.

She was to extract me from the Folly of running away to France and the French Foreign Legion later.

At 15/16 The Parkers when I got into a misunderstanding with the local constables.

Without these women times might have been a lot more difficult. All I can say is Thank you.

The thoughts of all you Women are always with me at least sometime in any week  THANKS . ……and yes my Mother Kathleen.

In the course of all my August troubles I  learned a thing or two  at the hand of one Meg M to stop saying ‘manning’ election  booths but say “staffing”. Oh we had a laugh about that.  Another was with Sandi T ….when I called her “love” I apologised as she said “oh its alright Davie its just you”

Another was with Barbara P and Joy B when leaving a press conference I had arranged the venue for; I held open the doors. I realised in horror what I had done but….. Ms P said in her very Posh well spoken diction

Oh Davie its OK it’s a generation thing and we would all forgive you anyway ” 🙂


Time to wrap this rather crappy post:

Foot note: It must be complete and utter lunacy for one like Amanda Green who holds a senior executive global role with   the a Giant Technology and consulting company like IBM to consider spamming someones email or blog or for IBM via Green  to seek my insider help to obtain a defense contract …IBM have been given the evidence

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